Jung Hae In in Talks for jTBC Drama Snowdrop with Leading Ladies Kim Hye Yoon and Jisoo of Blackpink

Nothing is known about this drama (substantively) so all the attention is on the background stuff including casting and production. Upcoming jTBC drama Snowdrop is hot to trot on casting, first casting Jisoo of Blackpink, then Kim Hye Yoon which would reunite her with the Sky Castle production team who is doing Snowdrop, and lasting offering the male lead to Jung Hae In. Jisoo and Kim Hye Yoon are confirmed while Jung Hae In’s side says this is merely one of many roles he’s offered and considering. I’m not feeling this drama for Jung Hae In because he does much better with more experienced leading ladies, his best performance was in Spring Night with Han Ji Min. But then again he also showed great chemistry with younger Kim Go Eun who is problematic herself with male lead chemistry. Snowdrop does have a very successful production team at the helm so I can see them pulling good stuff out of everyone.


Jung Hae In in Talks for jTBC Drama Snowdrop with Leading Ladies Kim Hye Yoon and Jisoo of Blackpink — 23 Comments

  1. I’m not sure if Jisoo deserves a female lead role yet but she may surprise me. I don’t hold much hope for this drama because before sky castle, most of the works of the writer and the director has been dismal and mediocre at most, Sky castle may just be a fluke, I could be wrong. I also don’t enjoy khy acting. I think jung hae in needs to try a new genre. He’s great in melodramas but he can do more than that.

    • Sky Castle team reminds me of Fiery Priest PD. I thought he is a great PD but when I look at his filmography, most of these are average in ratings only. So, I am really disappointed in BSR because I expected so much due to the PD.

      • I share same sentiment, backstreet rookie wasted my girl’s talent. Never be blinded by one or two big projects, look at PD and writer entire history. Severe disappointment.

  2. I haven’t seen many Kim Go Eun movies, but I thought she had fine chemistry with everyone in her past dramas except Lee Min Ho. Personal opinion of course- but I’ve seen him struggle to spark chemistry with other leads.

    Back to actual topic- do something new Jung Hae In! Branch out. Be funny or scary or dim witted. Be arrogant, brash and angry. Anything except the earnest puppy dog.

    • Agree agree. LMH will never have chemistry with any of his co-stars, he could not even emote properly. He is like Suzy male version,Ggood looking is their only asset. Acting-wise mediocre at best lmao.
      Jung Hae In, please choose another genre, u are stereotyping urself. I was barely able to finish ur last drama.

  3. I remember when Jisoo was in ‘The Producers’. She’s so bad in acting. But that’s 5 years ago. Then she’s busy with BP until now. I don’t know if she has enough time to improve her acting skill. But I wish this upcoming drama will give us better relationship between female characters, unlike Kwak Mi Hyang-Lee Su Im or Kang Ye Seo-Kim Hye Na.

  4. If the rumours are right..the plot is something like a North Korean spy got injured and a college girl helps him without knowing his true identity..He lies to the girl and carries on his job..
    So I think Jung Hae In will have to pull off some action scenes thus shedding off that puppy boy aura..
    Anyways I m happy for 3 of them..Hope the drama is interesting.

  5. Kim Hye Yoon and Hung Hae In are good ! I’m really excited to see them in a new drama.

    For Jisoo, her fans are little bit crazy about it like because she went to YG to be an actress means she’s a good one, producers-PD wouldn’t have chosen her if she was bad, etc. It’s not like some leads were really bad in their drama like Was It Love’s Sonh Ji Hyo…

  6. I much rather they cast Yoo Seung Ho or Jang Dong Yoon…age matches both ladies….if not then can we get Park Seo Joon. Either way, I am excited for Kim Hye Yoon, she is back with her OG team and they clearly have mutual faith in each other…Jisoo, no idea what she can or can’t do in acting, I guess we’ll find out.

  7. Kim Hye Yoon is a very bad actress i saw her drama extraordinary you and she was overacting all the time. her voice was extremely annoying.

    Sidus hq is actively promoting her and giving all the good projects to her. I dont what they see in her.

    • lol shut up.. you just jealous of her on behalf of your youjung. I’ll not surprise if your fandom attack sidus and saying that sidus now prefer hyeyoon instead of youjung. that’s how u guys play all the time right?

  8. Kim Hye Yoon is hit or miss but she can act, it just matter of how she interpreted the character.

    For JiSoo, Idk man, I don’t have high hopes.

  9. I’m not a hyeyoon fan. but I’m very happy for her for getting good projects. it reminds me that she was a nobody child actress back then. because all the good child actress roles were given to yujung. no it’s her time to shine.. fighting

  10. I’m waiting for this drama because of kim hye yoon…
    She was very good in sky castle and extraordinary you.

    She had been just nameless extras for long time. Now, i hope she will be good too in snowdrop

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