Kyung Soo Jin in Talks for 2021 tvN K-drama Mouse With Lee Seung Gi, Park Joo Hyun, and Choi Jin Hyuk

It’s wonderful how a great drama/performance can make it for me in terms of changing my opinion on an actor or actress. I’ve been meh on Kyung Soo Jin for so many years since she annoyed the shit out of me in Secret Love Affair but after Train she’s on my all good list. That makes this news a positive casting choice – that she’s in talks to join the cast of tvN early 2021 K-drama Mouse which stars Lee Seung Gi. Other cast members include Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Joo Hyun, and Lee Hee Jun. The drama is about how society finds a way to determine genetic psychological illness from babies still in the mother’s womb through testing and the consequences of this new medical technology. Writing the script is the screenwriter of Black and God’s Gift: 14 Days both of which I loved so many many yays!


Kyung Soo Jin in Talks for 2021 tvN K-drama Mouse With Lee Seung Gi, Park Joo Hyun, and Choi Jin Hyuk — 16 Comments

  1. Please please be a great drama!
    I feel like Lee Seung-gi has not had any great hits recently and I really want this drama to a big hit!!!!!
    And with those writers it should be a great drama!

    • What r u talking about. He had great hits before 2020 covid.. hwayugi and Vagabond, and there’s talks for vagabond season 2

  2. Finaly some more casting news!
    Can’t wait for lee seung gi to get back to acting and singing !
    It felt like he have been doing variety and mcing only
    Can’t wait for this drama!

  3. Lee Seung Gi should be working on Vagabond 2 with Suzy before the first one is totally forgotten. That was the most frustrated ending for a K-drama!!!!

  4. LSG seems to be not choosing romance anymore, fine but please the drama need to wrap nicely.

    There are too many K drama with good start but by 8-10 epi, the weakness in writing is obvious. Hopefully this is not another that’s half or 3/4 cooked.

  5. Can’t wait for Lee seung gi’s new action drama.. really nervous thinking how this drama will pull it off but I think he is very good with this kind of genre..

  6. I’m so excited for this drama…
    Tho still praying that Lee Seung-Gi and Jung So-min’s Romantic Comedy Drama and Vagabond Season2.

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