Ga Jin and Ondal Play House While Go Geun is Acting in His One-man Melo in Episode 5 of River Where the Moon Rises with Ratings of 6.5%, 8.8%

I think River Where the Moon Rises is finding its stride and that may actually be two separate dramas going on. Episode 5 was a slow episode as Ga Jin and Ondal playacted the most non-confrontational and non-serious “let’s stay apart” two-step ever. They have zero reason NOT to be other together, what her Crazy King Dad did top his dad shouldn’t be her burden to bear much less she’s been estranged from him since that moment. That the drama can’t even drag it out speaks volumes, makes for more cuteness and sweet times between the two but gives ALL the meaty angsty to Palace Commander Go Geun who is basically in his own emo hell. He’s got a power hungry dad that wants to kill the girl he has carried a torch for all these years plus upend the royal order of Gorguyeo, and he’s just so smexy when he’s brooding or taking out his angst on Herbal Shop proprietress Mo Yong who I think is one-second away from pledging her loyalty to him cuz he’s just that hot lol. I totally think there is ANOTHER drama out there starring Princess Pyeongyeong and her first love Teacher Go where they cannot be together because his dad killed her mom and is also going to kill her dad too. Alas this is not that drama.


Ga Jin and Ondal Play House While Go Geun is Acting in His One-man Melo in Episode 5 of River Where the Moon Rises with Ratings of 6.5%, 8.8% — 18 Comments

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  2. What the writer needs to do is stop giving audience whiplash between romcom and political thriller because it’s confusing everyone. Thankfully with Gajin returning to the palace the focus will shift to the real power struggle while building real angst between all our leads. The good thing is they don’t drag out pointless plot points but there needs to be much more consistently with the writing. The actors are giving stellar performances and saving the bad and inconsistent writing.

    • @Lai Pei Yee

      Your life must be a huge-ass yawn to be constantly hating on a drama that had done nothing bad to you. I bet you’re one bored loser behind your keyboard. Yes, we accept criticism when the drama has flaws but yours is pure hate. Tssskk!!!

      Anyway, I’m looking forward to Ga Jin reclaiming her throne as Gogoryeo Princess and I’m glad that they didn’t drag Ondal’s drama on Ga Jin being the daughter of the King who killed his father.

      • #Tisha

        ..the drama stands a chance to be pulled out or re-shoot now.It will be burried with Ji Soo and poor writing case.

      • @Lai Pei Yee

        Good for you then. But Oh! Then we wouldn’t see you here because you have nothing to pour your hate to. Too bad. At least trolls like you will be gone until you find another drama to trash. Poor you bored ass loser.

      • My comment is not appearing!!
        But anyway, @Lai Pei Yee, that’s too sad if the drama gets pulled out because that means we won’t be seeing you here. Without RWTMR, there’s no drama for you to trash. Until you see a drama worth of your hate then see you. What a shame LoL ?

  3. Episode 5 was so-so. I must agree, the writing is so inconsistent and the writer seems confused with whatever he wants to focus on. He would go back and forth on politics and romance but the transitioning isn’t done well. Kind of mediocre. I hope he can redeem the remaining episodes because if he continues being lousy here, it would be another waste for the cast’s talent especially Kim So Hyun. I was expecting this to be an epic drama but the writing is just really frustrating at this point that it couldn’t help me to love the characters because of how messy the story is right now. Also, he got a novel which took so many years to make, is he relying on that book or making up his own story?

    • And like it’s only on episode five but writer looks like he is rushing the romance between the leads like there’s no tomorrow.Then the female lead suddenly become soft and a bit reserved. I understand that remembering her past and guilt might be the reason. And I am not really a fan of girls being the naive one in front the guys so imo the romance part is so cliche. Writer needs to spice things up and take off the simplicity.

    • Go ahead and focus on the two actors here, till the problems in writing and editing gets ignored. Who cares if it is already episode five?

  4. I just find it so so,
    Can’t say it bad but I have hope that it will be great had it shown differently,it has potential but can’t say I am impressed when watching it

  5. I’ll just wait until the drama is finish then go on a one day marathon. Maybe that will keep me from getting confused. I still like KSH so I’m hoping the story gets better.

  6. Lol at Go Geon. At this point he should sleep with HMY to loose all that tension since it seems she’ll be a willing participant.
    Glad Pyeonggang is back in the palace. It would be even more satisfying if she plot against and kill them one by one ?

    So I read a commenter here about why the brother didn’t remember her and why Ondal hid the fact that she’s the princess to ghost valley. Those were answered this week?

  7. I’m swooning a lot over Go Geon. The SLS is too strong in this drama but I don’t mind getting a heartbreak for him LOL

    • Same hereeeee…same. he’s sooooooo good to the point i wish he’ll get the Princess. I’ve loved him since the trailer… lol. His presence is stronger than the male lead.

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