KBS Mon-Tues Reincarnation Drama Born Again Gets Low Ratings Opposite to High Level of Story Stupidity

I can’t believe Jang Ki Yong passed on Record of Youth for this drama Born Again, because even if Youth fails and isn’t that good it cannot be as totally and wholly stupid as Born Again hahahah. This drama is so awful and yet it’s awful enough that its entertaining to watch, I can’t explain why logically just that I wanted to keep watching. Maybe it’ll be even unintentionally funnier as a drunk watch, I dunno. Jin Se Yeon is her most Jin Se Yeon-y self, really textbook 101 acting like she’s in a classroom and both male leads were saddled by being lovelorn characters in the previous life so I can’t even take them seriously now in the reincarnated modern world. Ratings have been bottom of the barrel, episode 1 got 3.7% and 4.1% and the most recent episode 3 took in only 2.8% and 3.5%. The only thing truly twisty is if the two men switched bodies in their reincarnated life, and even better if all three switched and now Jin Se Yeon is playing Lee Soo Hyuk heh.


KBS Mon-Tues Reincarnation Drama Born Again Gets Low Ratings Opposite to High Level of Story Stupidity — 34 Comments

  1. I get it. The writing is so messy , but somehow I keep watching it and it does get better especially when the 80’s characters die.

  2. It actually is starting to pick up at around episode 4. The past story line was just so bad…its not epic enough to justify their ties to the present which is a shame because their present dynamic is actually better and in itself could be a good stand alone show with slight modifications here and there.

    • i really wanted to watch this for the male leads but decided not to because of the FL. since shes one of the leads, it wokd be inpossible to skip all the scenes. Instead, i decided to watch other drama

      She Cant act, smh. why does she keep on getting lead roles and shes working non stop.

  3. This show looked too stupid for me- and I watched Manhole, y’all. I try to watch Jang Ki Yong… but he makes it hard by picking shows like this.

  4. I feel that without Jin Se Yeon’s character, the drama would at least be a not-so-well-written crime drama. But with JSY’s character, I just don’t understand what the point of the drama is.

  5. Im the minority in here. I really like this drama. I mean, we got a bunch of stupid stories and nonsense plot.. but Jang Kiyoung’s acting was super super awesome. I mean, after watching the flat acting in The King, JKY and LSH’s acting totally convinced me to continue watching it. It might be not having a good story, but even JSY’s acting is better than KGE. Well, i said this not bcuz i hate LMH or KGE, this pure my opinion after watching both dramas.

    I’ve watched this bcuz of their acting instead of the storyline. Well, yeah, it’s preference. Lol. It got better on ep 3, hopefully will get higher on ep 4.

    • Jin Seyeon is better actress??! Are you watching the same show as I am, or are you watching through rose tinted glasses?

      Jin Seyeon couldn’t even act in pain when she died in ep 2. Robots can show emotions than her.

      • i know that KGE is not good in the King; she isnt her best. but to say that JSY acting is better than KGE makes me laugh. but as you say, its all about preference
        JSY is the worse K drama actress that ive ever watched. she does not improve. some viewers just learned how to tolerate her acting. lol

      • Chill…

        @Paige I said it’s preference and this is my opinion. Watching it through tinted glasses or black glasses or whatsoever glasses, this one is my opinion. It’s like i said Bigbang is the best kpop band, but some others said BTS. So, it depends on one’s perspective.

        @joane i said in this drama she’s better. I got tired of KGE’s repetitive acting both in goblin and now in the king. But i didnt say she’s a bad actress but in the king, she didnt give her best.

        For me, kge is a better actress from her portfolio, but in the king, i got disappointed. While for jsy, even tho i know she was a robot actress before, but in my EYES she improves in this drama.

    • i agree,, there might still be hope in the next episodes (im on 6th).. i had to finish this coz of Jang Ki Yong (i loved him at Come and Hug Me)

  6. I like it so far and the mystery keeps me intrigued. As i’m not bored while watching. Will history repeat itself? cause i don’t think JB is the killer, he’s gonna be misunderstood again. And i also want to see if my otp will remain. The tension between Sabin and Soohyuk was so palpable it give me hopes that they’re the same. This drama doesn’t lack of cliché but it works for me somehow ^^

      • yea at some points i had a doubt too, especially when Hyungbin said that his ‘father’ was dead 15rs ago, and the last scene when he stabbed HB. I thought if his father was just his hallucination all along? but then there was the car scene and in next ep preview, looks like JB met the woman who worked for his father back then.

      • somehow my comment didn’t show up. I have some doubt too, that his father was just his hallucination and he indeed murdered those women. esp at the last scene where he stabbed HB. But then there was the car scene and the next ep JB will meet the woman who worked for his father back then?

      • Yes, i havent watched ep 4, tonight it airs in kbs world, im waiting. But then, i found the 2 male characters were crazy lol. I think, ji cheol was the murderer. Maybe he got split personality disorder? But seriously, JKY’s acting as Ji cheol convinced me to watch it. He didnt need any dialogue to describe how fragile his character.

        I’ve watched another drama with stiff acting, zero chemistry and dull plot, but then, that’s my preference. I’ve watched many dramas so i dont want to waste my time on bad dramas. Hopefully this drama gets better.. no warranty that i’ll finish this drama but at least, so far, this one is my fave beside hospital playlist and also find me in your memory.

      • Before this week ep i thought there’d be a soul swapping as there was some hint, but after ep4 i hope/think there isn’t one. Liking Soohyuk more and more, JB is a mystery, his actions are suspicious but i’m sure there’s more to his story and he isn’t simply murderous as it seems.
        lol I don’t watch many dramas these days. Sometimes i check the 1st ep and for this reason or other it makes me want to watch more i’ll do it. and if next week it’s on my mind i’ll check the next eps. Other times it just doesn’t hold my interest enough i’ll just forget about it. Many times my taste isn’t of the majority choice lol but who cares. Many many hates JSY, but i’ve been watching her dramas, her last sageuk was very good too. I’ve given up to try to understand the hate for her ^^, bad acting? i’ve seen worse and so far she has great chemistry with her co-stars and her character doesn’t bother me and the plot is intriguing enough so yup gonna keep watching ^^

      • You pointed it well, chemistry. I was so surprised to see jsy had good chemistry with the boys. One of the reasons why i should keep watching this drama. Exactly, so many worst actresses and i didnt expect her to be a ‘better’ actress in this drama but she did it. Im not a fan of a certain actress, so my opinion isnt bcuz im being biased or else.

        I literally have a lot of dramas on my plate. Especially Cdramas.

      • Ps : just watched ep 4 and jsy’s acting at the end of ep 4 buahhahaha… she was… lols… she got better except for emotional situation. Lol

  7. I watched the two first episodes and it was a hard pass from me. What an utter train wreck! I really like the actors and I was prepared to stomach Jin Seyeon’s bad acting, but the story is beyond stupid and feels more like a recipe on how to fail spectacularly. I also don’t see how Jin Seyeon keep getting casted when she doesn’t improve as an actress… it’s always cringeworthy.

  8. I want to watch the drama too . But wait!!Is Lee Soo Hyuk playing the second lead again. I badly want to see him play a lead role and get the gal?..I fell in love with his voice..that baritone?..omoww.. Seriously don’t know when he will get a major role cause nowadays even rookie flower boys are getting lead roles despite not having an ounce of acting in their blood.

    • Same thoughts…That is the only reason bothering me .I wanted to watch it due to LSH only.And I don’t care about JSY’s acting. If I can endure her in Doctor Stranger then why not here..But but… Doctor Stranger had Kang So Ra..?..So I may not be able to survive this drama with LSH being evil and no KSR to save the grace.

      • yeah.. Doctor Stranger had three excellent actors in LJS, Kang Sora and Park Haejin – completely cancelled out the terrible healing acting of JSY.

      • @ baka totally agreed. The other three were superb. I can’t tell how disappointed ?I was after knowing JSY’s character survived and will surely unite with LJS..

      • @May

        agree, I watched the trailer and I was like “is LSH the bad guy again?”
        he is the only reason I am interested and I may wait till it end.

        I don’t even care if it JSY, I grew fond after watching her in saeguk, at least she isn’t as bad as she was in modern drama, even if this one is modern

      • @Tnminews I don’t think he’s evil evil. His methods might not be right but he has right principles. He wants to keep those criminal roaming free, hurting more people. JB is surely misunderstood, they make him suspicious but i don’t believe he’s the murderer. Atm i don’t feel either male lead is evil, there must be someone else behind or ore to it.

      • I might be part of minority (again) who rooted for JSY and LJS in Doctor Stranger kkk from the start to end. They’re the kind of love story i’m sucker for. and i’m glad they didn’t change the story for anyone. Still remember how much i liked the first two eps, and their chemistry was great too.

  9. Whatever does this people criticize i feel this drama is good. And I loved it. And it sends a great message. ❤️

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