Spooky Teaser and Stills for OCN Drama Missing: The Other Side with Go Soo and Heo Jun Ho

Normally Heo Jun Ho plays the uber baddie and Go Soo is the straight man hero lead type but for upcoming OCN supernatural drama Missing: The Other Side both take on a different onscreen persona. Go Soo is a swindler who ends up at mysterious Duon Village where the deceased spirits from unnatural deaths reside and Heo Jun Ho has a connection between the village and the human world and aims to solve the crimes that led to those deaths. The two team up along with Ahn So Hee as a hacker and Ha Joon as a cop searching for his missing fiancee and together this motley crew try to bring rest in peace to the restless spirits and justice for them in the real world. The drama takes over the Sat-Sun time slot from the thrilling Train this August.

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