Miura Haruma Left a Note as Friends Share Anecdotes of His Emotional Sensitivity and Depression Since 2 Years Ago

The police have not officially ruled the death of J-actor Miura Haruma a suicide but it’s just a formality. J-ent is in deep mourning for the passing of this shining star and out pourings of grief are coming from all corners, his many costars, collaborators, and industry friends and of course his huge fandom. He reportedly left a suicide note and his friends revealed that he’s been drinking heavily until passing out starting around 2 years ago which was unusual as a coping mechanism. Friends describe him as a very sweet and particular sensitive young man, he held himself to a high standard in acting and was upset when he believed he didn’t deliver or the project was not good in the end. He had a hard time brushing off criticism and could get so immersed into a character it took longer for him to come out of a project. Good friend Oguri Shun said two years ago when asked about Haruma that he was a wonderful persona and worried about him and wanted him to live to happy life. Sigh, still so so sad here.


Miura Haruma Left a Note as Friends Share Anecdotes of His Emotional Sensitivity and Depression Since 2 Years Ago — 80 Comments

    • i am a big fan. thank you for all the joy. May you find the peace you are desperate for. Bloody Monday is one of my fave jdorama. Sigh… may he rest in peace.

  1. This is just so sad. Prayers for his family and fans. Please if you are depressed or feel like ending your life reach out to someone. Don’t hold the pain inside. Let it out. A number to call in the US is the suicide hotline. 1-800-273-8255.

  2. Still extremely sad and shocked by this. I pray that he’s found his happiness where ever he is. Don’t suffer the pain he had in this world. He is one actor I’ll never forget. I have been watching his projects since high school. His untimely death is heart piercing. Speak up, listen, protect those who are going through this. Please.

  3. So sad. Depression is still an looked in many Asian cultures and viewed as taboo. We really need to do better as a community in helping our loved ones find help. My heart is still broke with his passing. ?

  4. I first blame to his agency Amuse. Amuse is one of the biggest agencies in Japan. They have been with him for 16 years. They consistently gave pressure on him for many years. They didn’t allow him when he wanted to study more time in London.
    It was true that his career had ahead of everyone in his age group around 10 years ago. First, when his breakout as a male lead, he was only 17 years old.
    Later, newcomers and even his real-life best friend Sato Takeru were rising to the top. He was not as trendy as he used to be. J-netizens always were comparing him with Sato Takeru. He probably felt this kind of embarrassment. I knew Sato Takeru first through Haruma as being Haruma’s best friend. In recent years, they called Haruma, being Sato Takeru’s best friend. You see the difference? People only say good things about you when you are at the top. Later, when you become not doing so well as you used to be, they took him down all the time.
    Haruma was a kind and beautiful soul. No doubt, he was extremely talented.
    He is my all-time favorite Japanese actor. Rest in Peace Haruma. You were never be forgotten.

    • Sounds legit. Satoh had definitely gained more popularity in recent years. Plus there were lot of hate comments towards Attack on Titan live action. Then there was that controversial comment by him when Watanabe Anne was cheated by Higashide who was badly criticized by netizens. Miura said that people were too harsh and could have said a few comforting words as it went a long way in recovery. Partly I feel he was referring to himself. But fans completely took it regarding to Higashide and responded in negative. This depressed Miura even more.

      • You’re right, that AOT ruined his career partly. After AOT, he didn’t have any hit movies/dramas. AOT fans were always aggressive towards him and blamed him for that mess. Clearly not his fault.
        I didn’t know about that comment, sounds so sad how he said “a long way in recovery”.

      • What did he say exactly about Higashide’s affair? I couldn’t find any article about it. Thanks

    • Sad but true, what you have mentioned the pressure on a certain person by an agency is so hard, as pushing him to do things like this.
      If he had been suffering depression, where are they to support him, emotionally.

      • What I mean is that I blame Amuse first. Of course, not all their fault. They should have supported him more in mental/emotional support. There are also many rumors running around Amuse for not doing their jobs right.
        When I read about Haruma’s Chinese Friend in London saying stories about Haruma, it crushed me.

      • He studied at London in 2017 for a couple of months. I think he studied English courses and others (I don’t know exactly). He wanted to study more time in there. But, His agency called him back saying he was wasting his time and forcing him to back to work. It’s just so sad. They should have let him. He needed his personal life.

  5. He was the reason why i got in to Japanese things. To think that he was that depressed without any help makes it more heartbreaking! More light should be shed on these matters!
    Rest in peace ??

  6. He was my introduction to japenese dramas on a whole. My introduction to Japanese movies as well. From Koizora to Kimi no Todoke, I spent my teen years watching all of his work and he was a major part of my teenage years. I’m really sad. RIP ??

  7. I still can’t believe that he’s no more…all these years as a die hard fan I loved him so much….
    Just some days back I was reading his posts and there were no signs that he was upset about something so why????? I feel dreadful as a fan……We couldn’t save our precious idol Haruma

  8. Rest in Peace? Thank you for what you have contributed ❤️
    Koizora, Gokusen3, Bloody Monday, Tokyo Park, Boku no Ita Jikan, Last Cindirella, Kimi na todoki, Attack Of Titans, 14 sai no. You had many good works.
    Our forever idol Haruma Miura ???

  9. I still remember his lines from the hours of my life, “its not that i want to die. im scared to live” :((( and it hits differently now ??
    I will never forget your smile. Pls continue smiling over us from above, Haruma ?

  10. I hope he will be remembered as a Legend in Japan for many years. Because, he deserves it. He was the one who introduced many of us with J-dramas and j-movies, most importantly Japanese Culture.

  11. RIP Miura-san,my one and only fave Japenese actor. He is also the only Japenese name I knew for many years.
    I will miss you so much.???

  12. Only if we could snatch & bring him back from heaven?????? May your soul rest in eternal peace Miura san??????. May the good Lord take a good care of you??

  13. Rest in Peace Haruma Miura? H was so nice. He doesn’t deserve this all!?
    Gone too soon. I’m a fan for 16years,always had looked forward to his new shows, theater acts, guestings and activities. I pray for him always.

  14. I am heartbroken ? because of his passing.. he was my childhood japanese crush. And all his movie was my fave.. praying for his soul. wW will miss hiro / eren

  15. So typical of Japanese people they leave their families at 18 wanting to live independently..they usually don’t open up on personal things/problems..parents usually live far away so they will be alone. With a lot of foreigners they have come to adapt flexible attitude. Just like Korea has a lot of this incident especially on K-pop artists…bullying is also one reason..and depression.. let’s be sensitive to the people around us especially our loved ones..it’s rampant on teenagers..
    I heard that this guy was a child actor. Working in acting industry for more than 20 years, imagine now he was only 30 years old until his death. It was so sad. I don’t know how his relationship was with his family members. May he rest in peace and quiet.

  16. Haruma Miura’s death is the saddest thing I ever heard. I always idolized him since Koizora. I started being an otaku on the year 2014. Then on 2015 the live action of Shingeki No Kyojin introduced him once again to me. I followed all of his pages and stuff like that. And I also watched the anime series. 2020 is the worst year!! The pandemic, Bubonic Plagues, and his death!!! What’s next? I just feel so sad….??. Rest in Peace Haruma-san

  17. No one ever see,no one ever know a teardrops in the rain and thats what he felt. We saw him smiling but deep inside his heart was aching. May you find rest and peace.?

  18. My favorite Japanese actor. Rest in peace. “Whenever I look at sky, it’ll always remind me of you”? Smiling outside but actually dying inside.. May you Rest in peace .. ?

  19. I love watching him in variety shows because of his bright and competitive personality. We can really never know what’s everyone is going through at face value.I still refuse to believe that he is already gone????????

  20. Such a big loss for Japan???
    This guy was indeed so popular around Asia. There are many fans of him in Korea, China, Thailand and Philippines, etc.

  21. I want to remember him with his beautiful smile ㅠㅠ few days passed and I still can’t believe what happened to him, I feel so much pain, he was my first ever japanese idol, i feel so devastated and sad. I miss him so much 三浦春馬

  22. I finished rewatching Kimi Ni Todoke…the tears would not stop cuz of the memories from high school and cuz of recently.
    Your soul is at peace now. Your work will never be forgotten. Your fans will never forget you.
    Thank you again for the memories ??

  23. Two Days have past but my Fb feeds are still full of mournings from friends and I can’t bear but to be sad in every post ??
    Dear Haruma,
    How has it been?, I hope you could find your inner peace. Your family, friends and fan have been missing you so much.

  24. This is so sad, such a tragic loss of a wonderful, talented soul. I hope his family are ok and they’re getting through this together.
    Rest In Peace ????????????? I pray he is in better place.

  25. You’ll be missed so much. You were a great actor with big heart ❤. Your smile was one of the kinds which helped me through hard times, but looking at your smile in your movies made me smile too and I became your fan and I admired you so much. I will never forget you ?❤️

  26. I couldn’t believe it at first, now my heart is broken…to lose such a beautiful and kind smile, a wonderful and skill actor is a great loss, I hope and pray you’re in a better place.. I’m gonna miss you and love you forever ?

  27. I guess everyone can’t believe that Haruma Miura is already dead and certainly at a young age. I myself been so sad??? just remembering his warm and bright smile, my heart aches???. Rest in peace and may you find the happiness and serenity up in heaven dear Haruma ???

  28. He’s my favourite Japanese actor since 2010. Good looking and so talented in many ways. He always looks so bright and positive. Never thought he struggles so hard behind all those masks. May your soul rest in peace Haruma.

  29. Still can’t believe this. I mean this man is literally my first ever crush in the whole Japanese entertainment industry, the initial reason why I started watching Japanese dramas and movies. Sigh… such a handsome and talented actor, he’s gone away too soon ???

  30. Rest In Peace Haruma. I am so sorry and I am so sad. You are a wonderful being for this world and thanks for bringing so many beautiful memories for all the fans including me. I could not possibly imagine how much suffering you had to put up with, because you chose the thread of surfing board to end life that was supposed to be used for life saving. It struck my heart so hard when I knew you left us. Did you become part of the “sky” now? The only comforting thing for me is that you can be in heaven without sorrow or bitterness. You are such an angel and you will be missed by all of us. I hope in the next life if such thing exists, you can finally fulfil your dream of becoming a carefree farmer.

  31. I am utterly heartbroken by the news of his passing. I’ve been trying to process this it but it’s really difficult to accept he’s gone at such a young age. I have been an avid fan of Miuras’ work for years & always looked forward to his new projects. He will sorely be missed. RIP Miura Haruma.

  32. So sad, I watched all your dramas and waiting for another one to be air on September. I was so shocked when my friend told me about what happened to you Miura Haruma, can’t believe that you’re gone. May you rest peacefully?

  33. Just absolutely shocked and dismayed. he must have been suffering terribly and alone to take his life like that. I pray the angels whisked him to heaven and we see him there. Will miss his smile and sweet eyes so much.

  34. My First Love! the japanese song I used to listen and watch when I was young, The male lead, Haruma became my crush since then. And now I heard the news of him, passing away. I’m crushed. It really breaks my heart. May you rest in peace my childhood crush

  35. I have been a fan of Miura since Highschool Samurai and watched almost all his movies and series! My favorite is cinderella and attack on titan, also kimi ni todoke. I can’t believe this is happening or has happened. Like 2020 keeps getting worse and worse. we will miss you so much!

  36. This is such a huge loss. I am still in disbelief, he was incredibly talented. I followed him since Bloody Monday and I’ll be always thankful of his portrayal of a patient with ALS in Boku no ita jikan, as it made people aware of how disability can sneakily destroy your life. Knowing he died alone without support is heartbreaking. I hope he’ll gain back his bright smile in a better place now.

  37. I’m so devastated. I cant imagine what he was going through to the point he decided to took his own life. May he rest in peace and i hope his family, friends and loved ones have the strength during this difficult time Haruma Miura…. i miss you already

  38. It was totally unexpected, he was really successful and had landed many leading roles. Then again you never know what problems each person has… wish he had found support… may he rest in peace

  39. This still shocks me! I never was really into Japanese shows or movies despite he was in it. He was really good and This is such a sad lost. I am seriously heartbroken. My condolences to his family and fans.

  40. This is just too hard to accept and i always thought of him. How can this be? He was always special to me but why? I’ll miss you I will really do.

  41. I hope Haruma will see how many of fans (both local and overseas) are mourning for him. He always had huge fandom. I hope he will always be loved and remembered.

  42. To this guy who took my heart even before Korean actors did,
    Dear Haruma, Thank you for everything. I will always cherish you and your works.
    Now, you have to be happy where you are.

  43. Now I’ve got nothing to look forward to. I was hoping for more films and dramas of him and this happened. Sayonara, Miura-kun. ? BE THE SKY. BE OUR SKY, OUR OWN HIRO.

  44. It pain me that this great actor end his life journey so early. He must have been a lot of pressure and stress and he could not tolerate any more. I love you and thank you for the sweet memories you leave behind. SAYONARA. RIP. I will pray for you.

  45. Miura, I’ll miss you. My heart hurts. I’ll mis your sweet smile that I ain’t gonna see your smile again:(( You’ll always be in my heart.

  46. To all his fans, remember to take care of yourself. I know it’s hard. I cried the whole two days, slept at 2am and asking so many questions about him. But life must go on. Remember to eat, exercise and sleep properly. I’ve been his fan since 2009 and this is so hard.

    • I was constantly crying today, feeling down, and unmotivated with my schoolwork. This comment made me realize that I need to accept that Haruma is gone and move forward with my life in positivity. I hope Haruma has found peace ❤️

  47. Mr Miura, Everyone is mourning for you. We cry for a beautiful we soul lost.
    We will always remember your happy smiles. Be happy and free. You did well. We will always remember you in our hearts and minds.

  48. i am a big fan. thank you for all the joy. May you find the peace you are desperate for. Bloody Monday is one of my fave jdorama. Sigh… may he rest in peace.

  49. Really sad , depression is a vicious illness but it still taken not seriously . I’m under medication since more than 10 years now , so i know the subject.

  50. Haruma’s death feels a lot like Robin William’s. The most well-known comedian, voice actor, and actor in the world making others laugh yet he was the saddest person in the world. That’s why I feel uncomfortable when people say “But he was always smiling!” when it comes to someone who unfortunately dies by suicide by depression. Like, ya’ll realize they work twice as harder to make it SEEM like they’re okay on the outside but that doesn’t mean that they are, right? Especially when you career is built off of having an exceptional (or expected) reputation and image, right? The fact that anyone can refer to his accomplishments and work while he was alive and at death proves that.

    Japan and most of East Asian (yes, I’m looking at YOU ESPECIALLY S. Korea) lack of understanding mental health awareness is obscene and one of the reasons I wouldn’t see myself living there peacefully and also why I HATE the concept of tatemaie. (speaking neutral and politely for the sake of being polite sometimes without substance) Sure, you’re just trying to keep the peace with everyone by doing it, but that also means that no one is being honest with each other either. No one is saying what they truly feel and everyone’s scared to do so for fearing of “disturbing the collective mindset” especially when no one takes it seriously. Chester of Linkin Park, Robin William’s, pornstar August Ames, Goo Hara, Kim Jonhyun of SHINee, Hana Kimura of Terrance House, and now Miura Haruma. It’s 2020 and as much as people claim they “understand” mental health issues, no one ever assumes that the most normal or successful people could be suffering right beside them.

    And before anyone bashes me, yes, I’ve been a fan of Haruma’s work for several years. I’m talking about Haruma the PERSON because he’s a PERSON before he’s “the successful popular actor” Miura Haruma and it’s why I’m talking about this so critically. I’m not saying people should find the solution for depression nor am I saying that I SPECIFICALLY have that solution. What’s needed is allies. As much as a hotline is important to go through if one feels suicidal, we also need to normalize that it’s okay to NOT be okay.

    • Agree with you @Ace, Robin Williams anniversary’s death , he would have been 69 years this year . As i said before depression is a vicious and silent illness . People who suffer from it are seen as weak . it’s really sad because it’s really hard to live with it even when you get help . I saw recently a german documentary about researchers and long term patients . Some are suffering from it since childhood and the reasons are not definite.

  51. Japan forgot the duty and compassion that Yukie Nakama spoke about in Gokusen. Specifically the compassion part.

    Re-learn what you forgot so this never happens again!

  52. in four months since he passed. Fans are not convinced that he took his own life. There was no solid suicide note and inconsistencies in his case. Until now, there are may fans who fighting for the truth behind his death.

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