J-viewer Poll on the Top Beauties of the Heisei 30-year Era Puts Kitagawa Keiko as Number 1

The week marked the start of the end of the 30-year run Heisei era in Japan with the announcement of the next era name of Reiwa, with the current Emperor abdicating and passing the throne to the Crown Prince. Heisei was preceded by Showa which remains the longest era in Japanese history of 63 years. Still, 30 years is quite an accomplishment and J-viewers were asked to mark the end of Heisei and pick their reigning J-beauties of those three decades span. Topping the poll is Kitagawa Keiko, a surprise pick to me, and less so the second vote getting Aragaki Yui and third place Ishihara Satomi. Keiko’s womanly and slightly exotic look is clearly a J-fave while Yui and Satomi really cement themselves as the standard for modern Japanese beauty in the 90’s and 2000’s. Check out the top 10 viewer voted list below and see if you agree.

  1. Kitagawa Keiko
  2. Aragaki Yui
  3. Ishihara Satomi
  4. Ayase Haruka
  5. Fukada Kyoko
  6. Ishida Yuriko
  7. Sasaki Nozomi
  8. Shibasaki Ko
  9. Kanno Miho, Sawajiri Erika
  10. Arimura Kasumi, Hirose Suzu


J-viewer Poll on the Top Beauties of the Heisei 30-year Era Puts Kitagawa Keiko as Number 1 — 12 Comments

  1. I thought the top two were Cecelia Cheung and Yoon Eun Hye at first glance. The last woman looks like Han Chae Young in that photo.

  2. I wonder if Maki Horikita would’ve made the list if she didn’t retire and disappear from the scene so thoroughly. Except for 10th place, all these women are older and so charismatic. Can’t see the bright young actresses replacing them in star or presence power yet.

  3. Inoue Mao, Horikita Maki and Nagasawa Masami are my favorites that didn’t make the list. I like their simple yet charming faces.

  4. Kitagawa Keiko is indeed deserving the title most beautiful.. She’s strikingly beautiful with those sharp features. I like her for always picking strong characters in many of her dramas and movies. She’s not the candy type so I admire her for personality rather her beauty.

  5. With plastic surgery, anyone can look like a star. How many Japanese and Chinese actors, both men and women have had work done? Some of these actors have the same looking noses.

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