MBC Webtoon Adapted K-drama Extraordinary You Gains Cult Viewership Loving the Youth Romance

I confess that this K-drama completely was not on my radar, pre-production or even a few weeks after it aired. But the word-of-mouth is impossible to ignore and now MBC Wed-Thurs drama Extraordinary You is a certified cult hit in both Korea and streaming in China. It’s a high school drama and romance with a twist – the female lead finds out she’s actually a side character in a manhwa titled Secret and wants to live her life not according to the panels. It’s like a sweet and cute version of W: Two Worlds. The cast are all a bunch of fresh faces with leads Kim Hye Yoon and Ro Woon along with Lee Jae Wook and Lee Na Eun. It’s been eons since there was a good high school crack drama, and some of the best ones remain classics like Boys Before Flowers and Dream High. I’m going to start watching soon and will report back on whether it satisfies my manga loving cravings.


MBC Webtoon Adapted K-drama Extraordinary You Gains Cult Viewership Loving the Youth Romance — 49 Comments

    • Yeah , I love hiw kim hye yoon potray dan oh and Iblove lee jae wook too , he totally made a new person from swee seol ji hwan in search:www to rude baek kyung in EY

  1. I see how people make a buzz with this drama, but every drama that airs right now always make a buzz in their early ep. My fav school drama is school 2013 and dream high.
    Im not into cheesy love story school drama, but I have nothing to watch, maybe will give this try.

    • This drama IS 12 episodes in I doubt that counts as early.this show no wherein my radar but I gave it a shot and binged 10 episodes in one sitting. Trust me it’s not a cheesy high school love story. The story is good and the cast just sell it all

    • It’s not cheesy. It’s good. I was sucked in as well accidentally. I am not even shipping any couple but just intrigued with the storyline.

      And the young cast is selling their characters. Good drama. Youth based or not. Good directing and lighting too.

  2. It is really good. It wasn’t on my radar either but I decided to pick it up and have not regretted it. The chemistry between the actors/actress is really good.

  3. I’m honestly surprised by the hype. People were raving it like it was a masterpiece and gave it high reviews. It’s good early on but isn’t revelational. The last few episodes lost steam and i’m afraid it is becoming like w:two worlds where it doesn’t answer many of the questions of the set-up or adequately explain the rules of how things come to be. And that frustrated me so much when I watched w:two worlds. I had to turn off my brain to continue watching that show.

    The main female lead went into full bipolar mode. Bright and loud and then becoming weepy and mopey so fast, she’s over the top but not in a good way. Also some of her recent actions are so ignorant and not nice, I understand why but at the same time, it’s aggravating seeing a character that was smart on the first few episodes to becoming illogical and losing her thinking marbles. Is it asking too much for Kdrama writers to keep their female characters consistently intelligent and proactive rather than lamenting and crying and putting themselves for every little obstacle they come across?

    It’s becoming the thing that it was parodying. It’s now a mix between the school drama series, heirs, and boys over flower.

    But it’s still a somewhat enjoyable crack. It’s good and bad for you mentally hahaha I think I’m mostly staying on this show for the second male lead, he’s the more interesting character.

    • mmm well i guess you didn’t exactly watch it right ? then you should know why the main female lead act like bipolar mode…what stage is and what shadow is…

    • What drama are you watching?? Female lead is acting illogical?? How?? She is acting according to the Manhwa when in stage which she hates but like herself in shadow.

    • I have to agree with the others, from what you are saying you are either fast forwarding and/or not getting the story. She’s not going into full bipolar mode because of inconsistency in her character as result from bad writing, it’s part of the setup and feels particularly jarring this week because she’s forced to act out being happy “on stage” when in reality she’s all torn up and depressed over the consequences her actions led to. Because those were some major consequences that warranted that kind of reaction from her, if she just brushed it off it would have been totally illogical. I do agree that the episodes this week lost a bit of steam, it certainly deviated entirely from the webtoon but also it felt like the heroine’s misery was dragged out a BIT too much. It was hard seeing her so down for two whole episodes even if there was good cause for it. I am looking forward to next week and I do hope we will get some answers to how things work, but even if we don’t get straight on answers the setup is not even near as complicated as “W – Two Worlds” so I think we will be fine. It may not be a masterpiece but it’s been a very long time since we got such a promising and fun youth drama, you’d have to go back to Dream High and School 2013. Heirs was just crap even though I finished it and I dropped Boys Over Flowers like a hot potato after the second episode back when it was airing for the first time (to this day I still don’t understand how that drama became so many people’s top favourite). Anyway we are halfway through EY so I just hope the second half will continue to be as awesome as the first half has been! 🙂

      • Hey friends, I’m not saying she is a bipolar character but that I’m suggesting she is acting like one, which is a hyperbolic description on my part. It’s like when we say that a certain actor is the most handsome actor in the world, but he’s not because that’s our subjective opinion.

        I read the webtoon. The dan oh in the drama and webtoon are completely different in tone. She’s more bright in the drama, while she’s more sad and melodramatic in the webtoon. Bk is not as violent and mean spirited, he’s more nonchalant in the webtoon.

        This week episodes, she dwell into her misery too with the haru incidents too much instead of being spunky in the first few episodes and she was not nice to haru although it wasn’t his fault but like I says before, I understand her reactions but it is aggravating. I’m not brushing off her reactions to the incidents but I think they’re too strong which gave me a whiplash. And it’s just my opinion. I don’t like some of the changes from the webtoon to the drama adaption because it took away some of the memorable scenes between the lead couples and it ruined the second male lead character.

        Thank you visesten for being kind and constructive with your words rather than outright being upset at me for having a different opinion ^^

    • I hate the female leads acting. She is super loud and OTT like some 90s actress even in the shadow. KHY is a very limited actress and I’m not surprised that all the top critics have panned this drama. The viewership for this is basically just teenagers who love cheesy pretty boy dramas. The only good thing about this drama is LJW.

      • The rating for EY is not high (at around 3-4%) but I don’t think just teenagers can contribute to this number. From reading the comments here who are liking this drama, I don’t think they sound like teenagers. This drama is not cheesy. I don’t think you know the story at all.

      • Yo candy cane if someone thinks something is cheesy, let them be. It does not make them wrong or right. And if u think it’s not cheesy, it’s up 2 u. It doesn’t make u wrong or right either. It doesn’t make them “know or not know” a story.

        It’s a good show but not for everyone.

        @ heal the super loud acting in a negative way reminds me of the actress in she was pretty and lucky romance…. 2 much but not as bad.

      • I don’t agree at all! KHY is one of the reason everybody like this drama. She has a lot of energy and she’s killing this role. Her character is so fun! She’s not the boring FL who is shy. She’s spunky! The way she can act two characters in the same time is very good, the way she goes from crying to being normal or laughing is pretty hard to do, but she did it very naturally. Her role is not an easy one.

      • Yo Kin. There is no accusation of “wrong or right” in my comment. I never indicated True or False in @Heal’s answer, nor was it a closed end question to begin with. Stick your nose somewhere else as I smell foul in your comment.

      • @candy cane
        U need to sit inside an ice box and chill. U are questioning someone’s intelligence by saying “you don’t know the story at all” because they have an opinion u disagree with. Relax like snorlax, get angry at things that matter.

      • @Kin – I am not the only one saying someone does not know the story. There is no need to lecture me when there are more people you can save. I just want you to know that you have misread my comments like some do. You fail in my reading test.

      • All top critics have panned……..where’d you get that, really I am curious….I’ve seen only positive articles on Nate or Naver….I get that you for whatever reason dislike Hye Yoon but anybody who has seen her cameo in Goblin or Tunnel or seen her in Sky Castle knows that she can be a lot of things, limited actress is not one of them.

      • I need to agree with these other replies:
        If these drama doesn’t lose steam in the upcoming episodes, it will be a huge hit!
        And not only teenager watching it! I’m being one of these older viewers ?

        I watch it online on Viki (hello from Europe ✌️) and I love it! Based on the amount of commenting there this drama is already a huge success in all regions available!
        The actors are all great but especially the female lead is rocking it! ?
        So far the storyline is unique and as a drama/manga lover it is fun to watch how the drama deconstructs the classics ( most of all BoF)! It’s hilarious! ?
        Can’t wait for the next episodes!

    • I agree. To its credit, I think the directing and writing are pretty consistent, but it’s getting annoying that despite making fun of the cliches in the manhwa couple (Namjoo and Juda), they’re also using a lot of cliches for the drama couple (Haru and Danoh). There are too many falling-into-each-other scenes for the latter, and the drama making them get into each others’ faces and making it some big romantic moment with sweeping music and slow-mo is getting cringe-worthy. And now they seem to be some sort of star-crossed lovers from another manhwa?

      I’ve been reading the webtoon, and despite being more invested in the drama version, I’m starting to dislike the changes they made to the story. The manhwa couple and Dohwa are much better in the webtoon. The romance is actually believable, and I don’t know how they’ll make Dohwa’s backstory and secret as poignant in the drama. The biggest travesty is what they did to Baek Kyung. They made him too much of a jerk, and the violence is unnecessary. I’m starting to think it’s because Haru is boring in the webtoon, so the drama writers are doing all they could to prop him up at the expense of Baek Kyung’s character. Which is a shame since in the webtoon, Danoh and Baek Kyung are good friends despite stage Baek Kyung being cold to stage Danoh and her crush for him. Even shadow Danoh understands why stage Danoh loved him for so long. Funnily enough, despite the writers trying to destroy his character, he’s still the most interesting and compelling to me in the drama.

      • Well said. Bingo, I really think that’s what they are trying to do to BK character. They’re trying to make him super unlike-able. What doesn’t make sense to me was if they were already going to make certain big changes from the webtoon to drama adaption, they could had easily written Haru more interesting in the drama and had two compelling male interests for Dan oh to be surrounded with. They already uodated Dan-oh by making her more active and spunky in the drama, they could had alter Haru as well.

      • Watching this drama and reading the comments here and on Viki I‘m actually happy that I didn’t read the webtoon beforehand. Gives the opportunity to watch it without any expectations and/or bias.
        Seeing the struggle of the readers with the drama I‘m now definitely waiting with the webtoon until the last episode was aired.
        And I agree:
        BK is at the moment the more interesting character in comparison to Haru.

  4. I love this drama and patiently waiting to see when will it be feature in your blog.
    This is a very well written script and the casts fit into their role perfectly.

    I am hooked after every single episode and it says a lot because I am the type that will wait for the shope series to complete before watching.

  5. Yet to start watching this drama. Definitely will check this one out.

    Anyway, just to mention that another recent youth school drama that is also good is “Love Alarm” .

      • Yes, I know but it’s more recent compare to the ones Koalas mentioned that are Dream High and BBF (though i dont agree with this crap BBF) and it came between those classics until EY.

      • BBF is no where near the quality of J-drama Hana Yori Dango. Yes, the K-drama BBF is crap. Both leads are mediocre. LOL.

      • I’m watching it since it started and i think it interesting . it’s not just a teen drama. it makes me think about what some writers say , sometimes during the writing process they let the characters grow themselves even if it wasn’t their intention. For exemple, when i was young i read The Francesca Cahill’s novel and one character who was supposed to be “an extra” became the hero. Brenda Joyce , the writer, fell in love with this character and she changed the hero. i don’t know if you will understand what i mean ( thanks to my very poor english) . @Candycane , i agree with you Hana yori Dango is above BOF , even Meteor garden ! And i bet that you know my fav teen drama … Goong with YEH !!!

  6. I read the webtoon and loved it so I have been anticipating this adaption with some trepidation but the show has been crazy good from the start and it was interesting to see what changes they did from the webtoon. This week they really deviated from the webtoon storyline so now I have no idea where we are headed but I trust we are in good hands! I see lots of potential! I am so happy to hear that it’s gaining popularity too, totally deserves it!

  7. I like the girl as I’m impressed with her performance in the sky castle. She has lots of potential in the future. EY is a fun and new fresh drama to watch.

  8. Like others has commented, it’s not a masterpiece but it’s getting rare to see such a fun and intriguing drama. Can’t wait to see what happens next !

  9. Honestly, at first I thought it was a very cute and funny drama with a lot of romantic moments. But there are a lot of details that made it better.

    For the last 2 episodes, I don’t agree that the FL was no more smart or bipolar. She tried and lost her hope and the boy she was fallin in love with. I mean it’s easy to say to be smart… And there were a lot of other things that happened.

    It’s my favourite current drama for now!

  10. This drama is not meant to be a masterpiece but it has a strong beating heart. Also raises some good points about existence without free will. Kim Hye Yoon, Rowoon, Lee Jae Wook are absolutely brilliant playing their parts as the extra main trio. Add to that Jung Gun Joo and Lee Tae Ri who are endearing and excellent in their roles. Naeun and Kim Young Dae are on the sideline for now but are holding it quite well. The biggest plus point for the show is the cast. From leads to supporting role, everyone fits their roles more than well and act well. Yes the drama is doing things differently than the webtoon but than agaim, I don’t mind. As long as they don’t (God Forbid) pull a Cheese in The Trap or W: Two Worlds on me, I am fine.

    • No no no…don’t jinx the show by bringing up cheese in the trap……….. it was so good in the beginning and then the writer went nutty and derailed that show with good potential. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh please don’t be the same with ey.

  11. Also loving this drama. It wasn’t on my radar at all and just happened to see it and I binged through all the episodes. Now the agonizing wait for real time episodes to come out.

  12. I love this drama and the scene when haru pulled dan oh’s bag made my hear dugum dugum..lols.

    It’s not cheesy. I swear. It’s just lovely and adorable.

    Those boys are very handsome but the female lead is a win for me. Her acting is really good.

  13. @candycane

    It doesn’t make u right if others say it. 4 reals that’s yr comeback? Sorry for failing yr reading test, but u fail at being respectable and kind test. People have the right to disagree, so I stand up for those people. I would stand up for u too if others attack u for having a different opinion as long as it’s expressed kindly.

    • Seriously, for those who knows the story and/or have read the webtoon, this drama is NOT cheesy. Not at all! I am not a kind person, never was and never pretend to be. So don’t tell me to be kind if you don’t perceive me to be. I can tell you have a pre-conceived idea already. If one cannot take my bluntness, too bad. This drama is NOT cheesy whatsoever. Whatever diplomatic (or faked) way of expressing the same setiment, I will leave it with you. You are the only one who mentions “wrong or right”. I don’t care who is wrong or right, but DO NOT TWIST my words. I never said that someone is wrong or right, you did. You do not command my respect when you stuck your long nose in in the first place.

      • @candycane

        First of all. That’s yr opinion. Not everyone is going to see something the same way. So relax.

        Second of all, you reveal a huge character deficit. This is a first to see someone boast about not being kind. if you know you’re not kind, then work on it. This world doesn’t revolve around u. You’re not the only human living in this world.

        It’s very arrogant of u to call out people flaws and then proudly flaunt your flaws and basically say, I’m blunt, deal with it. If you’re not a teenager or younger, it’s almost inexcusable. I see your comments on others posts on this site, and you have the tendency to overreact and grill other people who doesn’t align with your thinking.
        You are one of the reasons why people like celebs harm themselves because you don’t care if your words hurt or not. You only care about winning an argument.

        For someone who doesn’t care who’s wrong or right, you seem to react so extreme to people who disagree with you in many of your posts on this blog.

        Exhibit A “This drama is not cheesy whatsoever”
        Ummmmmmmmm. Okay…… you’re still arguing about this because you want to be right…..

        I don’t ask for your respect, I ask for you to respect others and to learn how to temper your words.

        It’s our business as human beings to stick together against actions we see wrong. When we see something wrong and don’t say or do anything about it, that’s just bad.

      • @Kin- LOL. You are the one who overreacts. I do not need your lecture. I am only a k-drama watcher here. Go teach your children instead ??????

      • @candycane

        Teach ‘my kids? I’m a student.

        It’s a sad life to be so indifferent. I sincerely wish that you have people in your life who cares for you genuinely and aren’t indifferent to you like how you are to others. Life is challenging, so peace be with you~

      • I am sure there is a lot more you need to learn than to analyze me and my comments on other posts. Students can have children as long as you are at reproductive age. Your logic does not make sense just like your long message directed to me. I can understand you are trying to be kind to hopefully change me but no thank you, not at this site.

      • My belief is “when I am wronged by a stranger like you twisting my words, saying I wrote or meant something while I did not, that’s just bad if I don’t say or do anything about it”. Your accusation cannot be taken lightly to avoid myself getting harmed by malicious words from your readings of my comments on other posts which I have no need where you are coming at. My hugh character deficit cannot handle your constant bullying so be kind to me before I explode.

  14. I just plain love it, warts and all. You have FIVE good-looking guys whose acting hasn’t irked me yet, they’re pretty good even if I haven’t seen any of them act before except for Lee Jae Wook. Kim Hye Yoon is hilarious. Sometimes I get whiplash, because they can go from intense emotions to comical in a flash. I hope the show maintains in quality. My crack drama now and I haven’t had one in ages!

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