Jang Ki Yong to Hold First Fan Meeting and Confirmed for K-drama Youth Record with Park So Dam

It’s nice to see a rising actor vault to the level of being able to hold a fan meeting and such is the case with Jang Ki Yong. I, and probably many drama viewers, noticed him playing the rough baddie in My Ahjusshi because he was so awful and hot at the same time lol. He’s since gone on to leading and supporting roles in Kill It and Search: WWW and next up will be as the male lead opposite Park So Dam in the K-drama Youth Record. It’s set in the modeling industry and goodness is the casting spot on with this young man. Before diving into drama filming he’ll be holding his 1st fan meeting in Seoul so congrats to that and looking forward to see how hism 2020 will turn out acting-wise.


Jang Ki Yong to Hold First Fan Meeting and Confirmed for K-drama Youth Record with Park So Dam — 9 Comments

  1. Definitely on top of my to-watch list. Before I have asked PSD not to do kdrama bcoz I don’t want her talent to be wasted (like in all her previous dramas with weak male leads). But now with JKY, I change my mind. They will be great together, acting (more her, but he can act too) and visual (more him, but she is cute & unique), I like both of them ?

  2. I liked his role in Go Back Couple. And was impressed that he accepted a dark minor role in My Ahjusshi. His cameo, a parody of DOTS famous scene, in Touch your Heart was a hoot. I haven’t watch Come and Hug Me, which I heard was good but depressing. He’d been pretty busy with Search:WWW, Kill it and even a movie. Maybe this drama with Park So Dam would click with the Korean and international audience.

  3. Looking forward to any projects from him. I became a fan after WWW. Before WWW, I did notice him as the complicated baddie in My Ajusshi, but I’d not imagine that he would be leading man material with such a sweet smile.
    Since then, I have gone back to watch older dramas Come and Hug Me, Go Back Spouses and Kill It, and enjoyed every drama. I don’t do this often for any actor, I caught the fan bug hard for him.

  4. He’s going places and he deserves it! And he’ll be paired with PSD no less! I can’t wait to see the two talented leads onscreen and I’m hoping that the script does them justice!

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