Seo Hyun Jin Makes Cameo Appearance in Episode 7 of Record of Youth and Drop Chemistry Laden Scene Stills with Park Bo Gum

K-actress Seo Hyun Jin toiled for over ten years as supporting leads and the unenviable second female lead that rarely gets a considerate characterization. But her dues paid off and she earned her female lead ascension around 7 years ago first through sageuks (her diction is impeccable) and then through the popular hit Another Oh Hae Young followed by Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim. I mention this because Park Bo Gum‘s character in Record of Youth is in the toiling phase, or even earlier than that the trying to get his foot in the door phase. It’s an arduous slog but true talent (hopefully) gets their due and shines through. Having Seo Hyun Jin guest start in RoY (written by her screenwriter in Temperature of Love) is a nice moment and I can see her character a sunbae actress taking a meaningful teaching moment with rookie Hye Joon. I can also see the chemistry from the stills alone, and perhaps it’s unfair to Park So Dam‘s Jung Ah that she really has none with Hye Joon because the two of them have no stakes in their relationship so it just feels really flat and nice but nothing simmering that needs to be there to convey romance.


Seo Hyun Jin Makes Cameo Appearance in Episode 7 of Record of Youth and Drop Chemistry Laden Scene Stills with Park Bo Gum — 23 Comments

  1. Seo Hyun Jin actually match better in visual with Park Bo Gum, than the female lead in that drama.
    I’m now losing interest in that drama, will check out this episode for SHJ.

  2. Damn it. I was dropping it from this week too. Thank goodness for Netflix. Will tune in and FF to this scene to check it out. I like seo hyun jin.

  3. Better be that we will be seeing some progress on Hye Joon’s acting career in the next episode.

    If only they have made the drama pacing move just a little faster than how it is actually moving right now, then it would have been better. If only they have included a character that somehow delivers the comedic part to balance the depressing nature of Hye Joon, then it would have been a little entertaining.

    I don’t know why they made the romance develop even before midway of the drama rather focusing on the development of each individual character.

  4. I wished it wasn’t just a cameo. I miss SHJ on the small screen. I don’t get why other actors/actress had barely wrapped up their last drama and they immediately jump into a new project. While others like SHJ seems to be doing one drama a year.

  5. Why some people are picking on PSD visual? She’s beautiful and I don’t get it when some people are saying that her visual does not match with PBG. What’s their not marching?

  6. I am still enjoying this show!! And a lot of people too…and only few here are saying of dropping but in other write ups there’s positive I will not read comments here from now on..

  7. I enjoy this drama. The story taught us many lessons in life. About sweet friendship, brotherhood in family, unconditional love from mothers, fighting spirit of youth etc.

    We’re really need this kind of ‘vitamin’ for our soul.

  8. they should’ve made it more like skip beat. it will be a lot more fun to focus on hyejun’s growth from a model to an established actor.

  9. Park So Dam should not do romantic dramas. She does not have that strong screen presence & chemistry with whoever the male lead is. I had to drop cinderella and the 4 nights because of her. Her voice has that certain sound that annoys you. She sounds like that girl in Extra Ordinary you. She’s good in roles like the one in Parasite. She has her own charm but not meant for a loveline.

  10. Park So Dam is boring and annoying to watch….why did she have to have to become the lead in Record of Youth???? ratings coukd have been better is the FL is charming and watchable. shes ruining the drama.

  11. Those people saying park so dam is so boring to watch why don’t you drop the drama no one’s forcing you to watch it, if you feel there’s something you don’t like about her acting express your feelings but then mind you there’s something called constructive criticisms you so have to be mean about it, saying she’s annoying is going too far.
    Plus, to those of you who aren’t getting good vibes from record of youth, I’d say it’s cause you guys are so used to watching the same thing in a lot of kdrama that when something different comes along you feel it’s bad because it’s not what you’re used to
    Record of youth is different and it’s perfect that way

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