C-actress Yang Mi Goes From Goddess to Really Pretty Woman in Non-retouched Photos

C-netizens may throw salty on actress Yang Mi‘s recently leaked non-retouched photo shoot pictures but they are really missing the point. Her non-retouched pictures show deeper wrinkles and non-porcelain skin but also show a very beautiful woman. Every single star has their released pictorial pictures photoshopped other than tabloid or media event pictures and Yang Mi is no exception. I think the desire to look goddess level beauty leads to excessive retouching by all starlets and it’s nice to be reminded that the actress are already beautiful and their retouched pictures are unrealistic visuals that average woman need not aspire to. Just a dose a reality in the steady diet of glossy images that saturate the consumer of media.


C-actress Yang Mi Goes From Goddess to Really Pretty Woman in Non-retouched Photos — 21 Comments

  1. That is definitely not pretty. Just average. It’s healthy to embrace your natural look and your flaws but it is completely overrated to say that the look in the untouched photo as pretty. In fact she looks older than her own age.

    • I think she does look older but still looks good. I really believe natural look will always be better but in her case she seem to have already have had plastic surgery so I wouldn’t call it natural anymore. Make up and Photoshop is supposed to enhance beauty not change the face. That’s what plastic surgery is for.

      • Idk whether she has done some works on her face though it seems like she did. Guess I should not use the word “natural”. LOL

  2. I don’t think it’s fair to judge her looks based on photos which are taken in the quite harsh, early noon light. Photos taken at this time of the day rarely turn out great for anyone. Her hair is not styled and therefore not as luscious as in the touched picture either.

    • Exactly… Even if she looks kinda different, she still looks much prettier in the real life, comparing to some other people… Why people judge so harshly on her? They are just jealous of everything she got. Not a fan of her, but seriously, she still looks fine, except for the angle and lighting…

  3. No wonder celebs feel the need for plastic surgery and retouching their photos. Some of these comments are rediculous.

  4. ^Totally agree that there is too much hating and judging. Doubt anyone would look good in the same lighting condition and there’s nothing wrong with an occasional less than perfect photos. There’s enough space for all kinds of beauty of women at all ages and ladies, no one can be like the touches up photo shoots in real life 24/7! Overall, YM still looks gorgeous and I think it is understandable that she is sometimes tired with her crazy schedule and non-stop work.

  5. And people judge when celebrities have surgeries when they pick on everything like pores and wrinkles on their faces?
    Do you look pretty all the time? People met her still praised her to be pretty and all. I wonder how they would say if they see you in real life.
    Her role in the movie isn’t supposed to be goddess. Instead of try to get attention on her look and to bash her, why don’t you talk about her movie, which is nominated in a few film festivals? Come one, Koala! You are better than just a gossip tabloid blog, right? Or I thought too highly of you?

    • That movie is a joke. Zero nominations at Golden Horse Awards. States media newspaper even published an article with the headline arrowing Yang Mi: “Yang Mi, an arts film is not a tool for getting awards”.

      • Zero nominations at Golden Horse awards? So what? The movie, as well as Yang Mi’s performance, received rave reviews from Western media and film critics. Just check Rotten Tomatoes or do a search on the internet (English and Spanish) and you can find practically all good reviews. Chinese and Western media appear to have different definitions of what constitutes a good movie and performance. And Yang Mi – sadly and ironically – always gets bashed by her own country’s media because she is one of the post popular celebrities in China and bashing her can bring in view counts and readership for the newspaper.

  6. I was actually at the festival that day, she was gorgeous even in the direct sun, she looked like a baby doll with tiny and gentle face. I got quite suprise seeing those pictures though, were they photoshoped to make her look less pretty?

    • ^Actually, I was also thinking this too since I saw fans posting her photos from film festivals on social media and she didn’t look like these photos at the beach at all.

      • She looked really young actually, her face was gentle and beautiful but I thought she was a bit tired though

  7. She’s so pretty. Plus have you seen her young photos? She looks exactly the same and people in my family are a plastic surgeons so I can spot surgeries easily most of the time. I thought she might have something done too especially her nose bridge, but if you look at her photo as a child, her features are pretty much the same. She was always blessed with beautiful features.

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