The 2018 Usual Drama Suspects Lead the Nominations for the 2018 Seoul Awards

I feel like I can start copying and pasting from my last two drama award nomination posts since it’s the same few drama names, actors, and actresses making the list. The 2nd annual Seoul Awards assembled by Sports Seoul released the list of nominees at the end of last week and this one gives the Daesang to dramas rather than the individual. Up for the Daesang are the four dramas Money Flower, My Golden Life, Shall We Kiss First, and My Ahjusshi, with the very notable missing of high profile Mr. Sunshine. But the drama did slot in three nominations in the acting category with Lee Byung Hun for Best Actor, Yoo Yeon Seok for Best Supporting Actor, and Kim Tae Ri for Best New Actress. Joining Lee Byung Hun in the Best Actor category are Lee Seon Kyun for My Ahjusshi, Jo Seung Woo for Life, and the surprise nod for Kam Woo Sung in Shall We Kiss First. The Best Actress ladies are Kim Sun Ah for Shall We Kiss, Son Ye Jin in Pretty Noona Buys Me Food, Kim Nam Joo as Misty, and Shin Hye Sun for both My Golden Life and Thirty But Seventeen, leaving out Lee Bo Young for her critically acclaimed role in Mother. The full list is below and it’s on the short side due to four noms per category.

Nominations for the 2018 Seoul Awards:


Money Flower
My Golden Life
My Ahjusshi
Shall We Kiss First

Best Actor

Lee Seon Kyun (My Ahjusshi)
Kam Woo Sung (Shall We Kiss First)
Lee Byung Hun (Mr. Sunshine)
Jo Seung Woo (Life)

Best Actress

Kim Sun Ah (Shall We Kiss First?)
Kim Nam Joo (Misty)
Son Ye Jin (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food)
Shin Hye Sun (My Golden Life, Thirty But Seventeen)

Best Supporting Actor

Park Ho San (My Ahjusshi and Prison Playbook)
Yoo Yeon Seok (Mr. Sunshine)
Bong Tae Gu (Return)
Heo Joon Ho (Come and Hug Me)

Best Supporting Actress

Moon So Ri (Life)
Ye Ji Won (Thirty But Seventeen)
Go Sung Hee (Mother and Suits)
Go Ah Sung (Life on Mars)

Best New Actor

Park Hae Soo (Prison Playbook)
Jung Hae In  (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food)
Woo Do Hwan (Mad Dog)
Jang Ki Yong (My Mister and Come and Hug Me)

Best New Actress

Kim Tae Ri (Mr. Sunshine)
Won Jin Ah (Just Between Lovers)
Jo Boa (Goodbye is Goodbye)
Lee Yoo Young (Your Honor)


The 2018 Usual Drama Suspects Lead the Nominations for the 2018 Seoul Awards — 20 Comments

  1. I am surprise no nominations for Lee Joon Gi. He is actually just one of the few K-actors who delivers a refreshing performance everytime. He was very good in Lawless Lawyer.

    • I love LJK and he is consistently good but his LL performance is not that outstanding compared to the rest of the nominees, though I would replace KWS with Jung Kyung Ho. The way I see it, LBH and JSW are chungmuro heavyweights and they definitely can’t afford to exclude them.

      • Kang Woo Sung and Jo Sueng Woo performances are no better than Lee Joon Gi in Lawless Lawyer. Lee Byug Hyun doesn’t deserve to be nominated for Best Actor. Mr Sunshine deserves more to be nominated than Lee Byung Hyun performance. I can’t really much about Lee Seon Kyun performance as I only watch the drama for two episodes and didn’t have the interest to continue.

        But I think this awarding events are nothing but for promotion. Mother is nowhere in the nomination list as well. Anyhow, TvN had pushed the drama in many awarding events already. The productions marketing budget has probably been fully exhausted.

        I watched Chief Kim recently. IMO for new a drama actor, Lee Jun Ho deserves to be nominated. Wasn’t he in Just Between Lovers? But anyway, we don’t really know how they came up this random nomination list.

      • Agree with @Alexa. LJK is good as always, but his not that outstanding compared to other nominees. As for Lee Seon-gyun or Jo Seung-woo,I can feel the weight of their performances when they’re on screen. The emotions are so deep.

      • @Lovie
        I watched Mr.Sunshine up to episode 8 and I agree that LBH performance is nothing spectacular. He made a dull character even more lifeless. But LBH is categorized under a different class in Korea, they have high regard on him and he is a Chungmuro stalwart, they need to give him at least a nomination and not to mention that Mr. Sunshine is the highest rated show this year.
        Lee Seon Kyun is arguably the best performer this year. He has always been amazing but My Ajusshi is highly touted as his life’s work.
        As I said, LJK is always good but when you compared him with other actors this year, he is not likely in the top 5 outstanding performances. Not every year an actor can be outstanding, sometimes it depends on the role etc.
        As for Jun Ho, I think he is too green to be in the Best Actor’s list and idk if he was nominated for Best New Actor last year.
        Drama awards in korea tend to be shitty tbh.

    • @lovie My two cents.TVN had too many good dramas to nominate.Unfortunately, they have a quota.So “Mr Sunshine” and cast are the obvious choice because of drama ratings.”My Ahjussi” is everywhere despite moderate ratings because it got very high critical acclaim.Secretary Kim is because it was their most popular drama.The casulties are “Lawless Lawyer” and “Live”.See how they got ZERO nominations anywhere despite both receiving good reviews and high ratings.Maybe also they have to get a drama from weekday and another from weekend.

      They also have to distribute the awards across all broadcasting station for fairness.They cant give all the awards to TVN drama.Thats why they pick Jo Seung Woo from JtBc(who was the best performer from all JtBc dramas 2018) and Kam Woo Sung from SBS who was the best performer from the SBS dramas 2018) aired so far.
      But again, who knows what happen behind the scenes.Iys just my two cents.

    • Lee jun ki is good always but he has has had more outstanding performances than this in the past.this is nothing out of the box for him. Nothing wrong if he dint get nomination. He will get one when he will outdo one of his previous roles nothing new for him and i dont think that drama will get a single nomination for anyone some dramas are made just for audience and sarcasm.lee jun ki is not short of recognition or awards or acclaims and im pretty sure he himself knew he is not going to get anything out of this drama other than venting out his anger and the satisfaction of audience . But i seriously wished SOE YE JI WILL GET atleast a nomination even if not winning the award.

  2. not a perfect nominations list, but it’s decent and I especially love seeing Park Ho San getting some love up there. he may not be famous but he did some solid supporting work in My Ahjussi

  3. At least the list of nominees are better here. As long as they don’t leave out “My Ajusshi” and Lee Seon Kyun…otherwise I would be pulling off my hair.
    I don’t understand how Son Ye Jin got nominated for that crap and they left out Lee Bo Young.
    Anyway, fingers cross and hopefully MA and LSK netted the awards they greatly deserved. Nothing less than that.

    • I don’t agree. I think the acting was great. There is no drama like this one. The emotions and the characters seemed very real to me.

  4. Its a decent list.It was ok too last year.I hope this award ceremony becomes mainstream over bogus award ceremony like the Korean Drama Awards one.

    However, I think Jung Yoo Mi in “live” was better than Son Ye Jin in Pretty Noona.But again maybe ratings and popularity of the drama was taken into account thats why she is there.

    Koala you didnt copy paste everything.Zero “Secretary Kim” cast here.But why are the writers and directors not being given a nod?I think I only saw one or two ceremonies giving award for screenplay.

  5. From my objective perspective:

    Daesang: My Ajussi, Best Actor: Lee Byeong-heon, Best Actress: Kim Nam-ju, Best Supporting Actor: Park Ho-san, Best Supporting Actress: Mun So-ri, Best New Actor: Park Hae-su, Best New Actress: Kim Tae-ri.

  6. I hope they give Jang Ki Yong best new actor for Come and Hug Me and My Mister not Jung Hae In for pretty noona.JHI is already leading for popularity awards vote.Lets give the acting award to the newbie.His(JKY) acting and roles were a 100 times above JHI’s.

  7. Koala sis-update your post.Soompi says there is an additional

    “Special Acting Award”(I think like the producers’ pick). The nomination is a secret.They havent released the name.So watch out for any actor/actress who havent been nominated here but ends up showing up at the awards ceremony.That the PDs pick.

    There is also a “Hallyu Artist Award”(Why am I thinking they want to accomodate Park Seo Joon because he has not been nominated in any of the acting categories for drama).Its different from the popularity awards.Its a separate category.

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