Former AOA Member Mina Deletes SNS Account After Posting Apology for Alarming Public with Her Self Harm Pictures and Promising to Get Treatment and Heal

I hope this the final time I need to write about Mina (Kwon Min Ah) and her recent mental health struggles. The former AOA member has been revealing through SNS the bullying she endured from fellow group member Jimin which led to her leaving the group and also engaging in self-harm from the trauma. Last weekend she was hospitalized after a suicide attempt and has since been discharged. She posted an apology on her SNS for sharing her self-harm pictures and suicidal words as it upset the public and said that she has gotten a visit from FNC president and felt that she got the closure she needed. She promised to get help and put her recovery first. She has since then deleted her Instagram account which honestly is the best first step. Get off the platform for making public what is healthier to deal with privately and then get family and friends around her to support her as she gets medical treatment. Get well soon Mina.

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Former AOA Member Mina Recovering After Rushed to Hospital for Suicide Attempt Following Multiple SNS Posts Showing Self Harm and Alarming Statements

Whenever there is a tragedy in K-ent there is also netizens wishing there was a cry for help before making those irrevocable decisions. In this case there is a loud, repeated, and direct cry for help from former AOA member … Continue reading