C-actress Zhao Li Ying and C-actor Feng Shao Feng Confirm Marriage on Her 31st Birthday

Aaaaaaand, it’s official ladies and gents! On C-actress Zhao Li Ying‘s 31st birthday this October 16th, 2018, she dropped the confirmation tabloids and netizens have been waiting for since rumors began percolating three months ago. We have a new powerhouse C-ent married couple as Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng posted on their SNS Weibo accounts at the same time today (10:07 am where the numbers are actually Feng Shao Feng’s birthday) to confirm their married status. She posted a picture of them (above) and wrote “official announcement” with a heart after, and he posted a hand holding up two marriage licenses and the message “Happy birthday, wifey!”.

The two each have plenty of successful C-dramas under their belts but it was working on the C-movie The Monkey King 3 (Ruler of Women’s Country) where sparks flew, and was extended and nurtured while filming the upcoming C-drama The Legend of Ming Lan (知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦 Don’t you know? The green should be plump and the red lean). Each have had confirmed dating and rumored dating aplenty with costars – Feng Shao Feng dated Ni Ni and Jelly Lin with a possible romance with Yang Mi while Zhao Li Ying has long been rumored to have dated Chen Xiao before he married Michelle Chen. I could care less about their various prior romances and am just happy to wish this newlywed couple happiness. And maybe also wish them a healthy pregnancy as Zhao Li Ying is rumored to be four months pregnant.


C-actress Zhao Li Ying and C-actor Feng Shao Feng Confirm Marriage on Her 31st Birthday — 38 Comments

  1. Wow grats to the couple. Can’t say I am shocked. Way too many articles about them for the past few months.
    I just hope ZLY will continue to be active in showbiz. She’s one of my fave actresses. Now looking forward to Story of Minglan.

  2. Back then, Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen got so much hate for their relationship and marriage but they were quick to be open about it, they did not drag out so long, with tons of denials like Zhao Liying for almost an entire year just to speculate if anything is true.

    Also, Chen Xiao look like a very very loving couple towards Michelle. Zhao Liying and Feng Shao Feng look like they are staging a fake marriage.

    • You sound like a bitter Zhao Liying fan who’s angry at her previous denials and now is coming up with your own theories about her marriage. Pathetic.

      • “We are official” with picture of license. Looks and sound very romantic, or just trying to prove something?
        Her pictures with FSF never looked like they were close together, not even as close as He Jiong and her manager Huang bin.

        But, rushing to marry so sudden, I guess she really is pregnant. But they don’t appear very loving toward each other. I don’t understand what is the privacy in that, she can look romantic with other men like Wallace Chung but not her own bf and now husband?

    • Haha people read too much gossips. FSF only dating NiNi and (might be Lin Yun). He denied the one with Victoria Song and Hayden Guo.

      FSF & ZLY have been dating for 2 years, LOL I guess not as sudden to them.

      So what if they want some privacy? You don’t understand that ZLY is a private person.

      People who says they don’t give off the couple vibes, just don’t know anything. They’re very much happy, playful, and so close in MK3 BTS (when media not aware of them)
      And if you sensitive enough you could see from some of MK3 interview, you could see the spark in ZLY eyes it speak volume..

      Anyway congratzz to the happy couple! Wish them a blissful long-lasting marriage!

      • WTH, I’m super star and I’m so private…well you basically chose a job where every move of yours are public. If you are so very that private why would you be a star? Whether you a star or not, people mostly only hide their relationships for devious reasons. There is absolutely no harm with saying we are thinking about dating if there are improvements in the relationship…or whatever etcetera. And, turns out they are marrying so after all it was not even a just getting to know each other type of thing, it’s a serious-serious relationship that was being kept in secret.

        “You don’t understand ZLY is a private person.”
        I don’t understand how on earth her fans understand her, y’all know her???
        They are so good at lying, just because they claim they are private people does not mean that is the truth. Especially somebody like FSF who would be open about telling others who his woman is, he was hiding it all these time. There can be other factors nobody actually knows. Such as,
        maybe his parents don’t approve her so they have to be secretive and can only marry because already pregnant?
        Maybe they had a one night stand from being drunk like in the movies, ended up pregnant and decide to marry at the last minute without having dated?

      • Stop acting like you know her. Xie Na is a very big celebrity, she once spilled the news that ZLY is a single dog and wouldn’t let ZLY be a godmother to her child.

        ZLY claims Xie Na is her best friend but what does her best freind even know all these years? NOTHING

      • @dino hoho you sound so bitter.
        Believe what you want to believe

        “Without having date?” LOL! You are such an ignirant blindful.. you don’t see that was many evidences & hints that they were dating for 1,5 years!!


        But here its the thruth:
        Look at youtube video with title “William Feng Shao Feng talking about dating and marriage”

        FSF once said in an interview (took after he broke up with Ni Ni) “I will not tell you who I’m dating with” He said he is not willing to share his love life.

        “It is your right to take pics of me, but I didn’t say that it is my right to he announce it.”

        But FSF said that he will not hide it once he’s sure, “With marriage, I will tell you about such a big thing. I don’t want to let everyone down. I don’t want to waste my feelings. But it’s better to tell everyone when it’s completely settled”

        He has learned his lessons.

        And, He proved his words!

  3. I was shipping her with William Chan….so disappointed. I don’t have a good impression of FSF ever since he broke up with Ni Ni. I hope I’m wrong and hope they have a happy marriage.

  4. FSF cheated on NiNi with Jelly. I sincerely hope he stays loyal to ZLY.I am really no fond of FSF. But as long as they are happy that is most important. I sincerely hope she made the right choice for her future.

  5. Ough… Fsf… As long as she’s happy, she knows better. So congrats zly. So, the pregnancy rumor might be true as well.

    Just be faithful this time fsf. It’s hard to trust a cheater but love has that power to change someone… For better or worse.

    Be happy you both.

  6. I saw the other pictures they posted of them together and they look so cute and happy, congratulations. People really need to stop this hate towards FSF, so he dated some girls so what? he was single and all this talk that he is a cheater and let’s hoped he doesn’t cheat on ZLZ is always the same, seriously is so annoying.

    He and ZLZ looked really close on the Monkey 3 BTS and and were obviously trying to hide it in public like on the red carpets which is why they looked like they weren’t close at all and people said they didn’t looked good together. To me they look like a good match and more important they are happy and in love, stop hating and congratulate.

    • I can understand fans of ZLY being protective towards her but I agree with you, these people should be more open minded. ZLY is not 17 years old, she chose her husband herself. If anything happens in the future it is her own choice and life. No one knows what the future holds for them so just be happy for the couple.

  7. They look so happy and in love in some other pictures that came out. I guess some people here are just bitter about their marriage but I wish them happiness.
    Also, they never denied their relationship just the pregnancy rumor but that could still be true. They had dating rumors for two years and carefully avoided talking about the issue, which was weird since they both has previously denied dating rumors with other celebs. I had a feeling if they came out it would be after marriage.

    • I honestly don’t know what they want. Last time when Chen Xiao married Michelle Chen, also see a lot of rants coming from the same group of people. As casual reader, it’s annoying to see.

  8. Congrats to the lovely couple! I’ve liked FSF since his drama with Yang Mi. He’s a great actor and perhaps has the hottest voice among any Chinese actor.

  9. People need to STFU! So what if they are more private couple who doesnt want to show their personal life or affections to the whole damn world, its their BUSINESS! Some couples who show the world how sweet and in love, ended up separating in the end and people be like..wow we though they were sweet and shit. Leave the couple be and worry about yourself instead. How the heck did you all know he is a cheater? Nini went out with another guy right away they broke up too so I guess she is a cheater too? Omg people are too invested on gossips these days.

  10. Congrats to the two of them! Their marriage announcement actually broke Weibo for a brief moment. The photos from their marriage photoshoot and Zhao Liying’s birthday party are really cute. Although the marriage announcement kinda came out of nowhere, it wasn’t a surprise due to the continuous rumors about them dating. I also heard that the different waves of rumors about them dating with the paparazzi photos was actually their decision to kinda “test the waters” and to let everyone get used to the idea of them being together so that when they did announce their relationship, people would be more accepting and there would be less hate thrown at them. How Zhao Liying announced their marriage on her Weibo has also become a meme!

    • LOL test the water…that’s a nice one but I don’t buy it. There were so much hate when people were speculating their relationship. Because it is not official, people said anything they wanted to say.

      Now, because it is official, people respect their idol’s decision, so they say nicer things such as he might not be good but I wish them luck and give them my blessing. Before, people say he is a perverted creepy sleazy uncle and she should never pick him bla..bla…

      Seriously, she did not even give a clue like other stars would. Normally people would say that I am interested in a person right now but let’s see how that goes first…how was her responses like? Dropping a bunch of hints that she is still single, and posting an angry message. That was not testing the water at all, I wonder what makes them want to say they were testing the water now…anyway, finally those annoying speculated news are gone and over with. Being honest from the start would have save the trouble. It’s so much better the way other stars openly admit their relationships with more pride.

      • The “testing the waters” with the paparazzi photos was something that I heard, so I don’t know if it’s true. As for getting hate, there are cases where stars will “buy” or create hate for themselves online as notoriety can get them more attention and more popular faster. (And there’s also the stars who buy “praise”, articles that praise them, to keep their name in the spotlight or they buy hate to throw at competing stars.) This is all under the table of course, so we just see the hate, but don’t know who really started it. Not saying that this is what they were going for, but it’s a possibility that’s been seen before.

  11. I know there are many FSF scandals in the media that portraying him as a playboy. I wouldn’t mind his past as long as he make up his mind to end his bachelorhood and married the girl. Congratulations to the newly weds!

  12. wow congratulation to the lovely couple!

    They’ve known each other for a long time, for 10 years. They cooperated in 6 dramas/movies.
    Also ZLY is a smart and wise girl. She knows better!

    So, lets credit them both with good sense in choosing each other.

    Wish FSF&ZLY forever in love!

    • 10 years?! Did he use his power to help her to get roles? I doubt she would have been able to land such big roles without any help at all and just herself…is that the reason why their relationship must not be disclosed? Because she needs to keep her status of “self work”? She would reveal being friends with very famous people like Sina and He Jiong but wouldn’t even make friends with any other people. To the extent of not even willing to at least reveal that her boyfriend was her friend, they just acted like they were total strangers to each other and not even friends.

      I don’t see how else it’s so important to hide a relationship of 10 years, he’d probably cheated Ni Ni a long time with her, even before Jelly. And she cheated Chen Xiao with FSF, when both men are still Yuzheng’s actors. She liked FSF when he was still famous in the past, could it be why she tried to make her face similar to YM and contradictingly hates the fact that she looked a lot like YM?

      • They were in dramas together but not necessarily mean they were friends or anything. The only old past work thatI could directly remembered of them was ‘Girl in Blue’ with Chen Qiao En where FSF played 2nd lead and ZLY was still a 16 yrs old teenager

      • Zhao Li Ying is an amazing actress one of the best in China she don’t need anyone to help her she can do everything on her own. And for you to talk down to her thinking that she use people you better think again girlfriend. Working with somebody for 10 years as a coworker a collegen does not mean she’s kissing his ass. And is normal for celebrity not to go around holding hands and acting like lovey-dovey….how about if it doesn’t work out then what another scandal a break out. I mean this way if they go out if it works out then that’s great, but if it doesn’t work out no hard feelings nobody knows and truthfully it’s none of our damn business.
        So I don’t understand why everyone is taken it so personally and attacking this couple like you’re paying their bill. Just be a her fan, love her as an actress and MoveOn … it’s her life her choice her destiny if he make her happy that’s great. I hope that they have a longevity happy healthy loving life together as husband and wife. And as far as us crazy fans stop shipping something that does not sail anymore and MoveOn please ?????

      • Wow you are really reaching. Zhao Liying started when she was young and knew no one. She had no background and no help, which is obvious in the fact that she started from the lowest role and over 10 years worked herself up to second lead and even a villain until she finally landed a lead role. It just happened that the drama ended up being a huge hit. It had a lot of unknown celebs that eventually also became popular. Then she landed some B class dramas that ended up doing well. Then after Journey of Flower she became a household name. You must really not like her if you go around spreading such ridiculous stuff on her articles. This is like a bad drama plot lol.

      • @Lena
        I know she tried really hard to make her story inspirational but it is all fake, that is just the sad truth. Everyone in the entertainment circle knows about it that’s why they don’t like her, but they don’t want to say anything of course beause they will get yell at by her delusional fans.

        I don’t know what makes people think everythig she say is the truth.

        Remember at that one event with FSF, when she wore the pink dress that show her back with the huge bump? She purposedly wore that dress to show everyone her scar turned bigger. And then she take a rest because of that scar. In the end, the rest was actually a honeymoon with FSF. She said her health problem is so bad, but she is still pregnant while her health condition is worse.

        I think she had many pretty good drama plot to plan out all these things. People always fall for it, not as if it’s the first time.

    • Lol FSF has never been married to anyone. He has only girlfriends but never a wife. Everybody like to ship their goddess with an ideal person, but you know what don’t ship anything that won’t sail. I don’t know why all of you guys hate him so much. I personally don’t know the guy, I just know that he is one amazing actors and I care less about his personal life. So therefore, I cannot judge anybody. Just remember nobody’s perfect in this world, everybody make mistakes, nobody have the right to judge beside God. No matter how you plan out your future, but at the end is destiny and faith that brought them together. So therefore if you don’t have anything nice to say about this couple don’t say anything at all. And don’t bully them over the Internet that’s just full of crap ???

  13. I am unhappy with this couple because feng shao feng has already got married,I think this couple will not be long soon they will broke there relationship, before he broke up with two woman that why…….

    • I am so unhappy, why she chooses fsf? I knew the moment I saw some of their pics dating that fsf is seriously after zly… She is #4 in the c-Forbes list, the so-called ‘billion’ actress. I guess being 30 y-o she also has to make a decision to have a fam’ aka have a baby, and so does he at his 40’s. Fsf is also a very established actor. Both have great successes under their belts. Can’t have it all as the saying goes. The 1st time i saw fsf in the prince of Lang Lin, he did not even come out as a gorgeous c-actor, but he can definitely act. Though he is a known womanizer in spite of his looks. And his tastes for women are in complete 360 compared to zly’s looks – height facial features etc., however, she can definitely act herself & has billions of followers. Chinese marriage has always known to be more on the business side. They both gain our c-$’s. But i wouldn’t be surprised if this marriage won’t last long; I predicted the same w/ yang mi’s. But as in any relationships starts, it always about when the ‘hormones’ start to dwindle & fade out, esp fsf’s tastes for younger women. We can always ride through their joys and happiness and even sadness when it doesn’t pan out in the end. As the saying goes when the door starts to close, a window opens. I can’t wait to see both their baby’s face. I hope he looks more on the zly’s side. ? in the end I’ve always love her acting. Be happy while it lasts, and I hope you both grow together as a family. Love you three or four?

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