Yeo Jin Gu and Lee Se Young in Top Sageuk Form in Posters and Promos for tvN Mon-Tues Drama The Crowned Clown

I’m still working through my final take on the K-drama adaptation of movie The Beauty Inside from a few weeks ago and now another movie-to-drama adaptation is headed our way. tvN will premiere The Crowned Clown in the first week of January 2019, an adaptation of the critically acclaimed and box office hit 2012 movie The Masquerade with Lee Byung Hun. The age is turned down for the drama version with Yeo Jin Gu as the male lead, both the paranoid King and his doppleganger clown brought in as his body double. Lee Se Young plays the Queen who is resigned to her fate until she starts falling for the pretend King. I’m loving all the poster and teaser promos so far with a great flair for the visually dramatic. The drama is from the PD of Money Flower and takes over for Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter in the Mon-Tues time slot.

The Crowned Clown:


Yeo Jin Gu and Lee Se Young in Top Sageuk Form in Posters and Promos for tvN Mon-Tues Drama The Crowned Clown — 9 Comments

  1. Please be good! The stills and teaser look promising. What a great pairing and storyline. Glad LSY has been given the opportunity to lead. I gave up on MFATWC after 4 episodes it was too taxing trying to figure all the characters out apart from Moon Chae Won chopping and changing just got too exhausted.

  2. I hope they can build up LSYs character! The queen has a few screen time in the movie although I know the story really revolves around the king and his doppleganger.

  3. Hoping CC will be good . MFATWC was a let down – a pity as lead actors are good . Unfortunately there is only so much good actors can do to salvage a drama … although one does expect lead actors to sign up for good dramas ! Thankfully MFATWC is ending its torturous run .

  4. All the teasers look so good! I’m happy that the actor who plays the eunuch is the same in the movie. The relationship between the fake king and him was really nice. The secretary was so funny in the teaser.

  5. That title got me thinking of D.Gray-Man….

    But back to the main topic, this drama looks great! Something to look forward to the next few weeks (but am I the only one still not sold on YJG as leading man? Tbh, I feel the same way with YSH sometimes…)

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