Kim Tae Hee Makes First Media Appearance Since Having Baby with Rain

Pre-and post-pregnancy affects every woman differently but every single K-ent actress I’ve seen have bounced back looking exactly the same as before. Case in point Kim Tae Hee making her first post-baby media appearance five months after giving birth to her and husband Rain’s first child. If these pictures weren’t time stamped she would look identical to her pictures from a year ago before she was showing that she was pregnant. Kudos to the good genes and good workout habits, and as nice as it is to see her out and about I’m way more curious to see sneak peeks at the baby girl Jung.


Kim Tae Hee Makes First Media Appearance Since Having Baby with Rain — 23 Comments

  1. She is still so gorgeous.

    I always thought SHK is more beautiful though they are both really pretty. But I must say after marriage and even after being mum, KTH just look even younger than SHK though she is one year older.

  2. Something weird about her face after I saw some of her recent pics & vids in ig. It’s like her face is not moving. Looks like she got a bottox or something.

  3. You forget to add that these actresses have more money than the general population, not just good genes. With money, you can pretty much make any faces shine and every baby fat sucked out of them.

  4. It’s not just genes. they have the money money money for top notch post natal care, lots of domestic helps, they don’t need to work like millions of other normal working women and are simply cushioned.

    This woman isn’t even a good actress yet she can afford all this because of all those commercial ads and stuff.

    Koala, its a great disservice to lots of women who are not able to have such luxury to talk about genes and getting into shape post preg and all. Infact this narrative of the post baby figure of women itself needs to change, stop from this current toxic approach. Koala you can do much better.

      • Definitely she didn’t have the body who exercise extensively. But if course she exercise otherwise she wouldn’t look as great as she is now. Plus daily beauty regimen. Obviously she can afford the best cosmetics there is available. Korea has one of the best cosmetics to begin with. Daily face mask alone can help maintain a young looking aura.

    • She probably has a cook at home to prep her meals (Miranda Kerr famously admitted to it!) and they will of course ensure it is low calorie diet and once you breast feed and eat low calorie (but nutrition dense, those cooks aka dieticians will be doing the hard work) of course you will lose weight… adding in she probably worked her ass off a month or two after the baby.

      I know a ballet dancer who in order to attend her exams after baby, exercised 4-6 weeks after giving birth. She looked the same by the 3-4th month mark…

      There is a lot of hard work behind it for us normal people who have to do our own cooking, shopping, cleaning, and look after a baby with the husband off at work. No wonder the weight doesn’t immediately drop off like the celebs. They have an army to help due to their income, we normal ones will tough it out when it is our turn.

  5. WOW! She’s absolutely glowing and looking fabulous as ever! I mean look at Lee Si Young after she had her baby – she just bounced back and looked amazing too! Either way they’re what we would in the West would call ‘Yummy Mummies’ or a better term ‘Milfs’. So not necessarily money and good genes I guess good post natal care with a stringent exercise routine and a healthy nutritious eating plan does wonders after having a baby. ❤️

  6. This woman is one of, if not, Korea’s most beautiful faces. Healthy and gorgeous. She got those cute chubby cheeks, which is expected because she just gave birth.

  7. To me, it’s NOT her face that is weird, but her expression … and the stiff way she poses (Picture 1 is prime example)

    Same way, her beauty in Stairway To Heaven back then was totally eclipsed – all you say were her widening of too-large eyes.
    Either her acting need more working, or she needs to move more fluidly to appear less stiff.

    To me, Kim Tae-hee looks better in period clothing, or casuals.

  8. OMG the woman just gave birth, give her a break. Some women can be so catty. Let’s see a photo of the girls who are bad mouthing a new mom. Have women forgotten, that coming through a pregnancy and childbirth, without complications, is not a given. And all some here can do, is nit pick the new mom. Shame on you.

  9. Actually it’s pretty clear that she used too much botox and fillers. Her face is so puffy and shiny. Now it’s just a midle aged actress with no talent…

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