tvN Memories of Alhambra Dips to 6% Ratings on Sat Episode 3 as jTBC Underdog Sky Castle Continues to Rise

Consider me legit surprised as how the weekend, or Saturday at least, K-drama ratings are panning out. The underdog barely any publicity jTBC Fri-Sat drama Sky Castle started out over 1% ratings and has been on a tear since then, with this Saturday’s most recent episode 6 bringing in 8.934% and continued enthused word of mouth. I haven’t watched it but it’s being compared to the critically acclaimed dramas like Prison Playbook and Women of Dignity, less hype and all substance. I’m not a hype beast lol but the stars I like happen to be quite popular so I’m still all aboard the tvN fantasy AR drama Memories of Alhambra, but can’t say I’m emotionally invested still.

It’s sleek and interesting to watch, to a certain degree if one has a bit of a gamer streak, but the ratings in episode 3 dipped to 6.950% from the over 7% premiere ratings in last week’s first two episodes. I’m curious but confused and still not yet feeling any connection with the characters. Hyun Bin is hard carrying this drama so far and keeping the ratings high so kudos to him but Park Shin Hye needs way more to do narratively and hopefully sooner rather than later. I’m hoping episode drops some much needed clarity, I don’t see the need for mystery here but rather let the challenge drive the story forward.


tvN Memories of Alhambra Dips to 6% Ratings on Sat Episode 3 as jTBC Underdog Sky Castle Continues to Rise — 122 Comments

  1. Omg ep4…is just nerve wrecking – it’s absolutely rocking!
    My choices don’t always align with the ratings- so it’s not too much a surprise – but just really – I hope this drama gets the love it deserve because if not people won’t make such creative choices anymore!

    I feel the same for park shin yeh- she’s not acting well but a silver lining I see now (thank god) – I don’t know how – she’s still stiff and everything but I’m slowly and surely feeling the chemistry between the OTP.
    It’s probably hard to give her credit because I think it’s Hyun Bin carrying it mostly – I think he can create chemistry with anything or anyone. I really like his interpretation of Jin woo – For his sake and the quality of this drama – I hope it goes up.

    • Doubt it will affect Song Jaejung. Her previous dramas were also only okay in ratings, but it didn’t affected her from continuing to write creative stories.

      • Great news – honestly i’ll Be sad if ratings drop off because ep4 was really well done and it shows!
        Encouraging for the production team- I have great feelings on the writing- it seems tight! My expectations are now soaring and I hope the writer can meet it.

  2. Well let’s put it this way, Memories of the Alhambra style and genre is not just for everyone, like W wasn’t either. Hyun Bin is definitely carrying this drama for now. PSH is decent but I still don’t like her over-exaggerating style of acting because it comes off cartoonish, and disingenuous. She should tone it down a little bit and be more natural. She’s been acting the same for years, even when the genre and the character changed. HB is the same too, but this is the umpteenth time he’s playing a rich CEO. At least neither of them are outright bad actors so it’s still watchable.
    I dislike the setting that the male lead is filthy rich and experienced and the girl is clueless and has no experience. It’s so tired and should have stayed in 2012. Even if this drama is all about unrealistic AR, at least make the characters realistic and relatable.

    • I agree to a certain extent – do feel Hyun Bin is doing a little different
      I guess it’s still chaebol – but I like that his character is a little morally immoral….he’s making some choices in the story that I don’t expect and that’s judos to good writing. Spoiler alert
      For example; between him and his rival friend I know there’s bad blood but the story seems to suggest it’s probably the usual bffs gone wrong and still properly care for each other – so you would have thought that by seeing his dead friend again in the AR he would ask “dude I’m sorry – are you ok, what’s going on etc” … but he goes ahead by instinct and kill him again?!!
      I like it – he’s not a great guy by nature and now he’s being haunted by this friend which is pretty ingenious

      • Honestly, it’s like watching Cha Eun Sang + Go Minam version 2. Same mouth half open, droopy eyebrows and eye widening, same cringy expressions. Her innocent acting annoys me a lot. Just when I thought she made a slight improvement in Doctors, she just regressed. Her game character is way more interesting than her character outside the game, maybe in future episodes it will be ok. But for now, HB is hard carrying tbh. In her 2 yrs of hiatus, PSH acting just regressed. Seems like the girl has no ambition or desire to work around her flaws.

      • Lmao Hyun Bin and Park Shinhye together is like watching older Kim Joo-won and Cha Eun-sang.

  3. I like Moa but I feel like they are taking their own sweet time to reveal all the answers… on top of creating new questions every episode. It’s slightly confusing. But I’m in for the ride. Hyun Bin is too charming.

  4. I love this drama nonetheless and could careless for the ratings. Hyun Bin slay as an actor who really please me with his outstanding performance. I love creative idea.

  5. SKY CASTLE , less known actors but great acting. I didn’t ear about this drama until it get aired . And i was hooked since the beginning. Very instructive for a western as me. But not surprising , still remember when i watched one of my favs movies Dead poets society.

  6. LMAO to those proud fans of MOAs. This drama suck because it can’t even go higher than 7% ratings. Sad to any director and producer who’s still willing to give Hyun Bin a chance. He is the real drama killer. Nothing from him ever hit big except for Secret Garden. A pretty much overrated drama that is so cliche and cheesy. I hope this will give any future director to think twice before offering him another drama. Memories of Alhambra is so bland with two very boring and bland actors. Hopefully when Chanyeol appear again he’ll help safe this dreadful production.

    At the end of the day Encounter still win because their actors are superb and never recycled their characters like MOAs.

    • Why do you have to mention encounter here? I am a fan of encounter but I dislike when ppl try to make a fan war ..urrrg, just stop it.

      • Well it’s the truth so these MOA’S fans need to realize their OTP and overhyped drama suck big time. Encounter was bashed badly so in their face.
        Time to go rewatch Encounter.

    • You sound pretty much like his ridiculous shipper. Go cry to all your unnie despite what ever shipper you belong to of his. Dam I’m seriously tire of seeing all his dam stupid desperate fan shipper from (HyunBinxSongHyeKyo, HyunBinxHaJiWon, HyunBinxHanJiMin and more to mention) can you guys just shut up? Freaking move on already and stop being bitter about whatever he does. Give the guy a break. If you can’t stand him then just ignore his works.

      Memories of Alhambra is epic because I’m too tired of seeing your typical sad love story romance. So you can brag about Encounter and Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum all you want. The drop ratings is nothing to people who actually watch a drama for it’s worth and excellent acting chop.

      Thank god the director chose Hyun Bin for her Memories of Alhambra project, I’m can’t see anyone else playing Yoo Jin Woo. This drama is what I call excellent.

      • @Lover – let me try to guess – you do not have friends, you cannot find a lover, you are a jealous person who likes to talk bad about anything and anyone, you have no focus in life, you have no hobbies, you cannot stand people who are proud, you do not like fans who are happy, you are one sour grape who needs help.

      • For a high budget production this is crap. Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye don’t even deserve the hallyu title. For god sake they suck at acting. I’ve seen better actors and more high profile actress that deserves the A-list status but definitely not these two. Even Chanyeol wow me with his performance.

      • They are hallyu because they get non-fans like you to watch the drama just to hate on the actors.

    • Ah poor CJ chaebol why you still offer him drama? After failure with negotiation, rampant and now this MOA? I’m shocked after now that tvn paid hyun bin 100 million per eps. What wasted money!! Didn’t tvn now that also sbs paid him also 100m in hyde jekyll me? That wasted money even sky castle have better rating with unknown actress/actor. Please tvn/studio dragon don’t put your high budget drama on weekends cause it will be failure again KBS weekend drama. Please binnie go reflect before comeback with another project 25b was so much money than goblin or dots. I can Encounter see also drop in rating because the writer was suck and only depend with two lead.

      • Lmao blahh… It’s not me that making rumor on IG and Twitter lols. Thats stupid chaeki shipper always starting bad rumours. If accused me as netizenbuzz you are crazy and delusional. You just crazy defend flop actor?????

    • You are the delusional sega shipper that is hating all hyun bin’s leading lady stop pretending to be a encounter fan. You think people wont recognize you.

    • both dramas are doing good…so why don’t we just enjoy need to mention and compare each other because they are obviously different genre..
      I am big fan of Song Hye Kyo and Park Shin Hye…they are the main reason I watch both drama and I like both drama so much…esp Encounter..
      please don’t create fan war here and there because it is not doing any good for your bias.

  7. I don’t plan on going on with MOA , i just don’t connect with the characters . Sad because once again i will have to wait for another drama with him.

  8. Omg my poor Binnie don’t waste your times on these kind of production and also to pair up with all these none talented actresses who only here to look good but can barely delivered anything to the table. Go back to act with your talented goddess Jiwonnie.

  9. I love how the drama start and still going all in for it. Hyun Bin carried the drama very well but Park Shin Hye is not doing it for me. She is very stiff and is not natural. I’m still watching this for the plot and Hyun Bin.

    • You are technically correct, but I still feel like it’s low considering that this is a high profile and high quality drama. It costs a lot to make this. So 7% seems mediocre coming from tvN where many high profile dramas now get more than that. But that’s just my perception. 7% is pretty darn high. I’m hoping it would not go down some more.

      Profit wise, Netflix bought rights for this, so the studio made money off of this.

  10. I think Korea should just stop trying to do sci-fi dramas. Seems like its not really a well-received genre. Are You Human was also pre-produced and flopped as well.

  11. The fourth episode got 8.1 percent ratings. The commenters here should have waited for them to come out before coming into this post to hate MOTA.

    The comments from k-netz are also still really good on both Nate and Naver, so I guess I can understand why Boyfriend fans are insecure. Good ratings and good comments to boot.

    Congrats to PSH and HB. They are getting praise across the board.

      • Aren’t you sad?
        You tried so hard to call both Encounter and Memories of Alhambra a flop.
        Guess you can go act like a dumb idiot somewhere else now.

      • Why do you have to worry about their budget? Are you the investor? Enjoy the drama and leave the rest to Management. Even if they make a profit, it won’t be your money. You are trying to pick bones out of an egg!

    • most bf fans arent really insecure, u shld have known now that some commenters just want to hate,dont generalize and besides bf still have higher rating for a weekday drama,while moa is a weekend

    • I don’t know why you would say bf fans are insecure when their drama is still doing very good in ratings and still have some positive reviews tho not all. Let just all support the dramas we like and ignore trolls.

    • Because Moa posts attract the most comments.
      You have the same Sega shipper, the same two trolls, the same two Encounter fans and they all easily adds up to 50 comments.

  12. Hearing out constructive criticism won’t hurt…
    I LOve Hyun Bin’s great acting, but PSH’s pretty stiff, however, I still hope for a higher rating… MOA rocks!!!

  13. Do I need to point out that Circle (a scifi drama aired last year) netted around 2% throughout its run, despite being praised by the public. Just accept the fact that the drama’s genre is not public friendly. THIS DRAMA IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.

    Why would people compare these two dramas. One aired at 11 p.m and the other at 9 p.m. And it’s just a dip below 7%, like 6.9%. This is definitely just a bait for a heater discussion (@ troller mess).

  14. MOA is on Netflix, it is sold at a good price. K-rating is only one number. Why report on a number that only applies in SK? I don’t understand why people come to a MOA article to mention Encounter/Boyfriend, is this necessary? Who cares about another drama when we are enjoying MOA. Sky Castle is good but it is of another genre which can interest the general audience (esp the ajhummas in SK), so it is of no surprise it will do well since the cast consists of veterans and their acting is guaranteed. I have been enjoying MOA so far, but I think this type of genre may fit better in a 3-hour movie format for some audience so mystery can be solved at the end of a few hours & not needing to wait for weeks after weeks… Not everyone can handle new puzzles with new premises being added at each episode, people will get confused and lose interest, that’s what’s happened with W. HB acts well in MOA, he fits the character and I melt when I see his beautiful dimples 🙂 Still have reservation about PSH… her acting is still stiff, maybe this is how her character is written?

    • Encounter fans are stupid AF. Encounter sucks and PBG acting is quite cringy and bad. SHK act the same as Kang Moo Yeon. At least MoA has originality. Also, yes Song Jae Jung has a tendency to write certain types of characters, very caricaturish

      • ur the one stupid though,dont generalise i know u are in koala for a long time and u.know that some are just changing username to hate, who cares if they suck in acting, compare to the award winning acting of moa cast,whatever happens to preference

      • PBG is basically playing different versions of himself at this point. Enforcing his image as noona killer helps keep his hype and CFs.
        SHK knows what works for her so she is taking the same roles. Anything outside of her range she will get criticism again.
        They are both smart actually.

      • Yeah we’re just a bunch of stupid fans who are enjoying a drama with no originality. So what do you want us to do? Any suggestion? Lol we must be getting on some people’s nerves today..that’s why we were called insecure and stupid. What’s next for us? ?

      • PBG’s smile is so fake and cringy. I am not a noona so I don’t get his charm. I prefer HB’s dimples 🙂 Yes MOA story is original, I just hope it will hold up because the writer may fail to deliver… oh my W nightmare, although my brother still claims W is his fav K-drama (bet that’s the only k-drama he has watched… LOL).

      • Y’all know that most people that mention encounter here are not even encounter fans tho but peeps that want to start fanwars

      • @prettyautumn @candycane
        Reading the comments carefully and i notice the comment that bring encounter in to this article is obviously not a fan but a fan of goddess hjw and trying to drag psh dow. Too bad you fell in to her trap.

      • Y’all can support moa without insulting bf when it obvious that it troll/Sega shippers that are leaving negative comments

      • M only watching encounter cause of shk. I wanna see how her character gets out all of those family mess. And i also dont know why people compairing two different genre of drama.

    • @candycane jealous much huh? U even not bogum fans, how could u know that he’s just playing different version of himself?
      PBG is more calm, shy, intovert,awkward and for what I know he’s totally opposite with his caharacter. Just coming here to talk about moa, but saw my bias getting bashed from hyunbin fans is kinda weird. now I understand why Moa article always got many reviews, because of this immature fans

      Btw just want to said that MOA got 8% and the story become better now

      • @BI – Are you demented? I did NOT write “PBG is playing different version of himself” @Bee wrote it. If you cannot read, please don’t quote. You will be wrong 100% of the time and you are!!

    • Well then, as the story unfolds, plot thickens, with unpredictable turn of events. The more it is interesting!! Curious and ‘excited to hold on to this drama until to its last episode. HB is remarkable, got no problem with PSH acting she’s just perfect. Pretty much exciting to see them both on screen, got great chemistry.

  15. Can’t Lover and Valentinozara stop mentioning Encounter in every MoA article? It’s completely unnecessary! I know the latter is a troll but not sure about the former. Tired of people accusing us of being insecure when we don’t even feel that way.

    • So hilarious to see someone acting all positive in her comment only to end up bashing someone in another. If you’re a negative person you can’t really conceal your negativity no matter how hard you pretend to. 🙂

  16. Hyun bin is hard carrying this drama and why are some trolls trying to start fanwars between bf and moa when they don’t even support both shows.

  17. OMG I’m dying for next week episodes. How can I wait 6 more days. ?????? Please this is torturing. So anxious to know will Hee Ju get drag into the game. Hyun Bin…Hyun Bin you’re freaking amazing.

  18. Sky Castle is so damn good! MOA is really no match even with two big stars whom alot of people loved.

    Credit goes to the cast for great acting and the writer for a good story! Sky Castle just draws you in and you just get deeper into the pit! Amazing drama!

    • Dam you must be mad or what’s with you and these people who kept comparing MOA to Encounter and Sky Rocket. They are nothing alike. I don’t recall anyone saying MOA is better or is a match to those two really high dramas you mentioned. MOA can be a flop or a hit and that’s not a problem because it’s for fans that enjoy the drama. Not for those that don’t like it. You should go celebrate your high rating drama somewhere else.

  19. This drama is getting better and better with each episodes. The rating when up so Congratulations to my Binnie, PSH, and the whole production.???

    “You’re looking for trouble” ?? Ahhh…I’m squealing with mix emotions here watching that charming smile he flashed her. God! Hyun Bin really knows to make someone’s heart jump over his charismatic acting. I need all the episodes now. This wait sure is torturing so why TvN doing this to my poor heart…

  20. MOA just broke boyfriend ratings with episode 4 despite bf being a big budget expected from ratings queen PSH and hyun bin.

  21. First drama to revolves around AR games which was never done before and totally new to the public and not many will understand or get into it but still the actors decided to take the challenge and show new thing instead of they typical romance cliche drama that we all already can predict but with MOA we can’t predict anything!
    Hyunbin is amazing, doing great actor and lol you until now most of the dramas got rich leads and he’s not typical one, He’s indeed heartless and was hurt so much which made him like that.
    Shinhye’s role didn’t develop yet but it will in the future when she knows that he took advantage of her and her brother is missing and her other character seems completely different also stiff? Are you kidding ? She was bery adorable and funny also talked in Spanish a lot with great pronunciation which is hard for Koreans and we can judge her after she get the room and she already proved herself in doctors.

    BTW EP 4 reached 8.15% with very good response and we don’t have to care about rating because Netflix already bought it with 70% of the production cost BC its Netflix original and that genre is not accepted by everyone anyway congratulation koala for trying to create fan wars lol

  22. The rating dropped because nobody gave a shit about that “stupid” at game till last part of episode that the game is kind of real or something like that the rating went up in ep4 and I’m sure ep5 will also have a relatively high rating.

  23. Lol at all these stupid people for calling me a stupid Sega shipper who want to start fan wars. Y’all insecure and stupid at the same time. I’m not no Sega fan, I’m Encounter fan so that’s why I said it’ll be a waste of time to get these dumb MOA fans to accept others opinion. Im glad Encounter fans stand up for our Kyo’s and Bo Gum’s comeback drama. They’ll be shit talking about Encounter but can’t even take a taste of their own medicine. Some ignorant people. Don’t compare Bo Gum to that loser Hyun Bin because he won’t stand a chance. He can’t even be compared to Kyo so how can he be compare to a versatile and excellent actor like Bo Gum. Hyun Bin will go down as the biggest loser in the drama land history. Song Hye Kyo will always win no MATTER what.

    • encounter suck with boring plot trying to sell noona and young dude romance with terrible acting from pbg and underwhelmed acting from shk. You got the so called high rating you want so why did you invite yourself in MOA article? seem like you want attention and validation from us so bad lol feel so bad those high rating can’t help erase bitterness and jealousy from encounter fan a tiny bit.

      • Calling Encounter fans jealous when it’s you who are insecure because you know your lovely Park Shin Hye suck no Matter which different concepts she takes. All she can deliver out to viewers is that dead sleepy open eyes expressions. No one get it if she is sad or happy. Girl can’t an even cry for shit to save her acting life. As for Hyun Bin he has nothing more to show other than that dimples of his. Dumb proud fans call that acting…Oh god give me a break. When you have two very horrible actors in a very boring drama.

        Don’t belittle Song Hye Kyo, she is far more successful and is more recognized for her acting than both HB and PSH ever dreamed of. All the famous Chinese top stars don’t just praise Song Hye Kyo for nothing. So you’re saying the famous John Woo is blind. Get that registered in your thick mind.

      • @sunshine I was a silent reader for a long times and is a huge fan of Hyun Bin and also love Song Hye Kyo too. I thought you would have know better to say such things about Hyun Bin’s fans. They’re not that unreasonable, his real fans are actually very supportive. Read what this person @lover wrote carefully from the start to now. Who wouldn’t be angry if you’re favorite is being step on this bad. I’m not being negative here, just stating my opinion. No intention for fan wars.

      • You just stooped to the lowest level. I thought HB fans were better than this..thanks for proving me wrong. And btw SHK moved on just fine..and so did we, her fans.

      • and read properly the comments its not shk fans, seems u are the one bitter being triggered by people saying something abt ur holier than thou idol and his drama,

    • If you really are a encounter fan why will you barge in this moa article bring down psh and hb while praising encounter actors knowing the moa fans will attack your fave back. Common sense sis stop making fan wars you only bring haters to shk. Im an shk fan and your comment disgust me.There is an article about encounter but you didnt bother commenting there @lover.

    • @lover this is what you called reverse psychology pretending to be a fan barge in this article praise shk so she will get dragged down. Shk fans are smart to know who is the real vs fake fans unfortunately some fans dont have some common sense.

    • I’ve always thought the person coming in to Moa’s post to put down Moa and promote another drama is the insecure one. Like for sure I don’t see people doing the opposite.

  24. Koala it’s sad that you have decided to add spice to your article and gave only half the information. You made it sound like Alhambra is doing poorly whereas the final information is episode 4 had 8.2% rating. Lol. Even the peak rating of the episode was 9% and 11% in Seoul. I’m just baffled that you’re comparing this show with an already in its 3rd week show ‘sky castle’ which has the advantage of more story progression. Also 2nd episode in the week usually does better in rating and we need to remember that sky castle is a makjang drama. But anyway what bugs me most is you didn’t add that MOA had 8.2% rating for its 4th episode. You are trying to give this impression that it keeps fairing worse in terms of rating but rather it’s the other way around. Kindly do your research well.
    Also it’s sad how people keep dissing park shin hye. Girl even memorized Spanish and has given super long speech so fast and then also I thought she and hyun bin look amazing together. She has less screen time now which is understandable cause the game is the main subject of this drama so we see hyunbin more. But that doesn’t mean hyun bin is hard carrying this show. The amount of ridicule people do just to make someone look bad is just unbelievable. If these people don’t like park shin hye then why watch her drama? Smh.

  25. Sad to see this crazy fan wars. Koala did her job right but it’s these people who don’t know how to digest the difference between both dramas. If the concept is not for you just leave it alone. Some corrupted fans i would say. I still enjoy both dramas but is more into MOA because I love gaming. Have a good day people.

  26. I’m really enjoying memories of Alhambra, this is the best drama this year,everything is so detailed and the acting too is good.I’m dying to even think that I will have to wat for next week fr the next episode

  27. I don’t understand some people here rather than enjoying the difference in drama gener they are fighting and they are saying respect our opinions 1st you aren’t forced to watch 2nd I can’t compare MoA to other dramas bcz it is different gener enjoy the drama and the story to the end don’t wast your time on writing bunch of words beside that watch other drama and movies not Korean may be wide your range like Turkish dramas, Bollywood movies ,BBC classic dramas and Hollywood movies seriously you are fighting on ratings so if you are following Games of Thrones you are guys still talking about rating hahahaha funny
    Any way I enjoyed the drama MOH and I am waiting Emma to show up I think one of players of the game turned to be the controller of the whole game from inside so that’s why this game become serious in their events.

  28. Lordy Lordy me what is going on! The sandpit in Koala’s playground is big enough for everyone to play in please. I’m actually enjoying both dramas taking it all in and looking at the storylines which are worlds apart in every sense. Both have a lot happening and it is exciting to know that both writers are going about the development of their characters and story just fine for now. So to the fans of the leads can you please allow some of us to just to enjoy the synergy of each production along with the commentary posted here without the full on massacre of he said she said and let it go. Peace and love all ?

  29. Memories of the Alhambra, the drama of the century, with superb acting of the casts based on their characters, that is revolutionizing the traditional typical drama world. Indeed, atypical drama, creative, fresh, upbeat, challenging and demanding of viewers capacity to reasoning, use of intelligence to understand the concept, and be willing to invest and immersed in the drama and travel with them in this new adventure, to however it will lead one to. It is progress coming to dramaland. As per Darwin theory of evolution, in abbreviation ” natural selection eliminates inferior species ”. ?

  30. Ratings are not important. I loved a lof dramas with bad ratings and disliked a lot of dramas with good ratings…

    MoA is very original and unique. For now, I don’t care about a love story, I’m just focused on the game story. It’s great that 4 episodes were filmed in Spain. They really used the place for the best.

  31. MOA is nice but a bit slow. To me, what happened in episode 4 should have occurred already the 1st week, to keep the stakes high. Since the romance seems a slow burn (which I don’t object, I like it), there has to be action and thrill to keep us on our toes, and that’s not really happening so far. Btw, I swooned when he told her that she was looking for trouble…wow, this Jin Woo is a real Casanova, the poor Hee Joo is in danger, haha!! Anyway, I will keep watching because I like HB and PSH together, surprisingly. And I hope the action will pick up soon, we need to know more about the game and what the leads are supposed to do. These two weeks have felt only an introduction.

  32. I totally forgot Song Hye Kyo tax evasion scandal. I think she has already sorted out her issues with Ktax office. I am just amuse as Koreans aren’t that forgiving but with how she’s able to remain popular despite this seriousness of the scandal is beyond amazing. Her PR team is really great. In fact her agency’s PR team is good because if you look at Yoo Ah In, who’s also in the midst of miltary conscription scandal, yet it’s as if nothing happens.

  33. I have yet to see any of the other sci-fi drama coming from South Korea entertainment so this is a very big accomplishment to this production. Though if there have been some already then I apologize for saying this. This drama and ideal is very well put together because I found myself to be very invested to the concept and the pace of the drama. It’s funny and very innovative with beautiful cinematographic of Granada and CGI… I also love the mix emotions of how episode 4 give me the creepy chilled feeling of watching a gaming drama turned to a scary thriller film. Episode 5 look even more promising. Hyun Bin is an amazing actor with such charismatic acting to present his character to life. I felt at some point wanted to go grab my own playstation to play a similar game with him. I’m happy he chose this drama for his comeback to the small screen because it really showed he’s still has it all as a capable and quality actor. He did his character justice and carrythe drama well. Park Shin Hye is cute but it’s still early for anyone to evaluate her performance. The screen times she had is still very limited. I’m interested to see her Emma character because she could be the guidance for all the players especially Jin Woo. Most drama that I favorite and recommended usually are the very poor recieved drama in the rating scales so this is no surprise. Hyun Bin has played some very outstanding drama that is very memorable and meaningful but sadly those are not mentioned and is very poor recieved by the viewers.

    • There are a few like Circle, Nine, Duel and Are You Human which aired before Moa, which were well-received critically but have not done well in ratings. Moa is okay… its latest episode hit 8% so I don’t think it is poorly received on ratings scale. So far I see people mostly giving it positive reviews as well, unlike Hyun Bin’s last drama.

  34. First time saw Hyun Bin in The Fatal Encounter and I was mesmerized by his flawless performance. Later on started following his works (movies/dramas) no doubt he sold me with his solid outstanding talent. He still does it for this new drama of his. I’m hook on Memories of Alhambra because of him. I don’t know why some fans always out to put him down from left to right. Degrading him from coward to loser and fame chaser. If it weren’t for him I don’t think I would have know Korean entertainment. After watching a zillion dramas he still my number 1.

    • Sample answer: From the fallout relationship with Song Hye Kyo’s fans and the most retarded, desperate, and delusional fan shippers in the history of kdrama world Secret Garden Ha Ji Won’s fans.

  35. I like PSH’s character so far, although I’m hoping she gets more screen time soon. The girl in Nine (same writer) was kept in the dark for most of the drama, but in W and Queen Inhyun’s Man both, I really liked how the leads shared information and actively worked together to solve the problems. I hope this drama is more like that in this regard. Like I said, I like PSH’s character and want to see what she does once she learns what is actually going on. I sorta want to kick HB’s character at the moment (he is a JERK)–but that is what kdramas are built on, right? Jerk characters transforming into better people. Which is a satisfying kind of plot arc…

    I’m also liking the Koreans speaking Spanish. Pronunciation is nice, plus it sounds like they actually know what they are saying (as opposed to blindly memorizing words as often seen with “English” actors in kdramas). I wonder how much Spanish PSH actually speaks?

    I also just love the camera work and the setting. Story is twisty and interesting, and I feel SJJ is earning those “to be continued” episode endings. I’m glad they finally are realizing that something happened to the brother, too. I sorta wish I wasn’t watching this as it’s airing, but now that I am…I can’t just stop. 🙂

  36. Like what!!! Who said the PSH fan was very calm.Even PSH fans saying SJK and SHK is king and queen of media playing, because SJK father promoting SHK new drama. Always talking about her tax and really jealous because Tvn more promoting Encounter than Alhambra.

  37. Charismatic blah… Hyun bin looking horrible after jaw surgery lols. So ji sub and gong yoo more handsome, charismatic and has many successful project than him. Good reviews but the rating doesn’t good because studio dragon spend so much money this crap drama. Also many comments in koala doesn’t help rating lols. Ah I know why Kim eun sook cast lee byung hun now, despite his ugly cheater he was very good actor has many successful box office movie and drama. Lee byung hun was better actor than flop hyun bin.

    • Lol why so salty girl! What did Hyun Bin do to you to hate him this much? He can flop or win and can have as many surgeries as he want. It’s his money and his face. The guy is good looking before and after the plastic surgery so there’s nothing for him to lose. Nobody’s forcing anyone to like him or watch his works. If you’re a fan then go on the ride but if not leave. Nowadays ratings does not guarantee a drama is off the charts. It’s mostly star powers and popularity. I rather watch a flop dramas with great acting potential than a drama with very beautiful eye candy actors.

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