2018 Grand Bell Awards Fetes Burning as Best Film and Departed Kim Joo Hyuk Wins Best Supporting Actor

I can’t say the 2018 Grand Bell Awards (Daejong Awards) were all that exciting mostly because K-movies haven’t really excited me in recent years. There is still envelope pushing and creativity for sure but the days of Old Boy and The Host feel in the rear view mirror. The Best Film winner this year was actually a film that got a lot of press both domestic and international – indie thriller Burning with Yoo Ah In and Steven Yuen took home the big prize and makes me even more curious to watch what is by all accounts a character and acting driven piece with a slow burn (pun intended). What got the most press was deceased actor Kim Joo Hyuk taking home both Best Supporting Actor for Believer and also a commemorative special award on what is close to the first anniversary of his untimely passing in a car accident. The awards fashions were once again a miss other than Seolhyun stealing the show in a red dress with black lining that draped and flared wonderfully on the red carpet.

Winners of the 2018 Grand Bell Awards:

Best Film: Burning
Best Director: Jang Joon Hwan – (1987: When the Day Comes)
Best Actor: Hwang Jung Min (The Spy Gone North) and Lee Sung Min (The Spy Gone North)
Best Actress: Na Moon Hee (I Can Speak)
Best Supporting Actor: Kim Joo Hyuk (Believer)
Best Supporting Actress: Ji Seo Yeon (Believer)
Best Cinematography: Kim Ji Yong (The Fortress)
Best Editing: Kim Hyung Joo/Yang Dong Yeop (Gongjiam: Haunted Asylum’)
Best Art Direction: Park Il Hyun (The Spy Gone North)
Best Lighting: Jo Kyu Young (The Fortress)
Best Costume Design: Jo Sang Kyung (Illang: The Wolf Brigade)
Best Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto (The Fortress)
Best New Actor: Lee Ga Sub (The Seeds of Violence)
Best New Actress: Kim Da Mi (The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion)
Technical Award: Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days
Best Planning: 1987: When the Day Comes
Woori Bank Star Award: Seolhyun
Special Award: Kim Joo Hyuk


2018 Grand Bell Awards Fetes Burning as Best Film and Departed Kim Joo Hyuk Wins Best Supporting Actor — 10 Comments

  1. Seolhyun is such an interesting figure to me how she always manages to slay the red caperts at these award events. She is like a Jennifer Lawrence with ability to capture peoples attention but has 0 of her acting abilities.

    • She does look gorgeous and outstanding in that dress and I agree she stands out amongst the sea of red carpet dullness. I’ve already had my rant on another post about her zilch acting skills and it surprises me how she always get cast in these big budget movies.

  2. Seolhyun is so beautiful 🙂

    For her acting, I liked her in the movies. She hadn’t a big role but she was good. I like the fact she takes minor roles to learn rather than Suzy or Hyeri who took main roles and were bad.

    • Wasn’t she a main lead in the vampire drama? In my opinion all 3 need to focus their on improving their skills if they are going to bless viewers with their presence on screen. Suzy and seolhyun seem to do a ton of movie promotions, then they have music, and public appearances. I guess this could be their company’s doing but I really wish they would take some time to mold talent then come back on screen.

      • Some people just don’t have the talent.
        Suzy and Hyeri seemed to work hard (or at least in their interviews, they give the impression that they really want to improve) but they are still mediocre (Suzy) or bad (Hyeri).
        Suzy and Seolhyun showed minor improvements in their latest work but its gonna take them many many years to be called good.

      • Yes she was but it was in 2015. Since she acted only in 3 movies as side character. I liked her in Memoir of a Murderer. Everybody compares her to Suzy. But Suzy had 4 dramas as a lead actress and one movie and one futur big drama and she didn’t show any improvement.

      • All three of them are mediocre actresses at best but my theory is that their reason for taking acting roles is so they can charge higher fees for endorsements since recognised actresses get paid more than idols for doing advertisements….unless they’re absolute top idols like Big Bang/BTS.

        It’s got literally nothing to do with artistry or even professional development, it’s just a ploy to get $$$$ through noise marketing. Hyeri delivered a decent enough performance from a role specifically tailored for her in Reply but sucks otherwise, Suzy’s dramas similarly try to ride on male lead appeal while covering for her lack of acting skills, and they met some degree of success this way/had successful projects. Seolhyun though….girl is the ultimate in successful media play, she can’t act, never even had a hit acting project but the way the media talks about her, it’s as if she’s on the same level as IU or the Kim girls (Yoo Jung/So Hyun).

      • @Jenny – I agree, some people just do not seem to have whatever it takes mentally to understand acting or playing a different character, and it becomes really apparent from the tone of their interviews. At least Hyeri is humble enough to acknowledge the criticism, but even her best efforts aren’t any good outside of Reply.

        Also we should remember – bad actresses get all this “well, they get credit for working hard” talk….. but a good actress’s performance is hard work too! It’s like ballet that way, making the strenuous parts look natural and easy.

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