2020 KBS Drama Awards Gives Veteran Actor Chun Ho Jin the Daesang for Weekend Hit Once Again

The 2020 KBS Drama Awards was a free for all as well, and a mix of face masks, social distancing, and still walking the red carpet. The bulk of the awards went to the various cast members of weekend drama Once Again and daily drama Homemade Love Story, as both were the sole shining ratings lights for the network. Daddy Chun Ho Jin of Once Again took home the Daesang, and the drama also gave a popularity resurgence for Lee Min Jung and Lee Sang Yeob, as well as vaulting to new levels supporting actors Lee Cho Hee and Lee Sang Yi. It wasn’t the best year for KBS but I really don’t want to Big Three networks to throw in the towel, there isn’t ever going to be a network that only produces successful dramas but the competition and variety is what makes it possible to find hits and also keep improving.

KBS 2020 Drama Awards Winners:

Daesang: Chun Ho Jin (“Once Again”)

Top Excellence: Park In Hwan (“Brilliant Heritage”), Jung Bo Seok (“Homemade Love Story”), Lee Min Jung (“Once Again”)

Excellence – Miniseries: Park Sung Hoon (“Into the Ring”), Lee Jae Wook (“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”), Nana (“Into the Ring”), Jo Yeo Jung (“Cheat on Me If You Can”)

Excellence – Long Drama: Lee Sang Yeob (“Once Again”), Lee Jang Woo (“Homemade Love Story”), Lee Jung Eun (“Once Again”), Jin Ki Joo (“Homemade Love Story”)

Excellence – Daily Drama: Kang Eun Tak (“A Man in a Veil”), Kim Yoo Suk (“No Matter What”), Park Ha Na (“Fatal Promise”), Lee Chae Young (“A Man in a Veil”)

Best Screenwriter: Yang Hee Seung (“Once Again”)

Achievement Award: Song Jae Ho

Supporting Actor/Actress – Miniseries: Ye Ji Won (“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”), Ahn Kil Kang (“Into the Ring”)

Supporting Actor/Actress – Long Drama: Oh Dae Hwan (“Once Again”), Oh Yoon Ah (“Once Again”), Kim Sun Young (“Homemade Love Story”)

Best Couple: Jin Ki Joo and Lee Jang Woo (“Homemade Love Story”); Lee Jang Woo and Jung Bo Suk (“Homemade Love Story”); Nana and Park Sung Hoon (“Into the Ring”); Jo Yeo Jeong and Go Joon (“Cheat on Me if You Can”); Park Hae Jin and Jo Bo Ah (“Forest”); Lee Sang Yi and Lee Cho Hee; Chun Ho Jin and Lee Jung Eun; Lee Sang Yeob and Lee Min Jung (“Once Again”)

Popularity Award: Kim Young Dae (“Cheat on Me if You Can”), Lee Sang Yeob (“Once Again”), Jo Bo Ah (“Forest”)

Best New Actor/Actress: Seo Ji Hoon (“To All The Guys Who Loved Me”, “Meow, the Secret Boy”), Lee Sang Yi (“Once Again”), Bona (“Homemade Love Story”), Shin Ye Eun (“Meow, the Secret Boy”), Lee Cho Hee (“Once Again”)

Best Child Actor: Moon Woo Jin (“Once Again”), Lee Ga Yeon (“Once Again”)


2020 KBS Drama Awards Gives Veteran Actor Chun Ho Jin the Daesang for Weekend Hit Once Again — 4 Comments

  1. So happy to see Kim So Hyun presenting with Jang Dong Yoon! My Macaron Couple ?
    So Hyun looks beautiful even with a mask on, too bad she didn’t appear in the red carpet ?

    • Yeah, kinda ironic because JDY attended KDA 2019 and he has a cast on his left hand. 2020, he attended KDA and he has a cast in his left arm. My poor baby JDY hope he gets well soon.

  2. So many winners… I wonder how they could give an award to Forest and Welcome… They were really bad…

    At least, Memorials won for the best couple (like a lot of other couples…). It was one of my favourite drama in 2020! So funny and consistent until the end.

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