Puff Guo and Jasper Liu Go From Cute Real to Sizzing Reel in TW-drama Before We Get Married

It’s the second week of TW-drama Before We Get Married and boy am I conflicted. On one hand I am addicted beyond belief but on the other neither lead is a “good” character that makes me sympathetic to their complicated emotions. All I care about is seeing leads Puff Guo and Jasper Liu give in to their wild sexual chemistry and make out onscreen. It helps that their respective significant other characters in the drama are annoying as shit, the guy has his entire life mapped out including which day she can sleep over and they have sex, while his girl is a level 10 passive aggressive clinger who is selling his condo without his consent and planning their wedding without his input. Episode 2 was more of a slow burn in plot development made better by every scene between the leads, even when he’s being a sociopathic asshole and hoisting her on a balcony to freak her out. This is one drama that’s so wrong it’s kinda right to watch in a dirty satisfying way.


Puff Guo and Jasper Liu Go From Cute Real to Sizzing Reel in TW-drama Before We Get Married — 15 Comments

  1. You wrote out my thoughts exactly. I was so conflicted after the first episode because Jasper’s character especially has serious issues with his tendency to be overly aggressive being the one that bothered me most. However something about the story kept me watching. Probably morbid curiosity as to where this story is going. I definitely don’t see this as being a HE drama.

  2. Visually … I was actually ready to bail out in Ep 1.
    T Dramas cannot hold a candle to KDramas in general. Eye candy – less appealing. Voice-wise – it’s so shrill (or even guttural) s’times. And they can try too hard – like her friend roommate for eg.

    But yes the chemistry here is sooo good.
    Ep 2 even better than Ep 1 … as they flesh out the characters and it becomes more slice of life.

    Their partners are as irritating (metronome-rigid in her fiance’s case … and pretentious-shallow but so realistic of many social climbers out there.
    He’s a disturbing person … the stalking etc but it would be interesting to see WHY he’s like that.

  3. I agree, it’s so addicting to watch & with the second episode, I’m starting to feel a bit sympathetic towards Jasper’s character & want to know why he’s behaving in such a way. He’s s really good actor bc he can such an asshole one minute & charming the next when he’s sincerely apologizing to gww!

  4. I watched because of these 2 but the plot is so easy weird. I can’t work out if TW dramas have changed or what?

    The handcuffs and aggressive/ assault behaviour is hard to watch or excuse. No matter how awful your girlfriend is. Or what excites him.

    Her boyfriend is nuts as well. Even the OST or song in the beginning has all these sexual vibes.

    Did TW change?

  5. I’m pretty hooked. I think jasper’s Gf is really one heck of a passive aggressive girl – it was quite a twist that he looked really pained like he doesn’t know how to break out with her. Which is quite different from initially how much of a jerk he was portrayed to be – He looked awfully sad at some point. I like puff as well – both of them looked like they should all be better off without their respective partners.

    I suspect now it’s just physical attraction but soon they may find commonalities. I’ll give credit to puff – that Boyfriend is someone I will never date! Omg I mean he’s even controlling how much she spend when she’s out with her friends *seriously roll eyes* he’s a nice guy but they are obviously mismatched.

  6. Watching this too. I hate cheating dramas, but am weirdly hooked. I don’t understand why he won’t just break up with his gf? She seems to know he wants to too, cause when he started bringing something up she just starts talking about her mom.

    I hope the drama doesn’t have them staying with their significant other the whole time.

  7. I just want to commend Jasper’s acting in this show. He’ve improved so much over the years, his gaze acting especially. Director asked him to imagine himself like a hooligan to get into character, so Chu Kehuan is not supposed to be “good”, in fact he’s far from that. I really love this complex character even though I don’t condone his actions. The partners of the two leads are batshit irritating.

    Anyways, the drama is still beyond addictive. It’s #9 on weibo tv-drama ranking even without having any online platform in China. The discussion for this show is super high in Taiwan too.

    • I’m glad that this drama is doing well in both Mainland and Taiwan. I really enjoy watching this drama, even without sub. And i cant wait for this week episode.

      But seriously, why do they air a weekday drama only once a week? It’s a torture for God’s sake. And this drama will only have 13 episodes. It’s good that it wont be draggy.

      I hope, it’s not a sad ending kind of drama. At least, give us a proper ending.. Lols

  8. I just started watching Before We Got Married on Viki and I am loving it! The chemistry between Puff & Jasper is on fire! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea because it deals with mature themes, but I am so ready for a drama meant for adults that has a mature storyline and complex, layered characters. All 4 leads are a mixture of good and bad points, so I am excited to see where this story will go. After the 2nd episode, we have more insight into the current relationships of the main leads with their significant others and suffocating is a good word for it. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  9. Loving this drama was knot 100 present on broad at first episode didn’t quite like how Jasper character was written. I have so much respect for Jacper episodes 1 was a little hard. I continue to watch love the chemistry with him a Puff.?????

  10. This drama reflects how real life is and how we shldnt judge a person just by looking at them. Actually, some men became playboys because of their previous experiences and there are a lot of girls like Zhiyuan and men like Haoyi.

  11. I have never ever watch Taiwan series before and suddenly got this in my friend laptop and start watching episode 1.I didn’t knowing weather it will be interesting to me or not but since watching episode 2 I get to love it because I see resemblance of puff life story with mine.I develop strong interest in it and wishing when will puff love back Jasper and live as lover instead of their friendship.

  12. It was a good drama, totally addicted ND their acting is awesome. I watched the whole drama ND it’s awesome .it s good that they finally found themselves ND bravely faced it

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