Spooky Teaser and Stills for OCN Drama Missing: The Other Side with Go Soo and Heo Jun Ho

Normally Heo Jun Ho plays the uber baddie and Go Soo is the straight man hero lead type but for upcoming OCN supernatural drama Missing: The Other Side both take on a different onscreen persona. Go Soo is a swindler who ends up at mysterious Duon Village where the deceased spirits from unnatural deaths reside and Heo Jun Ho has a connection between the village and the human world and aims to solve the crimes that led to those deaths. The two team up along with Ahn So Hee as a hacker and Ha Joon as a cop searching for his missing fiancee and together this motley crew try to bring rest in peace to the restless spirits and justice for them in the real world. The drama takes over the Sat-Sun time slot from the thrilling Train this August.

Preview for Missing:


Spooky Teaser and Stills for OCN Drama Missing: The Other Side with Go Soo and Heo Jun Ho — 3 Comments

  1. Not a fan of a ghost story cuz I don’t believe in supernatural thingy which includes god but I hope this drama will be followed by Search starring JangDongYoon,
    not very sure but probably someone here can enlighten me. I kinda miss that cutie.?

  2. Yep ‘Search’ with Krystal and JDY already had their script reading pics in Soompi a few weeks ago and I think they’re filming.

    However ‘Missing’ looks promising story wise and I like OCN too. My only reservation is ASH cast as female lead over Seo Eun Su who I might add was FL in Legal High and did quite well not to mention her support in several other dramas like My Goldern Life, Duel, Hundred million stars from the sky. So GS is with BH Entertainment and so is ASH and there you go- Bingo! The connection is right there; the 2 for 1 deal which I think is unfair because on merit and resume SES deserves to be ahead of ASH by a country mile and it goes to show that nepotism is rife in SK. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. I’ll give credit where credit is due and SES deserves credit!

    • Oh and I adore HJH the guy is tough as guts after watching him in Kingdom yep he’s got my vote. Always liked GS from Haunters. I think Missing could well be The Guest part 2.

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