Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum Drop Maximum Visual Intensity in New Movie Posters for Seobok

I think its meta that Park Bo Gum is playing the first human clone since he’s gotten some flack for being too perfect as a robot. Not his acting, just that sweet polite boy vibe that can come across as too good to be true. For the upcoming sci-fi flick Seobok, he may be cloned but he soon gets dirty in danger as mysterious forces come after him, necessitating the bodyguarding from Gong Yoo doing his best smexy weary action hero persona. The two really convey their character visuals and emotions in new close up posters released this week, love the intensity and here’s hoping the drama actually has a good plot to sustain what is likely a two-man show in terms of screen time.


Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum Drop Maximum Visual Intensity in New Movie Posters for Seobok — 9 Comments

  1. Seriously can not wait to see my talented and most handsome Ahjussi Gong Yoo. I’m excited to see Park Bo Gum too. Seo Bok a must watch.

  2. Deviating a bit from the article… I just found out that the dramas Birthcare Center, Penthouse and Spies Who Loved Me have started airing. Out of the three, it seems Penthouse is doing the best in ratings so far.

    Is anyone here watching any of these dramas?

  3. Will watch this for Gong Yoo! I am curious though, did everyone just forget that Bogum is in a cult?? Thought Koreans would care more about that given their history…

    • Are you referring to the Grand Prize for LITM at the 30th KBS Drama Awards in 2016?

      Then yes. Those network awards don’t tend to have much credibility but he must have deserved the award.

  4. Park Bo Gum is so intense in this movie! I am so excied to see him anf Gong Yoo together! Park Bo Gum too perfect? Yes he is! Because he was brought up well despite all the hardships his family has been thru and all of this experiences makes him more intense as an actor! Keep it up Bogum! Keep soaring high even in the military! We will wait for your return!

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