Son Ye Jin and Lee Seon Kyun to Make Hollywood Debut in US Thriller Movie Cross with Sam Worthington

I’ll consider this a great step for both and a long overdue expansion for K-actors and actresses. There have been Korean stars who have transitioned to Hollywood in some capacity like Bae Doo Na and Lee Byung Hun but by and large it’s few and far between. Time to restart that train and none better for the current buzz meter than Son Ye Jin and Lee Seon Kyun, her with the success of K-drama Crash Landing on You that got worldwide exposure through Netflix airing during the pandemic and him with the Oscar and box office winning 2019 movie Parasite. They have signed on for the thriller US movie Cross with male lead Sam Worthington and it’s a movie about the haves/have nots as the world has descended into a division of rich and poor countries. Son Ye Jin will reportedly not be playing a South Korean and will be playing the female lead role who speaks her dialogue entirely in English. Nice challenge!


Son Ye Jin and Lee Seon Kyun to Make Hollywood Debut in US Thriller Movie Cross with Sam Worthington — 15 Comments

  1. Son ye jin is also starting her third decade at top.
    80s gen actresses is a special gen imo. GODDESS beauty mixed with talent and overall x factor to be superstar.
    But i read plot is like white saviour all over again. I hope she has better role

  2. Congratulations to SYJ and Lee Sun Kyun…
    I read the Naver article and found out that the director have been developing this story for the last 10 years.. He visited Korea last year for some inspiration and personally contacted SYJ to cast her.. This was done before CLOY was in the picture ..She was actually well recognised even before her popularity spiked up due to CLOY..

    I believe that given the choice of scripts she takes, this one will be a good one.
    All the best for their debut.

    • Yes. This offer is not due to the success of CLOY

      Andrew Niccol personally reached her out during his visit to Korea last year.

  3. This is actually not the first time Son Ye Jin got offered for starring in Hollywood movie. She got offered prior to 2010 but turned it down after the script’s modification on her character. So if she is really confirmed for this movie.. I’m pretty optimistic with her character not being the typical Asian woman as usually portrayed in Hollywood movies

  4. Oooh I’m excited. A little concern about her accent (if crash landing on you was any indication ) if shes to play an english speaker. Itll certainly be a challenge but I trust her

  5. I wouldn’t mind if thei character speaks in Korean and just a sprinkle of English language here and there, rather than have awkward scenes due to the English language (yes, agree with Miskchan above, SYJ’s English during CLOY was a little awkward and impacted the emotions for the scenes, I think). It’s okay to have subtitles nowadays, we are global citizens anyhow. But, if they can pull off straight English dialogues, that’d be awesome. Wish them well, love them both as artists!

  6. The story is said to be set in the multiracial country (supposely, a made up nation). We’ll see how it goes. If it goes smoothly, the filming will take place March next year. Still got plenty of time for preparation

    • After watching his movie PASTA.
      I began searching his past Netflix K-drama series.
      And this new movie together with CLOY actress, Son Ye Sin will definitely make me happy again and would be waiting for the movie CROSS to be shown on the big screen. Yesssss

  7. Very interesting development. If SYJ can pull it off in an English speaking role, she may well be looking at getting an Oscar. SYJ must hire a good dialect coach to polish up her diction and enunciation. Fighting SYJ. If Michelle Yeoh from Malaysia can succeed in Hong Kong first and then Hollywood so can SYJ.

      • Abc, true I agree with you. The older generation can speak good English but the younger generation’s spoken English has regressed unless they have studied and lived overseas for a long time.

  8. I suddenly have this dream team of Son Ye Jin, Ha Ji Won and Jun Ji Hyun being the Asian version of Charlie’s Angels. Kicking butts with guns blazing, heheh.

  9. Sam Worthington another great Australian Actor now a big star…Certainly proud also of our many Aussie Stars who are big names in Hollywood.

  10. YYEEESSEESSS…!!! Its been my dream movie too and asian version of charlies angels..these 3 A-listers… I really hope hollywood will make one for them

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