River Where the Moon Rises Releases New Group Poster and Stills of Each Lead Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon, and Choi Yu Hwa

I think by aging down the leads of River Where the Moon Rises from the first concept when veteran stars were courted for the roles, it will end up having a broader I-audience appeal due to the Hallyu popularity of the younger leads. That’s great because sageuks truly have its own appeal and if done so an unforgettable pathos in story telling and I would love for younger viewers get into it more. Sure this isn’t a Hur Joon or Dae Jang Geum type 50-episode sageuk but from the promos it’s definitely focused on the country building, battles in and out of the palace halls, and stints with the commoner world to better round out our protagonist princess. Leads Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon, and Choi Yu Hwa are just top visuals as a group, total *chef’s kiss* and even better no one is saddled with a terrible hairstyle or outfit combos. Love the new group poster done in the traditional style and lots of new character stills came out this week as well so check it out!


River Where the Moon Rises Releases New Group Poster and Stills of Each Lead Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon, and Choi Yu Hwa — 25 Comments

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  2. A few more days before the premiere and I’m starting to have a worried feeling. I really want to dive into this with low expectations but the promos so far have been working it’s absolute best in making it anticipate the series. Hopefully, this turns out great.

  3. (Reposting my comment as it seems to have disappeared. Apologies if my comment doubled!)

    Kim So Hyun is just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! ?
    The Goguryeo-era styling really brought out her regal beauty, and I can’t stop looking at her still photos. What a perfect face she got! ?

    Can’t wait to see Ji Soo wearing general attire!

    Lee Ji Hoon’s look is on-point too, he’s so handsome! And he’s an excellent actor, so I hope his character will be a layered second lead!

    Haven’t watched CYH in anything, but her character seems really interesting too, so I’m excited!

    Can’t believe the premiere is only a week away! Please show, be good! ???

    Oh, and a friendly reminder to my fellow commenters, please ignore and don’t engage with the trolls. They’re just here to instigate fanwars and make other fandoms look bad. Please please ignore them and let’s keep the discussion civil!
    We know who those trolls are lol

  4. Vc hard carrying the promotions of this one while KBS is busy promoting dramas that will air later than this one. Le sigh!

    7 days to go.

    • and they didn’t even bother to post the queen yeon stills.. sighh again.. luckily..rwtmr has a very good promotion internationally due to the promote from viu, viki, and soompi. but I’m still worried about the domestic promotion. nevertheless..I’m praying for rwtmr success.. fighting ?

      • forget one thing.. vc also is the biggest party that promote thos drama.. both domestically and internationally

    • What you feel is exactly what I feel. I also wonder why there were so many still cut photos that were not uploaded on KBS Instagram. I’m happy seeing that Kim So Hyun’s fans are very active in promoting this drama on Instagram. News of the drama was also well covered in Korean media (I also checked Naver). I wish RWTMR all the best, fighting !!

      • yes hope so.. hopefully RWTMR will be well received in korean despite the lack of promotion from kbs

      • By the way, the 3rd teaser video and RWTMR’s character video on the KBSDrama Youtube Channel are also blocked for countries outside Korea, right? I tried to open the RWTMR video playlist (on KBSDrama youtube channel) but the video was unavailable. It’s also stated that the video was blocked in the country. I don’t know how to communicate with KBS, I’ve tried to comment and tag KBS but still have no response.
        It’s an irony, other drama is tremendously promoted on their Instagram and YouTube channel but why is RWTMR being treated this way. Anyway, I will try my best to support this RWTMR ??

  5. I’m so excited for this upcoming drama. can’t wait to see sso’s action and beauty.. but in addition to that, waiting for the premier make me superrr nervous coz we don’t know knetz’s perception about this drama. it’s like waiting for examination/viva ?

  6. I have seen some discussions from fellow fans about some certain theories regarding princess pyeonggang’s personality. How I wish they can also participate in writing the script, I am really in awe with how they formed and created possible back stories of the characters. If you read about it, then you know about it 😉

  7. Its first airing is coming yet KBS seems unbothered and shows nothing but sht. It is well hyped by fans and being promoted by VC and Viu but I’m not sure on the domestic side. The teasers and still cuts looks promising, still crossfinger on the writer and director to show new angst and go outside their shell.

  8. KBS is digging its own grave for not promoting RWTMR properly. If it suffers low ratings, they should be blamed for their laziness and irresponsibility.

    • @thylane Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me at all why they’re not promoting this drama well, don’t they care about ratings? Checked their YouTube channel, and it’s been a month since they last uploaded any RWTMR-related content. They barely post anything on their IG too. Really wierd..
      Thank goodness for Victory Contents doing their best to promote this drama

  9. KSH fans Will blame Ji soo and KBS if the drama will not become a ratings hit. and will solely praise KSH for her star power, beauty, actinh talent, intelligence, demeanor, stule, assets? hair, nails, teeth when the drama hits double ďigits.lmao

    • Her fans are quite ruthless, but I don’t think they have any grounds to stand on blaming others. While it’s true that KBS and Ji Soo are not known to have good ratings, she herself doesn’t attract ratings domestically as much as she attracts fans internationally.

  10. I’m sorry but I don’t even care if this turns out to be a high or low rating! I’m just pure excited for Feb15 to come. All I want is to watch it, the storyline looks promising, I love sageuks and I miss goguryeo era dramas and Sohyun took her queen self to the next level, Jisoo so manly and handsome on the last stills; a very gorgeous fool.Yuhwa looking pretty and Lee jihoon is o my freaking damn so fine

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