Encounter OTP Strengthen Emotional Commitment in Episodes 11-12 as Wolves Circle Closer to Wreck Their Happiness

This week’s episodes 11-12 of Encounter (Boyfriend) felt like a slow leisurely walk much like the one Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun went on when he gave her the couple rings. These two are very mellow people and their romance feels like an old marriage couple acting like two fresh-faced kids. It’s not a diss because I adore their sincerity and straightforwardness with each other, but there’s a distinct lack of sizzle. I don’t think they slept together in Havana but honestly they are not the tear clothes off type and more like the read poetry and fall asleep in bed type, lol.

Jin Hyuk is an old soul and Soo Hyun is reviving her closed off nature under his warmth and their relationship is one of watching a flower bloom. It’s delicate and slow in real time, and the ratings for the drama remain steady at 7.513% and 7.632%. These two episodes brought the families to the forefront, from the supportive ones to the scheming enemies but I don’t feel too much a sense of foreboding. Perhaps Jin Hyuk’s strength and commitment have calmed me as much as it has Soo Hyun, I just feel in my gut he’s going to find a way forward for them in the long run, age and wealth/social class differences be damned.


Encounter OTP Strengthen Emotional Commitment in Episodes 11-12 as Wolves Circle Closer to Wreck Their Happiness — 33 Comments

      • Yes! The man really needs to let go. He had his chance and he blew it. I’m just glad that JH doesn’t get intimidated at all. Both by crazy ex-MIL and ex-husband.

    • He’s long been delusional about himself. And after seeing his ex-wife happily in love with another man has now made him not just a creepy stalker, but also a lying manipulator.

  1. I don’t think it’s will be a sad ending. I believe the stories will not end as they are married but maybe when they get old and either one of them die. However their love for each other still last eternally as JH said in episode 11: “even one person disappears but love does not disappear.

    • JH said he’ll be by SH’s side until her last breath so I hope we can see them grow old together. Tbh I’ve been feeling really anxious ever since I watched the last two eps. Normally I’d be fine with a sad ending..but not this time. I can’t even imagine how sad I’m gonna be if one of them has to die.?

      • In some forum they predict if one of them has to die, it might be soo hyun? Cause all the foreshadowing features they used seems to imply that? Oh my….it’ll be so sad and heartbreaking. I really hope that it will never happened.

      • I don’t think it is a foreshadowing that it will be a sad ending; as so far I see the writer and director have showed us very consistently of how these two have overcome all the obstacles to demonstrate the love for each other in a very reciprocal way.
        If JH accepts the demotion to Sokcho to protect CSH and go to Cuba to save the hotel contract, and put all his sleeves in the relationship, we also see what CSH has done to show that she is also fully committed as proven in the end of episode 12.
        So if there is a sad ending then it would be very contradict to what we have seen so far: a pure love , understanding and growing strong regardless of age, and status.
        We may get to see them grow old together but the death is unavoidable as life is not a very tale; but as JH has said : love does not disappear.

      • I can foresee them grow old together..but I do get the feeling that one of them has to die towards the end of Ep.16. This is probably the direction that the writer and PD want to have for this drama. They probably want us to treasure the true love even if the leads aren’t together anymore. I wonder if such scene will happen in Cuba…after all that’s the country where their love began.

  2. Hope for happy ending but why I can feel sadness vibe already.
    This drama is so addicting..I can rewatch it many times but still smiling.. grinning and crying with them.. the beautiful couple in the drama.

  3. The ending of episode 12 is Daebak! So heartwarming. Kim Jin Hyuk crying was such a beautiful scene and what he said when he saw Soo Hyun in front of her house was even more touching.

  4. I love this week’s episodes so much. There are so mature in dealing with the Situations they were faced with this week. Their sincerity towards each other is palpable. I’m not someone who watches an episode twice ever since I only dedicate 4 hours a week to drama watching, but I purposely free up some time yesterday so that I can rewatch the 2 episodes from this week.

  5. I love Encounter!..it’s the only kdrama that I’m watching after 2-3 years of absence from kdramaland…I’m not a fan of noona/donsaeng relatioship in a drama…but not #Encounter maybe because it’s shk and pbg…kudos to their good acting, the script and directing..even the side/supporting characters acted well … now I only hope it’s not gonna be a sad ending…please pdnim.

  6. I don’t watch Encounter but it seems like in every episode the main couple is either holding hands, kissing, hugging one another or acting all lovey dovey in some scene. Is there actual conflict in this drama or does it only consist of happy scenes? This usually implies the writer does not know what to do and only relies on the the actors’ starpower to get/maintain ratings. I’m just curious if this show is worth watching after all the episodes are out.

    • You don;t watch it but how do you know that the main couple only acted all lovey dovey scenes? LOL! It is really romantic love story and they do have conflicts but the approach that this drama used quiet different with usual heavy romance drama. It’s focused more in the main couple, their courage to stand up for their love and how their character developed after their first meeting in foreign country. If you are curious, try watch it..instead of writing your doubt here, nobody can help because after all,it will based on your own preference.

    • I think it’s better for you to watch the drama and judge for yourself. Some people like it and some don’t. It really is just a matter of preferences. For me, I enjoy the drama so much. Bias aside (I’m a fan of SHK), melodrama has always been my favourite genre so it’s not that hard to understand whyI have so much love for Encounter. And if I were to compare the level of skinship between some of SHK dramas..this one probably doesn’t have as much. Imo, Encounter is about a journey of two people from two different worlds in overcoming their differences. If you’re looking for a drama filled with conflicts then maybe Encounter isn’t for you since it focuses on the leads’character growth instead. It is a beautiful drama, at least for me. 🙂

    • Well you do need to watch the drama to get your answer. And it is worth watching if you’re looking for quality drama and heart fluttering moments.

  7. My life is full with Encounter nowadays. I even dreamed about soo hyun and jin hyuk getting married…hahaha. Pray for happy ending, please PD nim, writer nim..

  8. Hi, Kaola reviews (almost)each episode and posts screenshots as well. Thats how I know. I read the article to see the dramas ratings

    • So far , nothing has been happening but the ex husband has stepped up so maybe next episodes.
      The love scenes have no heat. Hard to believe the younger bf is not feeling thirsty.
      I find the restaurant guy sexy. The only scenes I enjoyed were the scenes between the ex husband and current bf. Hope for some conflict and drama in the upcoming episodes. PBG needs to frown more. His smiles are giving me jaw ache.

  9. Song hye kyo stop being greedy time to change genre! Even when rumors casting about them knetz already don’t like the pairing saying this: (+1087,-36) So park bo gum going to shoot a melodrama with the wife his favorite hyung? They don’t even match. (+1077,-77) they look like auntie and nephew. (+925,-41) this is miscasting. How can viewer focus when everyone know that park bo gum is labelmates and best friend with song joong ki. How are we believe if song hye kyo to be his love in the drama.
    There something wrong and missing about this drama that’s why the viewer wanted her come back with her ex-hubby because they have chemistry rather than kim ji hyuk. Than booom the writer suddenly make her ex-hubby as bad person! That’s why this drama keep decrease in rating because story line was dull and predictable.

    • valentinazara now? Thought your name was valentinOzara lol. Thanks for dropping by btw..although your comment’s kinda predictable, I kept wondering when I’d get to read it. This section is really dull without your presence, you know.

    • @valetinOzara or valentinAzara whatever it is,you didn;t read the latest knetz comments about jin hyuk and soo hyun, isn’t it? They didn’t ship soo hyun with her ex husband anymore.They are going crazy about the chemistry of the couple.Do some homework before drop senseless comment dear, it’s getting boring. but yeah,no use expecting it from you since you hate everything about SHK, sigh..

    • thank you valentinazara, you make every articles about Encounter so popular in this site. As a die hard fans of this drama, thanksssss!

    • Valentinazara, you sure did watch this drama heartily, since you know the story progress really well. But you failed to pick out the real story the writer trying to tell. The wolf they put in the art in the opening of the drama seems to be the ex husband who started to show his real self.if that is not the case , then the ex might be still a nice person who has to do something to protect soo hyun and make him look bad by doing that.and you know what, we all know that the drama ratings are good enough for a cable drama airing during weekdays unlike you favorite Memories of Alhambra that you like so much, that airing during weekend.And the rerun of Encounter managed to get good ratings too.

      • Why mentioning MOA in this article? MOA rating now is better than Encounter. There is NO need for you to trash one drama to raise the other. Are you this insecure??

      • @candycane Don’t twist my words please? I am not trashing MOA at all, just saying that MOA is airing during weekend while Encounter during weekdays. Do you find it trashing one drama to another? Oh my…if that’s the case, I am sorry. I am not intented to touch MOA at all. I watch it too and like it even the genre is not my cup of tea. Okay, from now on will not do this.peace.

  10. Most overrated,boring and hype failed to get high rating. Even encounter budget very high compared sky castle and 100 day my prince. This day high budget drama doesn’t mean high quality drama. Feel bad for park bo gum after reject more than 20 script he come back with flop. Let’s we see if shk husband drama will hit or flop like this one. I mean crowned clone and 100 day my prince very low country in budget but the quality and rating was good. let’s see who between shk and sjk career will going downhill after married.

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