Kim Tae Ri Up for Sci-fi K-movie Lightning Ship Opposite Song Joong Ki

It’s been a busy day for casting drama casting new and now there’s a big movie offer to stir up excitement. K-actress Kim Tae Ri is following up her huge 2018 starring in the highest rated cable K-drama of the year Mr. Sunshine with a movie back to her movie roots. She got her start in the high profile arthouse flick The Handmaiden and has successfully segued into the more mainstream K-dramas with Mr. Sunshine. Her move back to movie land will also be mainstream as she’s up for the female lead role in sci-fi flick Lightning Ship directed by the PD of A Werewolf Boy and starring Hallyu superstar Song Joong Ki. The two were each leads in a Kim Eun Sook penned dramas and if she accepts will form a formidable onscreen duo bringing both looks and acting ability to the table.


Kim Tae Ri Up for Sci-fi K-movie Lightning Ship Opposite Song Joong Ki — 27 Comments

  1. Don’t don’t it Kim tae ri! It’s smells flop since science fiction about astronaut never bee good in Korea. I think she has good eye to pick good box office movie especially sjk acting was doesn’t good and get criticism for same old captain yoo shi jin performance. This will be flop and wasted 20b won. Even veteran song kang ho getting flop with drug king after successful taxi driver! Jo sung hee last movie phantom detective failed in box office it will be huge risk! I think song joong ki doing this movie to back up if his new drama asdal going to be fails. He didn’t confident at all.

  2. If she accepts the offer, I hope (or not really, she deserves a better film and more talented co-stars) there will be lots of sex scenes just to piss of SongSong shippers. They’d hate if a taller, younger, prettier, baby face with more acting talent and recognition in international film circles, acted with SJK

      • I don’t think SJK is considered an idol. He is now older and is married. Why not do sex scenes? No need to be explicit. Most well known movie actors don’t set limitations on what to do on screen. He may need to do it eventually, just saying. Not a fan, but I like KTR, I agree she can score bigger if acting with Gong Yoo, not SJK who is not established in movies yet.

    • prettyyauntum-what!? I would like to see sjk has love scene like jo in sung like in frozen flower! feel bad for him married first before he doing sex movie??. He for sure will rip off yoo shi jin image! If will be fair since shk doing hot steamy kissing scene with park bo gum. But failed cause she just kissing with young innocent brother park bo gum! Song hye kyo should choose drama like Kim nam joo (Misty), jang nara(last empress) and oh na-ra sky castle) or even antagonist lee elijah it’s will be good for her career in future. Back on topic I’m support if director want make love scene between Kim tae ri and song joong ki!!! Shk fans will be mad and angry if sjk doing sex movie ?.

      • Come on nah, SHK is a married woman. If she did steamy scenes, her image will be gone! She’s not so good at acting. SJK also relies on his sweet guy image

    • aigooo…your prediction is too far..why they(songsong couple) would bother about songsong shipper’s opinion in their choice of drama/movie or even their co star. SHK still choose Encounter along Park Bo Gum despite of all the fuss. Park Bo Gum who is younger, taller, more handsome and baby face with great acting talent. People going to talk and talk and talk like you did but their career are still on going. There is no end for fan’s ridiculousness.
      and yes for Kim Tae Ri and SJK…I would love to see them in that movie…with a lots of sex scenes or not…LOL!

      • Agree with you I don’t understand whats the point of dragging a fandom? Allthough at first I was not sure regarding pgb and shk pairing but watching encounter i genuinely feel they look good together. And about kim tae ri and sjk pairing, I couldn’t be more happy about it. I am so happy he is paired with this talented lady. Infact majority of their fans are.

    • Lol @prettyautumn ktr is pretty in a cute way while shk is more of a classic beauty both are good entertainer shk as a hallyu actress with many memorable dramas and still relavant while ktr is in her way of getting more recognition after Handmaiden and Mr sunshine . How did you know they will have sex scenes lol my take ktr will not do sex scenes or will undress for a movie after handmaiden notice all her projs after handmainden are all wholesome. She did all the sex and nude scenes as a stepping stone.

  3. As a fan of sjk I think he should focus more on dramas rather than movies. Korean movies usually doesn’t do well at the box office despite good word of mouth. I don’t have much expectations from this even though they both are huge stars in their own rights.

    • Omg The talent Kim Tae Ri with Song Joong Ki. It will be another A Werewolf boy where the two leads performances carrying the show. I’m glad he start to choose movie. He has the skills to make it in a big screen.

    • SJK is more popular internationally among horny ahjummas and childish teenage fangirls. Kim Taeri is more recognized among film critics, film enthusiasts and places where acting matters more than popularity. There’s no such thing as bold or daring actor. Good actors should be able to act out real life scenarios and sex is part of real life. If an actor can’t play all kinds of roles, then they aren’t really interested in the art of acting but profit and endorsement deals.

      • Wow! Holier-than-thou comment like this often makes me realize intl kdrama fans are often as bad as knets. *sigh*

  4. Both of them should be cast if it’s a sci fi parody. With a title like LS it suits but it’s something I wouldn’t wait up to see.

  5. To be honest song joong ki is not good actor in chungmuro, he has child man aura not charismatic and versatile actor. Kim tae ri deserve male lead like so ji sub, gong yoo, ha jung woo, hwang jung min, joo ji hoon, ma dong seok, jo jin woong. This movie will be failure for sure because we have 3 movie about movie.
    1. Hwang jung min and Kim hye soo return.
    2. Along with God director also make movie about moon.
    3. And now this movie.

  6. Obviously acting is a job to her. And perhaps this movie will turn out to be good, who knows? But after The Handmaiden this sure feels a bit like slumming it for Kim Tae Ri.

    • Same here I have no problem watching him because he did try and I appreciate his efforts. But I can’t deny that he is very overrated. His acting is very mediocre and I really can’t take his performance seriously. It’s quite annoying to keep hear people praising him and stand him alone all the good veteran actors.

      • Yeah he just overrated actor lol! That’s why he only make project reunion with writer and pd that he knows cause he didn’t confident after getting roasted with knetz in battleship island.i think jang dong gun charisma will overshadowed his performance in asdal chronicle! Let’s will see how can deliver different characters from captain yu shi jin. He just gaining more interested after marrying shk cause his last peak was in 2016 since 2017 is year for gong yoo and park bo gum.

      • He is a decent actor but his image just went down after all the mediaplaying he did with the SongSong tag. Guess he is scared his drama will underperform like his wife’s so he is rushing to take this movie. I see most Kim Taeri fans want her to stay away from this project.

  7. It’s not easy to be an actress. Mostly movies are male centric. So it’s easy to say she should work with veterans actors but they’re older than her and if it’s always to be their stooge maybe a role in a less famous movie could be more interesting to act for her. She chose different roles for now, I hope she will keep up.

    I’m curious about Aseudal. For Now, The Crowned Clown is an excellent sageuk. After the desert 2018, I’m happy to see a good one! Yeo Ji Goo is great in his both roles.

  8. Nobody can predict how a film will do at the box office so speculation is useless as far as I’m concerned.

    These two actors are both very talented and I like watching them on screen.

    I wish them all the best.

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