Seo Kang Joon Signs on for Secret Forest Screenwriter’s New Thriller Sci-fi Drama Zero

I thought Seo Kang Joon‘s last drama would have been totally up my alley but who knew it just didn’t connect with me. When the Weather is Fine costarred Park Min Young who I really like and seemed like that sorta of melancholy quiet emotive romance that would really usher me into a warm place of comfort. But it ended up being rather cold to me much like the weather in that drama but I totally concede it’s a personal reaction as I thought the drama was well acted and lovingly directed. So his last few dramas have been either not my tea after watching or not my tea to start with so I don’t even check it out. I’ve been waiting for him to blow my socks off the way he did in Cheese in the Trap and his next drama sounds promising as a possibility. He’s signed on for Zero, a sci-fi thriller K-drama from the screenwriter of Secret Forest (Stranger) (both seasons) and Life. I don’t mind sci-fi but please no more time-travel, I’m so scarred by K-dramas attempts at that subject matter in recent years from The King: Eternal Monarch to Alice and most recently Sisyphus: The Myth.


Seo Kang Joon Signs on for Secret Forest Screenwriter’s New Thriller Sci-fi Drama Zero — 13 Comments

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  2. When I see the genre science fiction on a casting news, I wince. I have deep levels of trauma. Shudder. Good luck to you Seo Kang Joon.

  3. Its a top billing writer attached so the outcome might be better. Since its also Seo Kang Joons final drama before military and his own pick for the first time, really curious to the choice. I really like this actor, in fact he is the only actor I have made it a point to watch everything he has been in. Through the good and the bad roles, here’s hoping he leaves a memorable performance for this one and come back stronger to the industry in his thirties 🙂

  4. I became a fan of SKJ just recently but he’s such a good actor. Tbh w/ his visuals and acting skills I think he has potential to be an a-lister actor but sadly his choices of dramas is the only thing that’s preventing him from reaching that. So far the only a-lister in their 20s I know is PBG. But this! I have high hopes for this drama because the writer is good. Wishing all the best for Seo Kang Joon!

    • I liked a lot of his works…CITT, AYHT, WATCHER, & WTWIF. As for the 3RD CHARM it did become a mess towards the end but somehow I couldn’t hate that drama cos it was a realistic story. My point is his choices aren’t that bad…it’s just unfortunate they didn’t do so well in ratings. But everyone has their own time. Whether it will be thru this drama or when he’s in his 30s (look at Kim Seon Ho). Anyway looking forward to this drama!

  5. I’ve so far liked 3 dramas with him: CIIT(major 2nd lead syndrome), Watcher and WTWIF. His acting skills and charisma are really good, and I don’t think all of his choices have being that bad…but anyways I wish him more sucess before his enlistment!

  6. I like him in the weather is nice. He managed to pull off a quite understated role while park min young started out strong but more or less acted the way she usually does in the end. Nevertheless the drama was warmly liked for me but just not addictive or compelling.
    He’s Someone i think is incredibly handsome with reasonable acting chops that can grow. I’m looking forward to this!

    • His nickname in Korea is “face genius”. Glad he tries on roles to challenge that title abet unsuccessfully. Hope the new series will be more like Watcher and less like Alice. I dun think I can stomach another rubbish series like that one. I want a refund of my 16 hours.

  7. I’m excited about the news since I am a big fan of SKJ and usually love sci-fi stories. I skipped his last drama since it was not my cup of tea, but I enjoyed immensely Are you human too? Hope this new drama is good, I’ll watch for sure 😀

  8. I really like SKJ in the Robot drama.
    I love Winter for the slow burn, wintery, cozy romance, but the plot is unrealistic to me, it feels like painful past traumas are forced into the plot unnecessarily.

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