Sung Dong Il, Go Ara, and Park Min Young Top the June 2018 K-drama Actor Rankings

The monthly K-drama actor and actress buzz rankings are out and June 2018 has the fast surging jTBC drama Miss Hammurabi place leads Sung Dong Il and Go Ara in the top 1 and 2 spots. Good for them! Coming in after is Park Min Young in 3rd followed by her Why Secretary Kim costar Park Seo Joon in 4th. The 5th spot goes to Lee Sung Kyung in About Time then the more than halfway done with airing Lee Jun Ki in Lawless Lawyer still holding strong in 6th. The final four to finish up the top 10 is Jung Ryeo Won in the hot mess Greasy Melo (Wok of Love), as the sinister Lee Hye Young antagonist in Lawless Lawyer, new arrival Seo Kang Joon playing human and robot in Are You Human Too, and lastly About Time male lead Lee Sang Yoon takes the 10th spot.


Sung Dong Il, Go Ara, and Park Min Young Top the June 2018 K-drama Actor Rankings — 20 Comments

    • He’s not towering. LJK is standing behind PSJ but the camera angle doesn’t capture depth. The height difference is not that big.

    • This always happens to poor Lee jun ki it happened during scholar press conference and he always complains how the newer guys are so so tall and how he is short

      • damn i remember the press conf haha, it was hilarious poor guy. thank god he is a easy going and hilarious person who could brush it off by joking around. seriously i never thought he is such a hilarious and silly guy in real life. rare phenomenon among k drama leading men

      • He is not short though. Have you met anyone who stands at 178cm? How can br someone be tricked at that photo??

  1. I know that this is going to read cheesy and cliched but LJK may be short in stature but he’s big in heart ? And OMG he has the abs and guns to match. I take my hat off to his Angel fans though. They are constantly showering him with gifts; food trucks; advertising bill boards etc….so impressive and to know he is so well loved and revered. With just 6 eps in LL left I feel like I’ve run a marathon! There is no denying it but him and Seo Ye Ji are just having a blast on and off screen.

      • Hard! PSJ is 1.85 and LJK is 1.78 so yep that pic is deceiving. Gosh I thinking if PSJ is that tall than PMY must be up to his hip. ? Thank you all for the clarification.

      • Yah 7cm is only more or less 2.5inches. I didn’t know that PSJ stands at 185cm as if you look at that awards night at AAA, they stood almost the same height if there’s was diff may just an inch.

    • JG and the fans are another story. They are like a journey to me and I enjoy watching them exchange love to each other.. too bad I joined the journey very late☹.

      • Me and you both – LJK Angels are just the best and they’re still actively fundraising for him and LL. LJK is really appreciative too. So happy that he’s doing well with this drama after that CM fiasco. Also my girl Seo Ye Ji holding her own. Geez she’s doing her own stunts is impressive and I’ve never been envious of anyone before but her body is so goals and her looks are just to die for. Even die hard LJK fans are singing her praises after seeing them together which is a coup as they’re very protective over him. I hope they take time off to recover because it’s been such a blessing to see them both especially SYJ since she did back to back Save Me and the movie Memories of First Love now LL. Love them to bits ?

  2. namoo actors doing a great job for park min young and she deserves it while they are at it they should push her onto the big screen as well

  3. I’m so happy for Park Min Young, she is killing it in Secretary Kim so far. In the opening, she’s beautifully and confidently down a hallway and “Legend” is written over her which I think is so on point.

    These are the 2 dramas with the most amount of buzz right now so the ranking make sense. I saw secretary kim already broke 6% ratings which is amazing for a rom-com these days.

    I’m also surprised to see LSK, maybe more netizens are warming up to her in this drama. I’m planning to binge watch when it’s over anyway. I’m interested in the general plot but not enough to keep up with it every week.

  4. Why Secretary Kim is very entertaining. This drama recycles many rom-com scenes eg. the date night at Lotte World, fireworks, twisted ankle, broken lip & Q-tip, but because of the two leads’ perfect comedic timing, these scenes do not look cringy. PMY is so visually stunning that I keep staring at her & her nice clothes (I even like her sports outfit… lol). And thumbs up to her walk in high heels, confident and so charming 🙂 And oh, also kudos to Kang Ki Young, he is the best supporting actor for rom-com

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