Namgong Min Brings the Seasoned Intensity in First Stills for SBS Drama Stove League

I’m a big sports fan in the Big Three for me: American football, basketball, and baseball, but even I had to look up what stove league was referring to. The title Stove League for the upcoming K-drama about baseball references the name hot stove league which denotes the off-season of baseball with images of the fans and players gathering around a hot stove in the winter since baseball’s season is spring through early fall. Pretty cool if you ask me, but the drama is about a last place baseball team looking for a turnaround and the artist to bring that about is the character played by Namgong Min. I love this dude, ever since he was playing supporting and second male leads he was always compelling. He’s been main leads for a few years not but I haven’t always loved his dramas. But a drama with Namgong Min looking this smexy and baseball is a must watch for me, even if it’s airing during the dog days of cold December.


Namgong Min Brings the Seasoned Intensity in First Stills for SBS Drama Stove League — 4 Comments

  1. Namgoong Min is one of my favorite actors, but I will wait until it finished and binge watch all episodes, because it’s on notorious SBS ?

  2. How many shows he does every year lol. But good actor and isn’t much expensive for the channel like other top ones. He got famous late in jis late 30s . Thats incredible

  3. I’m really interested in this and excited about what NGM will bring. I’m tired of serial killers, detectives, lawyers, and doctors. Romcoms aren’t what they used to be either. Hopefully if any romance is introduced it is minimal.

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