Tale of Gumiho Drops Below 5% in Ratings for Episode 6 as the Mythology and Prior Life Entanglements are Slowly Doled Out

Watching Tale of Gumiho really helps that I have such a long drama watching history to compare to, and it’s the comparison that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of this fantasy K-drama. Episode 6 ratings dropped below 5% for the first time to 4.926% and it’s fitting. This drama is suffering from the writing framing the way that Goblin really was elevated by it. We need to know what happened in the past, between Lee Yeon and his Ah Eum (he killed her, obviously, prolly cus she was possessed by the evil snake demon now back for round 2), and all the ins-and-outs of the mountain gods and underworld spirits. Without it we’re left watching things happen in a vacuum and not forming the requisite emotional connection. I still don’t know what and why the reincarnated/revived baby/boy thing is bad and how it connects to the OTP. Goblin told us the major strokes of the backstory in episode 1, both what happened to Kim Shin and his sister, so we felt it and all we needed was to fill in the blanks. I don’t have the bookends here so I’m just flapping around to make sense of tidbits revealed in a vacuum. It’s such a shame because there are so many cool and meaningful elements in this drama aside from the central romance.


Tale of Gumiho Drops Below 5% in Ratings for Episode 6 as the Mythology and Prior Life Entanglements are Slowly Doled Out — 9 Comments

  1. I was cheering so loudly and feeling the flutters when Lee Rang realizes even to the present he still views his brother as the most valuable thing in his life and Lee Yeon knows this too, maybe that’s why he’s so lenient to his younger brother despite him always acting fussy like a three year old. Lee Rang calling him 22 plus times! My heart couldn’t handle the sweetness. The Russian fox denials of liking vet, we know what happens, we all watch enough dramas haha

    I agree, as much as I enjoy the mysteries, they need to unravel the central story at a more eloquent pace because I don’t feel the pain or feel as sorrowful as I should for the tragedies that happened to the main characters. Maybe they should had spend more time in the historical era in the first two episodes and focus on the relationships and how it came to be. The story is rich and the filming is beautiful, the execution needs some polishing, regardless it is still a beautiful gem at the moment.

  2. Is there something like negative chemistry? Bec our otp has it in abundance.

    I’m just loving Kim bum and the vet-fox storyline.. Kim bum is just fantastic.

    • Lmaoooo negative chemistry omg, savage.

      I totally agree though. The child actors, every secondary character is hitting all the right notes. The main leads might have friend chemistry but the romance is dead in the water.

  3. I’m feeling TKEM flashbacks. The super rushed and randomly forced OTP. The fact that I care more about Lee Rang’s backstory than the main characters. The stakes that try to be epic, but are so poorly explained, the audience doesn’t care.

    Which is so disappointing since it had such a strong start!

  4. I want to like the show, even if the direction is a bit lacking, at least have the pairing’s romance fly with sparks. Right now, it’s as calm as a pond with no fish – I don’t even know what I’m writing now. I agree on the comment that there’s negative chemistry. I really like LDW’s stares, but the love beams are going nowhere.

    • @Russell
      The drama is on Rakuten Viki.

      Yes, the romance is dead, they’re better off as friends. Jo Boa smiles at LDW like she’s in a photo shoot and not like she’s into him. But the cinematography is fantastic and the biggest draw for me is Kim Bum, (Lee Rang’s back story was so heart wrenching), and the Russian fox; (OMG she’s so pale! – I wonder how the makeup artists were able to manage that). She’s stunning btw. Russian fox has more chemistry with the vet; than the leads do with each other and I hope both leads will step up their game. But Chemistry is just that – you either have it with someone, or you don’t.

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