Namgong Min Cast in Uplifting SBS Baseball Drama Stove League

I haven’t seen a baseball themed K-drama in years and oddly it might just work. Namgong Min has been cast as the male lead in upcoming SBS early winter 2019 K-drama Stove League set in the world of South Korean baseball. Baseball was the focus of Strike Love and also played a big role in Glory Jane (Man of Honor), and who can forget 9 End 2 Outs. In Stove League, Namgong Min plays the new manager/team captain of the bottom ranked baseball team sponsored by a pocketbook light small company. His track record in the past has successfully turned around many teams from winners to losers but this time his new team is a perennial loser. The drama deals with the ins-and-outs of professional baseball. It will air in November after Vagabond.


Namgong Min Cast in Uplifting SBS Baseball Drama Stove League — 5 Comments

    • Namgoong Min is probably not taking a rest now because he had a long hiatus before his career started to pick up with villain roles. He said that his hiatus was due to him rejecting lead roles to avoid being typecasted, but he said that the risk was worth it because now he can try a lot of diverse characters.

  1. Hey Captain Koala– Just a friendly reminder that his family name is Namgoong, not Namgong (as you usually spell it).

    A baseball-themed drama may be a refreshing change.

  2. There are still empty time slots left for this year? How come they haven’t finished casting 2019 drama when we are in July? Wasn’t RDTK 2 supposed to be in this slot?

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