Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Seo Confirm Breakup After 10 Months of Dating

This isn’t really buzzy news even in the smaller world of K-ent star couples but since I wrote about their pretty surprising dating news last year it closes the loop now to write about their unsurprising breakup. K-acting stars Oh Yeon Seo and a few years younger Kim Bum have confirmed their breakup after 10 months of dating. They met through mutual friends at a group dinner last month and developed an interest in each other, and starting dating the following month in April. I don’t see anything wrong with their relationship whether picking each other or how long they dated, only a mild surprise because it seemed such a random coupling is all. I think both need a career boost with better drama projects so maybe this breakup will be a kick starter as well to a good 2019 in terms of picking a smart drama.


Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Seo Confirm Breakup After 10 Months of Dating — 12 Comments

  1. Its not just male celebrities with these mental issues its highlighted more because of the enlistment process. Its pretty much even accross both celebrity genders in fact depression is a bigger issues for females in South Korea celebrity or not.

  2. Kim Bum has a degenerative arthritis, it’s why he’s in public service.

    Personaly, I like him as an actor. He was a cute angel in Padam Padam and had a better chemistry with MGY in Godess of Fire than LSY.

    • I was just gonna write about him being in Padam Padam. He was great as that angel sidekick. Hope he is doing well and is healthy. Best wishes to him to.

  3. I remember him developing degenerative arthritis during the time of Padam Padam. It’s quite serious. He is ok as an actor, and whether you like him or not, it doesn’t justify the hate speech. Chill people, chill!!

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