Yoo Ah In Celebrates Good Friend Song Hye Kyo’s Birthday

K-actress Song Hye Kyo celebrated her 38th birthday on November 22, or 39 in Korean age since you are 1 at birth. There are two high profile congrats on her birthday, the more personal one is celebrating with good friend and same label mate Yoo Ah In. She got an amazing bouquet of white roses from him and a shout out of “Long Live the Queen” caption on his Instagram. Her fans also bought a electronic billboard in Times Square New York to wish her a happy birthday, which was apparently a first for a Korean star to get a birthday billboard in that high profile and very expensive location. I hope she had a great birthday, it was a hard year but time goes on and next year is another fresh start.


Yoo Ah In Celebrates Good Friend Song Hye Kyo’s Birthday — 18 Comments

    • Yea, I love that too. This year it seems the fan make it big to fully support her. Imagine to receive happy birthday wishing on a very standout billboard in NYC Time Square, and she is the first korean celebrity to receive that, her fandom is very very big, and rich and supportive.
      She looks very happy and blooming.

      • Yes. And Knetz also praised the fans for their loyalty to SHK. Most of them have probably been with her since AIMH and FH so that’s why she’s really thankful.

  1. Asians colouring their blond is such a NO NO and seems such a wannabe white appropriation for whoever who gets it done. And I’m an Asian saying this, before the comments backlash begins.

    • Never heard of “white appropriation”….it’s always “cultural” which normally is overused as well. No backlash, it just doesn’t seem something to get upset about since people change hair color all around the world on a whim. I recommend staying away from the blond because it is so harsh on the hair. Always feel bad for the k-pop idols whose scalps have got to be a mess.

  2. She is defining drama actress of her gen ( jjh is more of movie star ) . Really 2 decades at top and still remains most popular in korea as well as outside . She was personally photographed by chanel head karl lagerfeld or something. The prestigious gallup poll had her n jjh in top 10 of stars.. and now she is going to successfully start her 3rd decade at top. Cant believe autumn in my heart was in 2000 which made her a superstar. Longevity is insane! I wish won bin had the same motivation like her n ssh.. miss him. Congrats n happy bday. I hope u complete one more decade at top

  3. I really adore the loyalty of her fans. Most of them have been with her for almost 20 years since Autumn in My Heart. Like Kyo, they kept a low profile and supports her quietly throughout the years. And when it matters such as a difficult time for kyo this year, they go all out all over the world to shower her their love, impliedly telling her to keep going- she got their backs. This act inspires us to spread love and positivity rather than hate. Happy Birthday Song Hye Kyo!

  4. Hope she finds the genuine love and happiness she deserves. I’m happy that she is supported by good friends such as Yoo Ah In

  5. I love how She updating her Ig, appreciated all her fans love. It make her reachable and closer to her fans.
    Anyway actor fanbase reaching idol now. PSJ and PBG fans did the same thing too. Thats an upgrade for actor.

  6. Eureka! Just loving the two of them smiling for the camera. Solid friendship and happiness yep that’s what counts. However YAI looks so different with the blonde buzz cut SHK gorgeous as always.

  7. It was a roller coaster ride since AIMH but we are always here for you. We were captivated by your angelic beauty and buckets of tears since Autumn tale but its ur personality that kept us until now.Wishing u nothing but the best..Continue to slay, queen!!!

  8. I love YAI, but that hair color looks terrible on him and quite tacky. I hope he changes it soon. I’m glad he’s there to support his friend, though I wonder how he navigates the middle ground since he was friends with both SJK and SHK way before thier marriage. They all seem like mature adults, so I’m sure that they will be respectful of each other’s choices. Happy Birthday SHK!

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