Lee Jong Seok and Shin Hye Sun Show Off Script for Short Drama Death Song

I totally forgot that Shin Hye Sun was also a student in School 2013 which launched the careers of Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin, so this is a reunion for her to do the short drama Death Song (Hymn of Death) with Lee Jong Seok. It’s an added reunion as Lee Sang Yeob is also joining the cast after being such a turd to everyone in While You Were Sleeping but especially to Lee Jong Seok’s character. Death Song is about the life of Korean opera singer Yum Sim Deok in the 1920’s and her doomed romance with writer Kim Woo Jin as the chose to jump overboard a ship headed back to Korea rather than return to their respective significant others. It’s tragic and selfish but perfect fodder for dramatizing. The drama premieres this May on SBS.


Lee Jong Seok and Shin Hye Sun Show Off Script for Short Drama Death Song — 18 Comments

  1. Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jong Seo were classmates. They also starred together in School 2013 (although I don’t remember seeing her in that drama)I recall she gave an interview about these interesting facts. She’s also really tall, so she won’t have to slouch next to him. I’d watch a romcom with both of them in it, any day, but the topic of this drama is a little too heavy for my taste.

    • Yeah no wonder he looks a bit different…. his nose his nose… lol… bet his fan girls can’t say he is all natural anymore… LOL ?

      • They’ll say he gained weight on his nose. He’s got that electrical outlet nose where the nostrils are pushed up, looks bad however you fix it.

      • I thought he admitted to having plastic surgery at some point or maybe I’m thinking of someone else.

        He’s the last person anyone could say has a natural face though, I mean come on. I’d recommend that the ones that say this should stop living in denial and embrace his surgery altered face they love so much. Nothing wrong with that.

      • @Deb, I don’t follow his interviews so I don’t know what he has said. But I read in this site that his fans claimed his nose looked the same as he was younger & his whole family has this type of electric plug nose. But now it seems like the nose shape has changed… it just funny to read how those delulu fans will react… why none is speaking up? Nothing to say??

      • Here we go again with the nose. Well a fangirl here?and if you bother to look then you will find that his nose looks like THIS in a lot of pictures at different times when he smiles. I guess he keeps getting those surgeries right?

      • @candycane LJS, like many popular hallyu stars tend to have too many delulu fans

  2. Ha, that’s not Lee Jong Suk, he sent a body double as a gag. I’m wondering if he got another nose job and the swelling just hasn’t gone down yet.

    Anyway unless I hear this is extremely good, I’ll be skipping. I’m sorry but his face on camera makes me uncomfortable and his acting skills are more on the mediocre side in my opinion. I’m really happy for Shin Hye Sun though, her career is in such a great place right now.

  3. Actually had to google his early pictures. And what he has now does look more like what he was born with. I agree with @deb. I don’t mind if any of these idols get plastic surgery.

    But on a side note did he gain weight? Or is it possible that just by altering his nose it made him look that way?

  4. Haha…anti fans are also fans. Becos of you i got to know LJS is an amazing person n actor. Those who work with him speaks well of him as a person who is reliable person. What one writes reflects on oneself. Haha…

  5. I didn’t know that someone’s nose could get so much leverage. Sorry I don’t know the before look of LJS and I must be as blind as a bat because I can’t see what’s wrong? Then again Im in New Zealand and we don’t overly care if someone has had plastic surgery or not. We don’t loose sleep over it. However I am curious about the new SBS drama with Shin Hye Sun and wonder how anyone can get excited about watching an adulterous couple commit suicide by jumping off a ship. Geez the poor wife and son back in Korea and my sentiments with them.

  6. Regarding LJS’ nose – make-up highlighters and shading/contouring are so in these days that I think his nose tends to look different depending on who did his make-up.

  7. He used to look fine before debuting but now his nose creeps me out. I hope this role will be a deviation from his usual characters. He tried something different with wyws but he doesn’t sell that goofy kind of character really well after playing geniuses. Props to him for challenging himself though

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