Ishihara Satomi is the Cutest Pharmacist for J-dorama Unsung Cinderella

I find J-actress Ishihara Satomi great in procedurals and she’s coming back this Spring with a new Fuji TV dorama called Unsung Cinderella. It’s based on a same name manga and her character visuals looks sooooo much like the manga character it just reinforces how crazy pretty she is in real life. It’s the story of a hospital pharmacist who takes her job above and beyond just mixing pills based on doctor diagnosis and prescription. She spends time with patients personally to offer up even more targeted treatments and gets flack from her colleagues. Sounds like the world’s best pharmacist to me, and a way to get this role to have more agency and interaction than behind the counter grabbing pill bottles. Count me in!


Ishihara Satomi is the Cutest Pharmacist for J-dorama Unsung Cinderella — 14 Comments

    • Her acting in Heaven is amazing. Totally different image than this pharmacist look. Story is a bit crazy but it’s typical Japanese humor if you can enjoy that. Hope your sub version will be available soon. I have been watching a lot more J-dramas than K in the past year… and I will look forward to watching this pharmacist drama 🙂

    • @candycane Heya sis! Where have you been hiding, missed you on the KP postings. Anyway me too as I’m watching more J dramas lately but they’re killing me because the sub versions are not as frequent as K dramas so I’m at the beck and call and waiting and hoping for the next subbed episode to drop. My Natsuzora has a 2 month wait and I started Love lasts forever and I’m paying the price because it seems like I’m waiting forever. Anyways hope you are well and start dropping in on more posts. Oh and yes definitely love Ishihara Satomi ❤️.

      • Hello my friend. I am still reading posts here on KP, but some comments have been quite nasty and too crazy lately… J-drama is only one episode per week, it is a long wait to be honest.

  1. Wow. Hospital pharmacist being the main theme for an Asian drama? Nice! I’ll definitely check it out, if not to compare how the pharmacists work in Japan to compare with how my colleagues and me work in Sweden then for the sake of Satomi. She is so cute and charming.

  2. Here is the US, pharmacists who specialize (complete 1 to 2 yrs of residency) often round with the doctors and manage certain therapies directly themselves. Although I work in an office based pharmacy setting, I’m excited to see this show!

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