K-actor Kim Seung Woo Reports Wife Kim Nam Joo Missing to Police, She’s Found at Hotel

There’s some real life drama in the land of the older marrieds and hopefully it’s something that will blow over. Veteran leading man Kim Seung Woo called the cops this week to report that his wife, leading lady Kim Nam Joo, was missing. She was located later at a hotel and her agency claims she was there with girlfriends and nothing was amiss and she’s surprised her hubby reported her missing. Netizens are predictably rolling their eyes at this excuse and assuming the married since 2005 couple had a big fight and she stormed out and he couldn’t find her. She’s back home now and both sides say all is well. They are parents to one boy and one girl and a bevy of acting awards and dramas/movies under their belt, so I hope they just had a very
“dramatic” argument and things have calmed down.


K-actor Kim Seung Woo Reports Wife Kim Nam Joo Missing to Police, She’s Found at Hotel — 6 Comments

  1. aww.. hoping it blows over. I loved her since I saw her in the Model drama — my very first Kdrama dubbed in Chinese(Cantonese) on the TVB channel.

    Well, he seems to love his wife enough to have the police look for her. 🙂

  2. Ha! The explaination seems so bogus. I wish she had just admitted they fought not that it was a misunderstanding.

    Makes me look back on a blind item a few years back that seemed to point to them. No confirmation or further info was released other than a ‘perfect’ entertainment couple that looks happy but is actually not. It could have been anyone but all clues lead to them with the woman always getting strong ajumma roles and it being the man’s 2nd marriage.

  3. Welll … I guess as long as she wasn’t found with a bf. 😉
    KSW’s prob got more to lose than her.

    His first wife Lee Mi-yeong – I liked as an actress in most movies I saw of her – Lee Mi-yeon
    Kim Nam-joo … saw her in Model back then, and other roles. Latest being Misty – where she totally rocked her role, with Ji Jin-hee. (wasted he’s married).

  4. Here blind item in 2015 about this couple.
    Considered the nation couple, anything but under the surface.
    This couple always maintained a positive image with the public for their various charitable deeds and their healthy relationship but it’s been found that they’ve have been living separately for years now and are merely acting for camera. The cause seems to be wife’s inability to cut contact with sponsor relationship she had since before the married. The man couldn’t hold back and watch them continue their relationship and even resorted the violence. Although they loathe each other now, they are reluctant to go through with divorced since their income relies on positive image couple with the public. (This man secondly married…the wife is know for getting a lot of work done. Also know for her role where she played though and determined ahjumma. So I didn’t surprised when this news come since a lot of “happy” nation couple in Korea entertainment acting for their image and money.

  5. This all probably pr stunt don’t believe with celebrity image you seen on TV they all fake. You now everything about money, income and CF.

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