Alice Steps Over the 10% Ratings Mark in Episode 4 as Leads Delve Deeper into the Time Travelers Mystery

I’m so glad to see more viewers getting into SBS Fri-Sat drama Alice, though the downside is enduring the weekly wait with us all now. This weekend’s episode 3-4 continued the great starting momentum of the opening two episodes and dropped enough new information to keep me content. Joo Won‘s Jin Gyeom is my favorite character (he’s the proxy for us viewers) and his performance is so perfect and nuanced it’s like he went to the army and lost the tendency to overact. Kim Hee Sun is overly animated as 2020 professor Tae Yi, but we’ve all seen her become kickass 2050 Tae Yi and then maternal sacrificing 1992 Sun Young so I’ll cut her some slack. I’m dying for Min Hyuk to learn that he’s been lied to this whole time, that Tae Yi isn’t married someone and their kid didn’t die and is now grown up Jin Gyeom. The time travel does have parallel worlds here as well, time travelers doing something in the past doesn’t change their present, it just creates a new different time line, ad infinitum. Ratings for episode 3 was 7.2%, 8.4% and episode 4 got 8.7%, 10.6%, if it holds steady SBS will be relieved for sure.


Alice Steps Over the 10% Ratings Mark in Episode 4 as Leads Delve Deeper into the Time Travelers Mystery — 17 Comments

  1. Which shows that when you have solid script and good actors, viewers flock in spades. And when your script as a mess, not even big names can save your drama.
    I’m happy for everyone involved in the drama.

  2. The King:Etenal Monarch fail in these parts.True it has big names from the scriptwriter to the cast. It has a big budget too. But, boy, they fail to deliver when it comes to ratings.

  3. Ive seen the first two episodes and I liked it. Congratulations to all the cast and crew. I do hope that more viewers will watch it. Hope that the vievership rating will continue to increase.

  4. I wonder how many Tae Yi’s characters exist… I’m curious about his mother, ALICE started in 2050 but in the first scene she looks like her 2020 herself, so it means she never went in 2050? Is she the little girl from the beginning? So many questions!

    • Nah, mte. She is the lil girl from the beginning. And probably, she will go to the future. I dunno. but this drama is sooo good. My fave besides stranger 2.

      Joowon looks so fine. His acting gets better and better. One of the best.

  5. The rating is anything but dead. Why do you think the big 3 stations decide to reduce their TV programs? Let’s face it. The drama is a flop in the country.

    • How can 10% be a flop? This is the highest rated drama beside the always great Daytime Once Again. Stations decide to reduce dramas because their writers suck, most plots are bad, and productions are obviously affected by Covid. Are you are being too bitter to call Alice a flop? Have you watched it?

  6. I’m at episode 4. I’m not hooked but like it enough. I think some parts are a little cheesy but it’s still a good concept for time travel which I tell you, you really need right Storytelling to make sense. Much better than the king if you ask me. And for some reason, joo won and Kim hee sun pair off well ..(I know they are mother and son) no kinky stuff I think they are good as mother and son. I like the second female lead who knows joo won inside out, I like her spunk! And joo won – hmm I’m still worried he’s gonna over act the hell out of this role but at the moment, all is good ;p this drama was a nice surprise for me because I thought time travel is dead for dramas at least for this year

  7. I am glad the time traveling is starting to make more sense now, but still think it is ridiculous the way the time travellers wreck havoc in the past. They don’t need a Book of Prophecy to know they are doomed to fail if they mess up every where they go.

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