Taiwan Supermodel Lin Chi Ling Marries Japanese Star Akira of EXILE

Wowsers, surprise weddings apparently comes in twos this week! TW-supermodel Lin Chi Ling is dominating the entertainment page today with the announcement of her marriage to Japanese singer-actor Akira (real name Kurosawa Ryohei) of the group EXILE. The bride is 44-years old and the groom 37, and the two have known each other since 2011 when they performed on the stage drama Red Cliff playing King and Concubine. Lin Chi Ling wrote a personal letter to fans explaining that relationship only turned romantic last year and the couple look forward to life together and expanding their family. She’s the final golden girl in Taiwan ent to get married after Shu Qi and Ruby Lin got married three years ago, not to each other lol but respectively to Stephen Fung and Wallace Huo. Congrats to Chi Ling jiejie and wishing her and Akira a beautiful life together!


Taiwan Supermodel Lin Chi Ling Marries Japanese Star Akira of EXILE — 6 Comments

  1. Congratulations to the couple!Lin Chi Ling is not only beautiful on the outside but also inside. She is a lot of people’s goddess.

  2. Yay happy for her! Especially after all the baggage that came with her relationship with Jerry. Wishing the happy couple a long happy marriage!

  3. Total surprise. I remember just reading an article she gave earlier this year that she was happy single and that there was nothing wrong with being single (in your 40’s). I admired her for speaking up on this since I am also in her situation (social pressure, expectations etc.) That said, I am happy she found a good partner and I wish them happiness.

    • Jerry can do what JC and XG aka SC did, find a partner that would pass as a she, but with a wooden stick. Lin Chi Ling could not change him. He has to want to change himself.
      Good on her to find a real man and move on with her life
      Congrats to the couple.

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