Cast Confirmed and Filming Begins for 2021 tvN Fantasy Drama One Day Destruction Came to My Door

The whole package looks so nicely assembled it would be a shame if this drama doesn’t end up being both cool and entertaining. Official confirmation came this week for early 2021 tvN drama One Day Destruction Came to My Door with the main cast of Park Bo Young, Seo In Guk, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kang Tae Oh, and Shin Do Hyun, all have been discussed for the drama but it’s still nice to get an official statement on it. Filming has also started and fans saw a picture of Seo In Guk dressed all in black, he plays the titular Myeol Mang (destruction) of the title, a grim reaper of sorts who ends up in a 100 day cohabitation contract with the ordinary female lead played by Park Bo Young. The drama is from the screenwriter of the drama version of The Beauty Inside with the PD of Search: WWW and My Unfamiliar Family. I feel like Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young were always meant to be together especially after he had a cameo appearance in her last hot mess drama Abyss.


Cast Confirmed and Filming Begins for 2021 tvN Fantasy Drama One Day Destruction Came to My Door — 6 Comments

  1. Grim Reaper…cohabitation contract…sounds familiar.

    Out of the cast, I’m familiar with the works of PBY, LSH and KTO so I’m gonna add this to my Watch-Out-For list. Man, 2021 is gonna be dramatastic!

  2. This makes me so happy! I have been in a K-Drama slump for more than a year and I love Park Bo Young, but I have seriously missed Seo in Guk. He delivers in every role and he always tries new things. I have yet to see him repeat himself.

  3. Huge congrats to my boy Gukkie. All I need for Christmas is the word “confirmed.” Such a secretive cookie but cheeky to the core teasing us diehard fans for months. Absolutely sure SIG will create his own signature spin on the Grim Reaper character Kim Sa-Ram aka Destruction without copying Lee Dong Wook’s in Goblin. Kudos to SIG for breaking two records in one drama – tackling the fantasy genre for the first time and acting in the longest titled K-drama. Can’t wait for SIG and PBY’s screen chemistry and the dynamic cast interaction. Don’t care about the ratings. Just deliver us all the pathos, pain, mystery, nuances, laughter and joy. Gukkie my boy welcome back. You are born to play this kind of role. 2021 will be your year with Pipeline coming out too.

  4. A long-awaited confirmation. Looking forward to SIG’s new character. He has never disappointed me in terms of his acting from Love Rain to TSHLYE. It just shows his evolution from a rookie solo singer to one of the best actors in K-Ent. Hope tvN would not over-hype it to death. I prefer the cast, writer and director to do the quiet hard yards and lift this drama to perfection. Thank you drama gods for this OTP pairing. Been waiting since 2015 when SIG stole the show with his few minutes flamboyant sexy seductive Edward Seo cameo. Bring it on King of Under-Rated.

  5. I miss Park Bo Young so much, and Seo In Guk is such an underrated, amazing actor. And I also like Lee Soo Hyuk and Kang Tae Oh! This is a great cast, hoping for the drama to do well!

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