TW-actor Ming Dao’s Older Brother Kills Wife and Son Before Committing Suicide to Escape Debt

What a terrible news to start off the new year, and my condolences to the family. TW-actor Ming Dao‘s older brother was discovered over the weekend dead, committing suicide by hanging from a tree beside a popular temple in the outskirts of Taipei. Nearby the police found the bodies of a woman and ten year old boy, later confirmed to be the wife and son of the deceased man. An identity check revealed the man to be actor Ming Dao’s older brother who was known in the industry as constantly borrowing money and telling the loan sharks that his famous younger brother would repay it. I’m angry the older brother killed his family as well since the debt is his own problem but sadly this is quite a known phenomenon of the family annihilator. Ming Dao’s agency has released a statement asking for privacy and his family grieves.


TW-actor Ming Dao’s Older Brother Kills Wife and Son Before Committing Suicide to Escape Debt — 23 Comments

  1. I feel bad for Ming Dao and his family. Condolences for them, and may the wife and kid rest in peace.

    I have no sympathy for the guy for killing his wife and kid. That is just an utter despicable thing to do.

  2. My condolences to the actor and his family.

    Am utterly horrified the man murdered his wife and son. His debts are his debts. But to murder… * speechless.* My heart breaks thinking about the child that’s all.

    • Mine too :/ what kind of parent murders their own child….and there are legal ways to sever relations so that debt doesn’t end up getting passed on but the selfish father chose to kill his child instead.

  3. Condolonce to Ming Dao amd family.

    He has spoken over the years of how he had to pay his bro’s debt due to his gambling addiction. In fact, two or three of his drama presscons were crashed by creditors because his brother kept telling them that Ming Dao would settle it for him. Imagine the humiliation and sufferings not caused by himself but by his selfish brother.

    What a tragic loss on innoncent lives.

    • It breaks my heart hearing this. Ming Dao & his brother grew up poor and he worked his ass off to pay off every debt from his family since he was 18. He clearly love and respected his brother, and unfortunately his brother’s greed and addiction costed him a lot. The brother horribly misused Ming Dao’s fame, and yet he’s still kind to his family and was still the main financial support for them.

  4. I cut off all communication with my older brother for the same reason. Financial dependence on us. But what’s unforgivable was,when he throw my older sister under the bus just to save his ass and family. Yeah, story of our family life. I learn one thing in this Family issue Family is not about blood.
    A person who brings you down is not family at all.

      • I am in shock and heartbroken hearing this as Míng Dao is such a good son and brother. His brother is so selfish! Why did he need to kill his wife and son? They are innocent! I feel so bad for his wife and son, Ming Dao and his parents. I bet his parents are devastated too. His family was very poor and always relied on him. I hope he and his parents stay strong during this tough time. Hope they can get through this and be happy from now on as Míng Dao and his parents seem like such wonderful people.

    • #neyan on. Family is not necessarily always those connected to us by blood. Ming Dao could have been killed or hurt due to the reckless, selfishness of this brother in the past. Ming Dao even paid for his wedding and gave him a home to live and this is what he did. He has condemned the Lin family to a live of pain and heartbreak with his actions. It is going agonize his parents and brother for the rest of their lives what he did to his family and then himself. I won’t be surprised if this eventually take the parents to their graves as they are elderly and not so strong anymore. Ming Dao is a very sensitive man and he will never be the same again. Too bad you have an older brother who does not care who he tosses out to appease his own selfish life. Just live your life the best you can and be there for those relatives who need you and appreciate you.

  5. Too sad and when family members leech off the hard earned work of a celebrity and in turn they become a major blight and embarrassment. My Thoughts and prayers are with Ming Dao during this time. I read an article about Anita Mui highly revered HK pop Diva and what her mother and brother did with her earnings when she was alive and now that she has passed they are to this day still bludging of her estate. Why can’t families love and respect their own regardless and not emotionally and mentally abuse them as in the above cases.

    • @Rainie, you are tripping. Who is Ethan Ru? What does this Ethuan Ru has to do with this family tragedy? I know a Taiwanese actor called Ethuan Ruan and this has Nothing to do with him. You are confused.

    • #Trinie I am sorry for responding to you. My phone is not working right. It us all over the place and it is putting in names and words that I don’t want in. In my hurry, I’m not checking before I post. Again my apologies.

      • It is ok and we are all sad hearing about Ming Dao’s tragedy. I have always liked him and knew he was a good son and brother. This is just so sad and I have been many tragic events in my life so I know how he is feeling. I feel so bad for him and his parents. His parents lost not just a son, but a daughter in law and grandson too. His parents are so elderly so I truly worry for them too as it will hurt them mentally which will affect their physical health too. I am just devastated and speechless. Hope he and his parents will stay strong.

  6. This is awful! My heart goes out to the family. How bad could debts be to justify killing one’s wife and child? How horrible!

  7. …..he murdered his wife and child? I’m speechless at the evil of this, to do this over money (that by the sound of it, was a self-created issue from his days of leeching off his brother).

    May his poor wife and child rest in peace, and my condolences to Ming Dao and his family.

  8. @Dick Johnson- Shoe is on the other foot though. Actually you are funny so much so I split my sides over the hilarity of it. Damn you need your own 1 hour comedy Netflix special to harness all that raw talent Dick! Don’t forget to credit KP and moi. Yours truly GC x

    • Of course you had to come back. So transparent. You are not making Mr hold my breath at all. Next comment. I don’t Eddie Murphy, Will Smith or Martin Lawrence when I have you. We are having a laugh at you. I will continue to make laughter at your expense.

      • @Dick Johnson Adieu farewell because Mz Koala pulled our comments due to your dry replies and your English is nonsensical. It’s Dave Chappell, Kevin Hart and Chris Rock get with it you’re so yesterday so bye bye Felicia. ??

      • @Dick Johnson You know Worldstar is calling you aye? Cos you’re legendary with one shot remarks. Do you look anything like your name Dick? Cos she sure act like one.

  9. @Sick and Ginger. This is not the time and place to sling slurs and insults at each other. Sick, you are fierce and insulting and I get the impression you are enjoying insulting ginger. Ginger, you did start the snide remarks suggesting about getting knickers twisted or something to that effect. If you respect each other, respect that Ming Dao and his parents just list a son and brother, a grandson and nephew and a sister/ daughter- in- lau, under very disturbing and grievous circumstances. Be adults with an ounce o common sense and compassion and stop this. I find it very offending.

  10. Dick, I must apologise I am at work and the laptops here have a mind of their own I hope you do understand when I say I did not mean in any way to spell your moniker in such a manner I am awfully sorry. Please stop the charade of insults, you are above that, I sincerely hope

  11. #Teddywong, I am sorry for offending you . It stops here. You are right, this is about the Lin family and their tragedy. Again I apologise if I offended you. No offence taken man.

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