Kim Hyun Joong Promotes New K-drama That Time When Time Stops

I know that this post will get the usual Kim Hyun Joong fangirls ready to pounce in defense of their beleaguered favorite star but I was once a mild fan in the Playful Kiss days and now genuine wonder what value he adds to the great K-ent entertainment space. His idol SS501 days are long gone and the young guns like BTS are blazing new trails. In variety he has a seemingly 4D charm but that’s impossible to square away with what information has been released due to his domestic violence and baby momma scandal. As an actor it was his weakest talent but now seems to be the only viable avenue to return to his entertainment career and he seems bent on doing so even when the majority of the public would prefer never to see him onscreen again. This week he attended the press conference for cable drama That Time When Time Stops costarring Ahn Ji Hyun and In Kyo Jin and honestly the whole shebang looks awkward as heck. I’m ready for the ratings to be dismal if only to deter other productions from casting him, unless it does well on rubbernecking potential.

Preview for That Time When Time Stops:


Kim Hyun Joong Promotes New K-drama That Time When Time Stops — 21 Comments

  1. I don’t care if his fans attacked me, after all the proofs that was against him I’m amazed you people still stan this douchebag

    • Ugly plastic face, unnatural looking laminated and over-bleached teeth, and his nose is about to collapse any time soon. Botox face and ugly hair cut that should have stayed in 2011. Creepy grimace on his face, and his expression is that of a mental patient who escaped the closed ward. Who the hell wants to watch anything this woman beater is on? How dare he talk about his son in the press-con when he tried so hard to deny his fatherhood until court ordered DNA tests proved his paternity? How does this garbage pile still have a career? Does he have sponsors or is KeyEast on flacka to keep this trash under their contract? I guess the fangirl money is too lucrative. His acting is atrocious, he looks very ugly and he is a has-been. Time after time, some celebs reveal out to be disgusting trash but dumb and delusional fangirls shut that out of their minds because it’s easier to comfort yourself with lies than see the painful truth.

      • You are clearly filled with rage. You scare me just by reading your post. You sound as if you would harm another human being. Please seek help.

      • @anonymous, nah, I was laughing while writing my comment. Maybe you should worry more about that woman beater who actually harmed people and has been fined for DUI too

      • Oh god! Not this again 🙁 why the hell would anyone pay money to cast him in their drama?! Does he think he’s LBH?!! At least the pervert LBH can act! His stupid fan girls r the worse, they r detached from reality & need psychological help for stanning essentially HUMAN TRASH!

  2. to be fair, I watched the teaser…. boring boring… the only one worth watching is the second male lead whose character seems interesting. But no, I don’t think I can stand watching that woman beater who dared to talk about his son to generate buzz because he knows he has no media value other than his messed up private part… ooops i mean private life…

    • Are you serious?! He tried to make the baby’s mother get an abortion (illegal in Korea) when she was pregnant but now talks about that child to the press for sympathy points? What a disgrace.

  3. Why is he getting acting roles anyway? He can’t act and all his dramas as lead have been flops.

    If Playful Kiss had any charm, it was all thanks to Jung So Min who is finally seeing the recognition she deserves as a talented actress and leading lady.

  4. Nope, he can’t act or at least not very well in anything I’ve seen thus far. But as for why he’s getting this shot, I imagine it is the international market so the ratings don’t matter so much. It should be noted that Viki got this and is promoting and that doesn’t include China and Japan markets. If it doesn’t do well in those markets, maybe the offers will dry up. All the dramas out there that I want to see and with DF going down, this is what Viki picks up. Oy

  5. Didn’t someone previously say he has to earn money for the child that he never wanted? Whatever evil he has done, it wasn’t towards his fans so can’t really blame his fans. There are stars out there that we don’t even know their evil side so be glad we have seen most of his.

  6. His rich mama fans must have sponsored this drama.His fanclub is so strong and rich, no wonder he is still in the industry.
    He has definitely aged 10yrs looking at this photos.

  7. I mean an actor who hit a person and hid the body is still on variety shows, so it doesn’t surprise me he still has fans.

  8. Hahaha I know this drama will be flop just look rating at 1st ep. only get 0.1%. thanks you kbs you can keep casting Kim hyun joong, park shi hoo even park you Chun. No want will watching drama with abuser,rape or toilet trash. Especially kbs drama this day getting worse in rating except kbs weekend drama.?????

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