tvN Mon-Tues Drama Record of Youth Heads into Finale Week Succeeding the Most with Impressive Guest Stars and Veteran Casting Coups

This Mon-Tues wraps up Record of Youth and during the drama airing male lead Park Bo Gum has reportedly finished his basic training already en route to enlisting in the Navy. He hard carried this drama but there was still too much dull chemistry with the weaker costars around him, but the brief shining moments to help liven the mood in each episode were the impressive top stars who cameo’d as well as bringing back 90’s top actresses Ha Hee Ra and Shin Ae Ra as the moms. Each guest star made an impression with me and made me wish they were part of the cast including Park Seo Joon, Seo Hyun Jin, Lee Sung Kyung, and even Hyeri. Knowing the history of Ha Hee Ra and Shin Ae Ra, how popular they were in their 20’s and how each married top actors in the industry Choi Soo Jung and Cha In Pyo, respectively, only makes their roles as the frenemy moms here so much more fun and meta. Too bad the central conflicts were soooooo uninteresting sigh.


tvN Mon-Tues Drama Record of Youth Heads into Finale Week Succeeding the Most with Impressive Guest Stars and Veteran Casting Coups — 18 Comments

  1. I want to say, “It wasn’t that bad,” but then I remember it was, so I hang my head in shame because I completed the entire drama.

  2. I already knew what i’m getting into knowing the writer for this drama.
    I already expected that it’s going to be slow and dull.
    But overall I think the drama is alright but I think I probably felt that way because of Park Bogum. He did hard carry this entire show.
    Also, it’s unfortunate that I feel like he has more chemistry with the cameos(Kim Hyeyoon, Seo Hyunjin, Lee Sungkyung) than with Park Sodam’s character XD I guess it does not help that the Jung Ah character is written to be so bland.

  3. I only watched bcoz of the ost’s (I especially like “shine on you”.) I actually started watching it when seo hyun jin guessed.

  4. Drop the drama and never go back not even for camoes, even though i like them but i won’t be fooled by the carrot dangling.
    Good that PBG is in the military band that he applied. Not much chance to perform during this pandamic time.

  5. I love this drama from the beginning. It’s so relatable and the actors are so natural, not overacting, especially Park Bo gum. There are so many lessons learned such as with family relationship ,friendship, and love. I’m sad it’s ending.

  6. I also like the other cameo, Seol In Ah who acted as PBG ex-girlfriend.
    But her appearance in several scenes/episodes make it look more like a supporting cast hahaha.
    Hoping to see this charismatic actress gets casted in some other drama in the future.

    • I love Seol In Ah. She was the main character in Beautiful Love,Wonderful Life. You should definitely check it out. So worth it

  7. Park So Dam is more perky in Cinderella and 4 knights…. she is so slow in this series and her acting is dry, is it because that’s how the directors wants her to portray? bad directing? give her a chance! Park Bo Gum is the best. he is the life of this drama. Let’s see more of his best in his next project.

  8. Park So Dam wss so bland and lifeless i wanted to shake her many times. she put an invisible wall btw her and Park So Gum that i wanted to ask who put this bad acting on stage . So Gum had to work extra hard in their scenes she was just too bland i think she had a better chemistry with Hyeso with his dreamy sexy eyes and quivering lips
    Jia was a more passionate character than she was. Its either she was attracted to So Gum in teal life and she did’t want it to show or she just got the role wrong
    it was very poor acting simple! maybe directing too. i almost stopped watching because of her . Park So Gum is such a fine actor keep it up continue to reach 4 the stars??????

  9. I really wanted to like this drama, but it’s sooo boring and I’m not invested in the characters. I don’t know why Park Bo Gum chose this script. It’s clearly only doing well because of him, and with his popularity, he could choose projects with much better writers.

    • To be bland n lifeless too need great effort, hard work, strong n confident in acting or where else can you see n said it.

      Kudos n thanks to all the actors, casts,crews, director, writers n staffs who made this drama. It takes all dull n vibrants colors to made a master piece.
      PBG will be humble to says the efforts come everyone n not him alone to give shine to this drama.

      • To some who felt this drama dull n boring cuz it’s not your cup of tea. Everyone enjoys a nice cup of tea or coffee which overwhelmed each personality.

        Or as someone says they don’t able to seduce the story line the director n writer trying to present.

  10. I watched painfully on this drama where the scenes for Parks Bo Gum & So Dam were hard to relate. In real life, if you are in love and barely see each other, you wouldn’t be able to keep your emotions in check when you finally get to be in each other’s space in person. Am committed to see this through the end because I am that type of person to give scrutiny a chance. Can’t promise I will re- watch it in future, as I have done for KDramas that I invested my time in. It will be on my B list.

  11. I really like this show and I look forward to watching it every week. It’s a nice light show and an easy watch. Obviously PBG is carrying the drama with his excellent acting. I do agree that the show would have been much better with a more emotive and charming lead actress.

  12. My reaction its not great whits this K drama. No good direction and writing very boring and slow. Good actors bits a shame this happened but this it’s good experience for all.

  13. I guess I am in the minority. I loved the show. Loved the cast. Sure it had some slow moments but overall, I loved it. I will miss watching. Park Bo Gum is so good. Makes me cry everytime. And I will watch anything Park So Dam is in. She is amazing.

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