jTBC Presents Another Mature Suspense Drama with July 2020 Premiere of Graceful Friends with Song Yoon Ah and Yoo Joon Sang

If tvN is the most mainstream of the cable networks, OCN has carved out procedurals/thrillers, Chosun TV has one hit a year with sageuks, then jTBC is the indie that’s riding the dark horse all the way to the deepest recesses of the human psyche. On the heels of two record breaking K-dramas with Sky Castle and The World of the Married, the network next month will air the adult psychological thriller murder mystery Graceful Friends (Elegant Friends), not to be confused with last year’s makjang drama Graceful Family. It’s scheduled for the Fri-Sat time slot and has a powerful cast of Song Yoon Ah, Yoo Jun Sang, Bae Soo Bin, Han Da Gam, Kim Sung Oh, Kim Won Hae, and many more forming a rich and full of secrets group of friends shaken up by a murder in the mix. I can’t even predict the ratings as jTBC is slaying in producing these types of dramas.


jTBC Presents Another Mature Suspense Drama with July 2020 Premiere of Graceful Friends with Song Yoon Ah and Yoo Joon Sang — 17 Comments

  1. will this drama compete with BSR come July? what a pity for graceful family for sure its ratings will be affected by BSR. for sure rating of graceful facmily will suffee. what a wrong move for jTBC. . better show this drama in September when Back strest Rookie is over.

    • You are funny. JTBC annihilated SBS during their last battle. LMH fans are still shivering.

      But Graceful Friends starts in July, whilst BSR starts this week. It is more relevant to compare BSR with It’s Okay to Be Not Okay from Kim Soo Hyun, because they air exactly during the same period.

      • and you are even funnier with ur username!
        I would’ve said the same if it was vice versa

    • BSR has nothing going for it to make it a hit. It’s low budget and the humour looks dated and cheesy. The two leads have no drawing power as proven by the premiere ratings of their last dramas. You should learn from the other loud mouth fan who was constantly barking about high ratings before her fave’s drama aired.

      • @BBC I do not agree. Although I made the joke that KSH>JCW, I am actually thinking that BSR will be a big surprise. Yes, it is low budget, but so was TWOTM, Hyena and Stove League in comparison to The King or Vagabond. I still enjoyed the former ones over the latter two. Also, the writer and director of BSR are from The Fiery Priest, who have the better track record. The writer of KSH’s drama gave us About Time and the director produced Hyde, Jekyll & Me. Arguably two of the worst dramas in history.

        Also the supporting cast of BSR is strong. Kim Sun Young is in it and she has a very good eye for picking good scripts. All her recent dramas have hit it out of the park. She has a better feel than let’s say Kim Mi Kyung, who is supporting KSH’s drama.

        I do think that Graceful Friends will outperform both, because the script really suits the current taste of the Korean public

      • Let’s agree to disagree, BSR looks like Melt Me x Clean with Passion = double the disaster. TWOTM and Hyena were not big budget dramas but also not low budget with cheap slapstick comedy. They also star established leads with proven acting prowess and accolades. BSR leads are not exactly rating magnets and JCW is pretty hated in South Korea. For his first comeback drama, premier rating was only 2%. Well, first episode is this Friday, so the answer will be revealed soon enough.

  2. Loved SYA’s role and acting in theK2.
    Im looking forward for this and give it a go for her. I hope this one too surprise us like TWOTM in terms of story and acting.

  3. I don’t think it is right compare BSR and psycho but it’s okay by saying that either one will overshadow the other one. Both dramas can get good ratings even if they air during same time.
    Hot Stove League had the same slot as that of BSR and CLOY had the slot of Psycho but Its Okay . Both CLOY and HSL ‘s pilot episodes aired one day apart and finished its run around the same time.Their ratings grew organically without affecting each other.

    So if BSR and KSH’s drama is interesting enough and public are willing to invest their time..I can sense they are going to go big with numbers. I have faith in KSH’s choice of script however in case of BSR I m a little bit apprehensive about the source material.
    Anyways this weekend is going to be high profile.

    • Agree. Two hits may appear at same time just as it has happened before.

      Im not saying I dont care about ratings, but there are dramas that Ive enjoyed watching and they weren’t hits, then there are megahits I just dropped at first episodes. So instead of discussing whether these two will be hits or not, I rather hope PBIO and BR both be entertaining to watch.

    • Perhaps in Korea they will both be popular, but internationally Stove League never received the same appreciation because it was battling with CLOY.

      Also Stove League catered to different audiences (more male) than CLOY (more female) in Korea.

      • I agree..CLOY attained Hallyu status which was not the case for HSL .The reason could be due to different target audiences or some other parameters.But anyways both dramas were interesting and made enough buzz inside Korea.
        KSH and JCW both have international fan following so I guess they will get support from outside. However after Melting Me and TKEM..I can’t guarantee the same for Korean viewers..Only time will tell. We may not be affected by ratings but the crew and tv stations are . Let us just wait and see how it turns out.. I m willing to give this a try.

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