Netizen Complaints Don’t Slow Down tvN Drama Queen Cheorin as Episode 3 Increases to 9.022% Ratings

Being active on the internet sometimes makes one believe that information being shared and discussed online would have real life impact. But it’s just a vocal minority sounding louder than actually is and real life has its own reactive beats. tvN Sat-Sun drama Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) was quite the topic of conversation since it’s premiere a week ago, from the record setting ratings for the time slot and also for the array of K-netizen complaints about the drama besmirching the honor of historical figures, or something like that. It’s as petty and much ado about nothing, and the viewing audience has totally ignored it from the looks of this Saturday’s ratings which increased to 9.022%. Let this entertaining and well made drama deliver the laughter and silliness without reading too much into it, and I’m glad Korean viewers are just having fun as well.


Netizen Complaints Don’t Slow Down tvN Drama Queen Cheorin as Episode 3 Increases to 9.022% Ratings — 12 Comments

  1. I’ve only seen the first episode and so far I’m loving this drama. The complaints make me scratch my head a little. A fusion saeguk twisting events and characters for the story? You don’t say! I mean tell that to every historical figure used as a kdrama baddie in every saeguk ever. I’m sure their spirits are highly offended. /sarcasm.

    But in that vein, I do have to wonder if my favorite saeguk antagonist Lady Mishil was as dastardly in real life…

    Also, is tvN going the LGBTQ route in this drama? I’m gonna be doubly invested if so

  2. Hearing the complain,idk how they’ll react to Go Princess Go,

    It’s a fun drama and it given the trope a flash. Body swapping, time travel, puppet king that badass and also pure at the same time and supposedly antagonist queen as the new protagonist!! Bring it all on.

  3. I’m loving it. It’s so fun, the story is intriguing and the actors are superbe,…Shin Hye Sun is awesome in this. No wonder it’s a hit. 😀

  4. Hahaha…so all that brouhaha yet they still can’t help but keep watching. It’s like those complaints gave the show free publicity for new viewers to check out and see what the fuss was all about. Glad the ratings went up.

    Uncanny Counter also keeps rising. Kyaaaaa!

    But back to Mr. Queen…yo, that scene between So Yong and Byeong In was so tender yet so hot. Whew. Is it possible the queen jumped into the lake of her own accord? Out of guilt for kissing another man the night before her wedding? And what did she mean by she’s not herself?
    With Bong Hwan putting all his eggs in the fill-the-lake basket, what will he do when it doesn’t work? How will he fulfill those lofty “bear an heir soon” promises? Lol.
    His cooking scenes were pure awesome! I know he’s a dude and all so he doesn’t get it but I wish he would reciprocate the concubine’s bitchiness. All that pandering to her is annoying! Plus that handmaiden of hers doth protest too much!
    And the King? Was he seriously going to strike down the “queen“ if “she” recognized him as the assassin? How was he planning to get away with it?

    Can’t wait for EP4!

  5. I’m trying to find the logic behind this show producers’ decision to buy the remake rights of such a cult show as Go Princess Go. At the time of the original Chinese Internet show ( they would never allow it on TV) debut (2015) everyone was astonished as how it got by the government’ censorship. People loved it for its pretty, half naked, very young actors, for its erotic silliness and BL courage.
    In the Korean remake, producers put well established, good but not so young actors, in stiffly authentic historical Korean costumes and settings, and made it into half cooking and half Palace politics show. What’s so funny about alpha male modern chef showing off in front of palace cooks? Are we supposed to fan over such a capable male in female’s body? So a male queen is going to succeed where a female queen couldn’t? With all this great acting from SHS, what is a point of her character? Just to make us all laugh by bullying servants or being bullied ( or not, coz she is really a male) in turn by men?
    My point is. There are so many other Chinese dramas in which a modern female transmigrated in the female princess body and it worked out well for all involved: there was credible romance, heartbreak, success in politics or cooking because SHE was capable as a female, not some male. Why didn’t they purchase rights to these shows? Why butcher a BL cult classic? Korean audiences are even more conservative, especially, when it comes to their history. So there will be no cute BL romance with any of this remake’s lead male characters, maybe I bit of bromance and friendship but no romance. I’m on episode 4, and it’s not any longer as funny as previous episodes. Should I just watch it as a period cooking show?

    • It’s not a chinese show, and the fact that it’s allowed on Korean TV that means it’s allowed censorship board. If you can’t stand the Korean style, maybe you just stick the Chinese version.

      • You are right. But it doesn’t answer my question. Why waste money on the rights to remake steamy hot drama into boring cooking politics in the palace show?

      • It’s not a waste because they will be charged with plagiarism if they didn’t pay for the rights.

      • Anyone, who’d take reference or adapt big chunks of someone else’s, has to pay for the right and must show proper referencing. Otherwise, it’s plagiarism. However, it is not right to expect that they have to copy and paste exactly the same. Without the intellectual property law, this so called referencing from another drama or from a webtoon will be inexistent.

    • @Marina

      Is it possible that being a fan of the C-version has colored your view of the K-remake? You mentioned the original couldn’t even be shown on TV and that Koreans are conservative. So of course the producers of the K-version are gonna water it down for the Korean viewers. Given how the ratings just hit double digits (and high ratings mean many things including money), I wouldn’t say it’s a waste. And neither would the producers. Perhaps if you lowered your expectations from the C-version and stopped comparing, you might enjoy the show. If not, that’s also fine and I hope you find another show that suits your drama tastes.

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