tvN Whets Audience Appetites with New Poster of Taecyeon’s Character in Sat-Sun Hit Drama Vincenzo

Bravo, a resounding Bravo to singer-actor Taecyeon for picking this drama and role as his second post-military project. I’m sure he got offered male leads but a memorable role is much harder to come by. Thus far he’s been excellent in tvN drama Vincenzo, really essaying the character who has always been a little too goofball from the get-go, if you know what I mean. It felt like Taec was playing a drama version of himself hyped up on sugar and snorting happy clouds. The end of episode 4 ushered in the nuance and escalation that will make this drama that much meatier. We can’t have Vincenzo bring his Italian mafia big brains to the battle unless he has a formidable opponent.


tvN Whets Audience Appetites with New Poster of Taecyeon’s Character in Sat-Sun Hit Drama Vincenzo — 14 Comments

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  2. Meh. I’m not impressed with him yet in the drama. I find him irritating, actually. But let’s see how he performs in next week’s episodes.

  3. Vincenzo actually isn’t Taecyeon’s first role post-military. The Game: Towards Zero, which aired last year, was his comeback. It was a fabulous dark drama, which really showed his growth as an actor. Not too sure about Vincenzo yet.

    • Lol, he’s barely made a dent in Vincenzo yet he’s being praised to high heaven as excellent. Typical Koala. Is his actual comeback drama you mentioned worth watching? The ratings are not spectacular. But I’ll watch it if reviews are good.

      • I recommend it for sure. It’s one of those underrated gems that flies under the radar, I feel like. The script is fabulous for the most part (it has some of the best tension I’ve seen in a K-drama in ages), as is the acting. Taecyeon got to stretch his wings more than usual, and Lim Juhwan is excellent. Great cinematography, too!

  4. LOL Taec as the villain was a good plot twist – if it wasn’t spoilt early. I felt he was also too OTT as the earnest intern and we all know as such a big name he wouldn’t play such a ordinary role. But kudos for taking up the challenge- at the moment I see no credible acting chops yet (sorry Taec but I still like you lots)prove me wrong !
    Also I want to like the female lead but it’s not there yet
    She’s better in ep3-4 but I feel somehow she missed the mark in the interpretation of her character. First 2 episodes would have turned people off much

    • If you’re referring to my reply to Moonyeen, then you really need to learn how to read. I’m referring to the ratings of his real comeback drama called The Game: Towards Zero. Not Vincenzo.

  5. But his acting in vicenzo is weak. His appearance as the big bad behind Babel Industry fell flat because his blank expression.

  6. agree that his acting is weak… I press the forward button on his scene quite often except in the last scene. no surprise cuz I’ve been reading spoilers hinting he’s gonna b a big bad boy…now drama gimme a good reason why he needs to act as a dorky intern in the first place.. he has revealed his true colour, does it mean he’s gonna stop acting stupid.

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