Kim Eun Sook Drama Mr. Sunshine Releases New Trailers in Anticipation of July 2018 Premiere

Whatever screenwriter Kim Eun Sook has written has turned into ratings gold for over a decade, I’m not about to start betting against the surest thing in K-drama land and a key driver in sustaining the Hallyu craze. Every time things seem to be waning one of her dramas comes along and invigorates conversation from Secret Garden to Heirs to Descendants of the Sun to Goblin. Up next is tvN drama Mr. Sunshine starring Lee Byung Hun in his first drama role in nearly 10 years opposite much younger movie actress Kim Tae Ri clearly in a casting that intentionally picked the leads for their age difference. The latest previews are just as fantastic, rich in visual tapestry and plenty of narrative excitement to whet the senses. The drama is actually arriving in early July following Lawless Lawyer so start picking your side on the watch/not watch scale.

New trailers:


Kim Eun Sook Drama Mr. Sunshine Releases New Trailers in Anticipation of July 2018 Premiere — 26 Comments

  1. He looks sooo old!just like father and daughter alongside kim tae ri.why have to be lbh writernim?why dont u cast jo in sung or won bin??

  2. This look epic ad being a sageuk fan, I am going to try watching despite how much I dislike almost all of KES dramas.

    Again with the issue of age gap, idk if it will work out here because unlike “My Ajusshi”, here will be a full blown romance. Again, MA casted a beloved actor that is Lee Sun Kyun whom is not only loved for his acting chop but his wholesome image.

    But here, we have Lee Byung Hyun. Idk if I can just invest in the romance no matter how delicate they handle the subject without seeing LBH sleazy real life personality creeping in.

    I won’t judge now until I get to watch the first few episodes.

  3. It’s hard for me to stomach the father and daughter age gap relationship but I want to watch this for Kim Tae Ri so I will definitely be watching it.

  4. There is nothing wrong with age gap as actors won’t be playing themselves but their characters. The thing with LBH & KTR—- He looks so matured with that grumpy looking aura and she looks so much younger than her age with her facial expressions. KTR facial expressions don’t change. Actors make themselves looks younger or older wih facial expressions but not her though she keeps he the same expressions that makes her looks younger.

    If they should have casted with the likes of Lee Yoo Young who won’t look like a daughter beside LBH.

  5. I noticed that Kim Min jung is part of the drama. Why didn’t they make her the lead & with a love line witn LBH?

      • They should have cast a much younger looking actor. Or they should have put lots of botox and make up to make LBH a little younger or make KTR to look a little mature. Though they said, KTR is a good actress. I expect she can make herself look mature or unless she plays character in the drama and the storyline about the live affair of a late 40s man & mid 20 woman.

      • @Mistyeyed

        KES casted LBH because the male lead needs to be able to converse in english. So, I see no other way they can cast other actors since most of the Hallyu oppas couldn’t speak fluent english.

        Actually, if they need to retain LBH for the above understandable reason, it is actually more reasonable to cast older actress against him. I think KTR was casted because KES knows her starpower can lure movie actress to star in her drama.

        Obviously, KES has a penchant for the large age gap romance, judging from her back to back works (Goblin and now Mr.Sunshine).

  6. The age difference looks so cring and I severely dislike KES. Too bad that this has to be Kim Taeri’s debyt drama

  7. People complain alot about the age gap, yet they’ll still watch and this kes drama will have another blockbuster ratings again, no matter what the plot will be. So now, congrats for the upcoming monster rating, Team!

    • Yeah of course this will huge hit and people will call him lee santa oppa more cf, money, and popularity.

  8. All I can say is what an original storyline and premise. Umm I’ll be in recovery mode from LL so I’ll just wait and see what comments are posted here to whether I’m on board or not.

  9. If you actually watch all the trailers released so far, you can actually see that this is not your run off the mill romance. It won’t be like DOTS or Goblin with cheesy one liners. And I assume most of you guys have seen The Handmaiden. Kim Tae Ri knows what she is doing. And Lee Byung Hun isn’t going anywhere no matter how hard people on internet want him to go away. Park Shi Hoo made a comeback. And all LBH did was cheat on his wife. So, the native country where this will broadcast won’t care much. But seeing Kim Min Jung here, I wonder why and age gap romance is even necessary here. Then I remembered this is KES and Goblin was a romance between a 16 year old and a centuries old Goblin, this is her favorite concept. I still want to watch, the production value and the story line seems interesting and all the actors can can act incredibly well.

  10. LBH is a veteran actor, he may have a bad reputation but he’s a solid actor with many successful project under his belt. He wouldn’t have taken this drama (despite the flak he’s receiving) if he thought it wouldn’t add any value to his career. And KES has a spectacular track record, she wouldn’t want to jeopardize that either. The trailer looks fantastic tbh, all 4 leads are good actors so despite the negativity surrounding this drama, this will be hit. Maybe won’t create crazy followings like DOTS/Goblin but will be a hit regardless.

    • Never underestimate the power of kes she will have hit after hit no one can stop her and this will be another huge hit

  11. I hate lee byung hun but this drama will hit daebak like kim eun sook previous work. And doubt chronicle of asadal will be hit no matter how good writer and director, no one writter can hit forever unless kim eun sook drama and don’t forget tvn criminal minds huge money and promotion end up failure.

  12. It’s a historic drama and age gap was pretty usual at that time. I don’t really care if the characters are interesting and the love story well written. I like the fact there will be a lot of action and the historical period they chose.

  13. Despite whatever I think of LBH in this role, those trailers make this drama look fantastic. The production value of this thing must be big. Looks great! Might be the first Kdrama I watch in months.

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