SBS Fri-Sat Drama The Fiery Priest Off to Rollicking Start After Two weekends

I’m adding a new K-drama to my watch and you should too! The surprise hit that is SBS Fri-Sat offering The Fiery Priest is a great weekend commitment, and starts the year off right for SBS finally doing something fresh and fun. Starring Kim Nam Gil as a hot-tempered Catholic priest, Kim Sung Kyun as a cowardly-esque cop, and Honey Lee as a brash prosecutor, the three walk into forming a group to solve a mystery and in the process deliver an hour’s worth of shits and giggles. This really is a lot of fun which I haven’t seem much from SBS in years, not taking itself seriously yet taking the time to create and flesh out strong lead characters. The drama is from the PD of Whisper and Punch with the script by the screenwriter who did Blood and Chief Kim, with ratings starting off averaging 10.5% AGB nationwide in the first weekend and jumping up to averaging 14.5%. I like everything about this drama so far but have to give a shout out to loving Kim Nam Gil’s role and performance, so much awesome all around!


SBS Fri-Sat Drama The Fiery Priest Off to Rollicking Start After Two weekends — 3 Comments

  1. Haven’t seen Blood but Chief Kim is perfection and still one of my top for comedy. This writer has my kind of sense of humor. Guess I’ll add this to my list of dramas to check out.

    If rating does continue to go up it’s exciting to see a screenwriter who doesn’t write purely romance gain a good track record.

  2. Kim Nam Gil is simply rawking. I love gorgeous sexy man with that goofy sense humour. Funny Kim Nam Gil never disappoints. Love this drama.

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