K-actor Ji Soo Accused by Multiple Former Classmates of Bullying and Sexual Assault in Middle School, KeyEast to Investigate as Allegations Quite Serious

The truth will set you free, and honestly with K-dramas always harping about the underdogs seeking the truth against the rich and powerful it’s hard not to root for a full investigation and either vindication or full indictment. It’s hard to waffle on this one with the seriousness of the allegations – K-actor Ji Soo, prominently the male lead in currently airing KBS sageuk River Where the Moon Rises, has been accused in concurrently posts by former classmates of really horrible behavior back in middle school years if it’s true. The first allegations were of bullying by being the ringleader of a group of school thugs that terrorized classmates, and the second allegation was of sexual assault by filming himself having sex in the bathroom and sharing the video and also sexually assaulting a male classmate by spreading his fluids on the kid. None of this is confirmed, just online posts but currently there are 5 different classmates making these allegations and Ji Soo’s agency KeyEast Entertainment has released a statement that it will be investigating fully and asked that people refrain from making unsubstantiated commentary at this time and spreading more rumors. The allegations, if true, are horrific so read it here and here.


K-actor Ji Soo Accused by Multiple Former Classmates of Bullying and Sexual Assault in Middle School, KeyEast to Investigate as Allegations Quite Serious — 92 Comments

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  2. “I don’t want an apology or restitution. It’s already happened, I don’t want an apology for something irreversible. I don’t think it would be sincere either. There’s one thing I want. Kim Ji Soo. If you want to act, do it. But if you do, you need the title of school violence perpetrator before your name.”

    Whew. The allegations were very appalling and unacceptable if true. Unfortunately, male celebrities can get away with so much more and still thrive in the industry. But as the alleged victim said, if you do at the very least you need the title violent school bully attached to your name.

    • Exactly this statement by the victim is really different from what I read in the case of other bullying cases..He knew Jisoo would anyways be able to get work in the future because actors who have done far more heinous crimes are still thriving..Maybe his current drama can take a hit but soon someone will caste him..
      The victim is smart and said that an insincere apology would do him no good but atleast he won’t be able to keep his fake image infront of general public..I guess this is the perfect clapback..

  3. This is disgusting. It rings true cause you can’t make this stuff up. KeyEast must be on a roll with the caliber of celebrities they are having… First Kim Hyun Joong’s scandal… now this. He’s not only accused of bullying, but also sexual harassment. Where were the teachers, school administrators and other parents when crap like this was going on????!!!!!

  4. Don’t defend him guys. This sounds true.
    I’m more worried about what will happen to River where the moon rises drama. It’s not like they could edit him out, he is male lead and they already filmed 95%.

    • Replacing a lead character even in a live airing drama has happened, most recently with Kang Ji Hwan in his sexual assault scandal and replaced by Seo Ji Suk for the final 8 episodes or Bae Sung Woo in Delayed Justice replaced in the final 4 episodes by Jung Woo Sung.

      They can re-film the final few episodes as only 6 episodes have aired, or conversely kill off Ondal (per the historical folktale), and make Ga Jin end up with Go Geun so the re-shoots are scenes with those two actors and easier to just insert in.

      All in all I think K-netz cares not a whit about this drama and more about whether this is true, what the victims suffered as kids if it is true, and the justice that should be meted out in such a case.

      • I know the cost will be double with re-filming. They could make Lee Ji Hoon as male lead now, he is actually better actor than Ji Soo.
        I heard that there’s also sexual assault case with him. Idk what we should believe for now. But, the evidence and victim saying sounds correct and all pointing to him.

    • Pull the drama off air and free everyone from unnecessary hate or scrutiny. The ratings haven’t been stable anyways and good acting can’t make up for the bad writing in the long run. They’ll have better opportunities in the future. Focus more on the victims because more and more people are coming forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if Keyeast terminated their contract with him.

      • Keyeast would feel stabbed now, coz Ji Soo just signed up with them recently. They wouldn’t go that far by protecting him.
        I feel bad for Kim So Hyun, other actors and the whole crew.

      • Wait till haters or fanatics read this! The drama is not much a deal, yet some people cannot stand people criticizing or hating the drama at all

  5. The amount of victim blaming that i m seeing on twitter is nauseating.. Because more than 20 celebs are accused fans are trying to trivialise these claims as fake and done out of spite …all these efforts just to defend their respective biases..Some may be fabricated but majority of the accusations seemed to be true..They just can’t deny that it was an argument and bullying never happened..Even when there are multiple proofs some people are twisting facts..They are asking “why now?” ..I mean ofcourse it takes lots of courage to confront your perpetrators and besides korea has strict defamation laws where u can be sued for even speaking the TRUTH..In this scenario how can a common person fight against a mighty company without public support?..It is good victims are striking now when the iron is hot and gp is willing to listen.

    One more thing, ur age doesn’t give you the leverage to do shitty things..The victims are young too..You can’t get to smile on national tv years later keeping a fake image after creating a havoc in someone’s life..I just read about a heart wrenching case from 2011 in Korea where a middle schooler committed suicide due to excessive bullying..That poor boy was seen crying inside an elevator before his last moments..But his perpetrators are still lurking free till this date..
    Bullying in Korea is not some middle school dumb shit that everyone did..Now I know those kdramas didn’t exaggerate school bullying .

    Also ,don’t give me that crap that people can grow..if that’s the case why didn’t they apologise on their own without the victim required to expose them??

    I hope these people forever get the tag of “school violence perpetrator” before their name..

    Just to add it here..in another case the little brother of an ex-member from an idol grp exposed how his sister was bullied by the other members..The evil company and the people close to the current members didn’t deny the accusations but rather twisted the narrative that the girl was responsible for getting treated in that way..They gaslighted the victim and blamed her??..And now when the little brother came out with solid evidences, the company is threatening to sue the teenaged boy and his family..?

    • I just read about the group April. DSP is shit, wtf!! They are now suing a brave 16 year old boy who is fighting for his sister. I have all my respect and support for this boy.

  6. Apparently a staff from RWTMR just posted on his blog about Jisoo being rude and unlikable on set. This getting crazy!

      • At least Mr Queen’s cast do not behave like mr/miss high-and-mighty.And, it finished with none of the cast being replaced or involved with scandals

      • @Lai Pei Yee

        Exactly. And it had sky-high ratings to boot. Don’t see why this person had to bring Mr. Queen into this mess. Both dramas have nothing to do with each other.

      • @Lai Pai Yee
        I know. Mr.Queen had no problem at all with the casts. I mean about the complaints when the drama started airing with distortions of historical facts, supporting that Chinese writer, sexual words, etc..
        Mr.Queen’s leads are superb.

      • @smh
        I know. Don’t wrong me! I just said about getting a mess because of those things.
        Mr.Queen’s lead actors are superb.

      • Despite all these offences, no one boycott or stop watching Mr Queen, it’s rating went and soar higher. Sexual assault cases is a very serious offense, plus it did not stop with case alone

    • source? actually i noticed that sso actually looked uncomfortable with jisoo somehow in the bts…i felt bad with jisoo actually back then that sso’s interaction with him is nowhere as great and near her interaction with jang dong yoon.. but now this issues has arisen, i felt somewhat relieved

    • Are you talking about the post on theqoo? I saw it too shocking. Think of how much staff knows about actors and hides it. They must be angry.

    • Is this staff member allowed to do that though? Can you share a link? Also, not doubting any of the victims in the recent avalanche of scandals but it’s a bit head-scratchy how all these allegations seem to be rushing out of the blue at once like this. Especially when the accused are in the middle of successful projects or after they’ve had successful projects. But I guess they came out when they felt ready to. In this case, for the sake of the hardworking production team, I wish this had come out when his casting news was first announced so they could drop him and save themselves this nightmare. Totally disgusted if it’s all true.

      • Actually the thing is victims got courage after seeing the public support..If they had done it earlier ,the consequences would have been huge with agency suing the victim even for speaking the truth..Just like a post said above, you can get sued in Korea based on the strict defamation laws..It just happened that his drama coincided with this new metoo wave in Korea..
        Apparently it is not confirmed but there was a post where the person said that when he was in high school, he had sex with a middle schooler in the toilet ,filmed it and showed it to other people..As much as i m disgusted by this act, I will wait for further proof.

      • Middle schooler? He must have been 13 or so? Yeesh. I’m reading the links in Koala’s post. And the victims’ accounts seem too detailed for it to be a ploy. In fact, I’ve seen so many instances of what they’re saying in K-dramas. Overall, this points to Korea’s deep-rooted problems with violence and bullying, be it at home, school or work. The victims have all my sympathy if the allegations are true but I’ll also wait for more info.

      • No that post said he was a highschooler and the girl was a middle schooler ..You can check allkpop site.There are even more vulgar accusations that I don’t want to write here..??

  7. My jaws dropped to the ground and I’m on the third floor of a building right now. I’m incredibly sad right now. I hope the truth gets reveal and everything is resolved correctly. If the rumors are true, I feel bad not only for the victims but also for my girl and the talented cast and production team.

  8. Oh man, someone predicted a while back that if this drama tanks in ratings, the fans of FL will pour all the blame on Jisoo. And it’s coming to pass, though not how anyone expected. The ratings are already mediocre before this controversy but now they have a perfect scapegoat. If these allegations are indeed true, then Jisoo, you’re a huge pos.

    • No need to use this incident as a opportunity to drag the drama and other people. This drama has decent and not mediocre ratings. Its kbs highest ratings for prime time in a long time especially on a Monday/Tuesday although only 6 episodes have aired.
      Episode 4, it reached 10.0.

      Now continue talking to a wall.

      • Hahaha… someone can’t handle the truth. I’m talking to a wall and yet you felt the need to reply. Dumbass. How far the public channels have fallen that a measly 10% is celebrated like a grand achievement. The bar is literally lying on the floor.


      • RWTMR is a success for achieving double digits in just 4 episodes. LUCA is now on its last 2 episodes so it is normal that it achieved high ratings. But we cannot RWTMR is trailing behind it.

      • Some dramas has poor rating at the end, even with good start. You can look at Lee Min Ho’s drama for a start.

      • WOW! You even reply fast making me imagine you are in front of your screen all day waiting for someone to validate your opinion and get ready your keyboard warrior mode when someone rebuts you.

        Lai Pei Yee everyone, the world class hypocrite.

    • The rating has dropped to 8.8%, no longer in 10% range.If KBS don’t pull it out now, K-netizens may react and a strong decline, due to Ji Soo’s case.

      • Ikr? Delulu idiots like her can’t accept the fact that the drama was already boring with flip-flopping ratings, even before this scandal. Even in the recap posts, all those hundreds of worshipping fans who claimed to be anticipating the drama had vanished mysteriously.

      • It already went back up to 9% and it was known the ratings would climb up again when the politics took the main stage. Stop pretending the drama isn’t a success just to satisfy your ego. The online engagements have been high too.

      • Its not a success. Its actually trailing behind Luca as one is on terrestrial and the other is on cable. LUCA is doing really well at 6.22% rating for a mon-tues cable drama and especially for sci-fi genre. There is currently no competition on terrestrial front since SBS and MBC are both taking a hiatus from this time slot. The scandal and SBS returning back in 3 weeks with the big budget Joseon Exorcist will make the outlook for the remaining eps even more dire. Fortunately for KSH – LA2 airs on Netflix next week. I do feel sorry for VC. They just can’t seem to catch a break since that awful mess with Park Hae Jin and his mgnt company and now this.

      • There you go, Lydia1. Hats off to you for seeing things without worshipping the drama to the max or the young-but-good-looking-cast-only. I told them time and time again, they are on top because they have no rivals from public tv networks. Some people however prefer to compare oranges and apples…

      • The drama airing on a cable or public channel doesn’t have a strong disparity as it used to. Most dramas of the cable channel have higher ratings than many of its public channel counterparts for years. In fact, a drama airing on a cable channel esp on tvn has a higher probability of success. Most knetizens has access to cable channels unlike the past. So I must disagree that Luca is considered a high success, especially since I heard that it has a decent budget as well.

        For RWTMR to have this kind of ratings on a public channel especially on min/Tuesday, that’s a rarity.

      • And it will slide even further with sexual assault case. It is not a new fact as other previous dramas suffered the same fate.

        Do you like Brahms (SBS,August 31-October 20, 2020, pandemic situation, MONDAY-TUESDAY DRAMA), nationwide lowest rating : 3.6%, highest rating : 6.3% (source : WIKIPEDIA). It’s the same, MONDAY-TUESDAY DRAMA. It’s Clear that RWTMR 8.8-10% rating is HIGH ! At the 4th Eps, the highest rating per minute soared to 11.6%. The rating is very promosing. We just hope the best solution for this Great Drama from KBS & production team. Please don’t bully this drama. This drama is innocent.


    • Even if that turns out to be true, what’s the relevance of that to the gravity of the situation being discussed here? Also, wouldn’t it be a legitimate claim that ratings might actually tank even further because these are serious accusations of physical and sexual violence directed to one of the leads?

      There’s a place and time for pettiness. Not here. Not this time.

      • Because reputation is important for the kdrama, KBS and the whole kdrama industry.drama with a scandalous actor. I bet the ratings will not survive next week at all, as allegations grew.

      • These users @Li Pei Yee and @EW! are haters of RWTMR ever since even before this issue. You’re just feeding them by replying and giving them strength to bash a drama as they pleased. Seeing how they aggree with each other disgust me. People with no better things to do in life but to instigate and spread hate. @EW! or @eff off whatever, your usernames suits you.

      • These Lai Pei Yee and EW are Yoo Jung fans. They want RWTMR to flop like Backstreet Rookie which was aired in a Fri-Sat of SBS but failed to garner double digit national ratings. Hahahaha.

      • lmao @luna why are you bringing KYJ into this? I’m not biased to either of them, but I always see people on this blog dragging her into this whenever anything bad happens to KSH, it just seems like a poor look on you. Also if you want to compare apples to apples, RWTMR took over from Royal Secret Agent, which ended on high ratings of 14% while TKEM ended on low ratings. Either ways, ratings are irrelevant here, I’m much more worried about the victims of Ji Soo’s school violence and the hardworking staff and actors on RWTMR who don’t deserve this.

  9. Lot of people already disliked RWTMR even before this was revealed. But I really love this drama, but now after finding out what Ji Soo have done I will drop this drama. I know that maybe I should have continued watching for the other actors and crew (to support them) but I just can’t keep going because Ji Soo’s character is after all the ML…I have been bullied, not physically but I know how hurtful it is. And he even sexually assaulted?? That makes it even worse!
    Off to watch The Tale of Nokdu instead, haven’t watched it yet.

  10. If this is true, I hope his career will be destroyed to pieces, just like how he destroyed to pieces every single kids he bullied. I won’t support this trash or even his drama anymore.

  11. The ratings is pretty good despite the news spread of the issue yesterday however I don’t know what will happen for the next episodes. On the folktale Ondal died on the battlefield against Silla. Since there is a foreshadow on the first episode it means they already finished filming that scene. The rest of the novel revolves on Pyeonggang’s politics and nerve war with Concubine Jin Bi. I don’t know what will be the fate of the drama. Can’t say anything about Ji Soo’s issue tho. I don’t want to side with anyone unless there is enough proven evidence. Still not gonna condone people’s wrongdoings.

  12. I feel bad for KBS. First with Park Hye Soo drama Dear M. Now this one.
    I just want cut all his scenes and re-film more of SML as male lead. I also want to see Go Geun end up with Princess.

    Remember Cheese in the trap? Male lead Park Hae Jin was appeared like a cameo in second half, while SML Seo Kang Joon’s screentime was suddenly longer than expected. Who knows they could do something like this again.

    • Yeah, that might be the solution. They could write off Ji Soo’s scenes and reduce it to a cameo and make Lee Ji Hoon the male lead. He’s a much better actor anyway, and has better onscreen chemistry with So Hyun. That way, there’s no need to scramble to replace the male lead. Looking back I had a bad feeling about casting Ji Soo, but for an entirely different reason, I just felt that he wasn’t suited to be a male lead in a Sageuk. My fears were justified, he really didn’t fit his role, but I could never have foreseen events like these. It’s a shame, cause I quite liked him. He had built up a reputation as a nice guy in the industry, as second lead in some of my favorite dramas. Korea would eventually forgive him for bullying; but never for sexual harassment or assault.

      • If it’s true , i will not understand if Korea would forgive him for bullying . In some forums some are getting bored of this # me too mouvment . Even if some can be fake others aren’t . Good investigations by competent units are needed to confirm or infirm it . I will no tolerate people who commit such horrific things to continue a public career .

  13. if this news is true, I might lose faith in the world. OMG, so many faked people around us, pretending to be good outside but the real face is fdkfjdsl.

  14. thank god I never liked him. I feel sorry for KSH. she must feel ? reading about those sexual assaults, so he ejaculated on his victims, what a nasty human being…

  15. I only hear about Jisoo because he is Nam Joo hyuks bff…so now I am side eyeing NJH for being besties with a bully and sexual harrasser. Maybe birds of a feather…

    • Same poor acting skills anyway. I always wonder how these guys hit big in the first place? There are plenty of other talented male actors out there who do not even have a chance to receive good casting opportunities like them.

      • Height, connections and good looks trump talent and skills for most kdrama casting. Usually, they make up for the poor acting skills of these actors by casting talented and skilled second lead actors and veteran actors to anchor the cast. It’s a tried and true formula that works. Because the good looks of the lead actor/ actress secures the fangirls/fanboys while those who care about real acting are anchored to the show by veteran or supporting actors. It’s a ratings game. Plus, there’s the hope that their acting skills will improve with multiple projects and exposure to seasoned actors.

      • Thus, I am laughing away with the choices of choosing actors that are young popular actors, as compared to veteran actresses/actors for the sake of so-called “opening people to saeguks”. These young actors have nothing to offer but pretty faces and ugly sexual scandals.

      • He is not even good looking don’t know maybe it’s just me? I also don’t know why production chose to cast him despite of his poor diction and acting skills that he still needs to improve. There are a lot others who are available to take the male lead role during their casting period.

      • @adal. Not in this case actually. They had trouble casting a male lead cos most agencies passed on the project due to a storyline they felt was not interesting. I had great hopes for seo kang joon taking it as there was some noise about it but seems like he held out and will now star in Zero by Stranger’s writer. Its science fiction, my least favourite genre. I hope the writing holds up. Despite an award winning scriptwriter… this genre of storyline always border on ludicrous. Sigh.

      • I dont know this bullying accusation started since last month but people who accuse always time their revelation if the actor/actress has new drama showing

    • I never liked these 2. If they’re besties, I would have doubts about njh, too. Mentioning njh reminds me of start-up; he doesn’t deserve to be the main lead.

    • I never liked these 2. If they’re besties, oh well… Mentioning njh reminds me of start-up; he doesn’t deserve to be the main lead.

  16. just found out today, I am not comfortable with how they described him in middle school.
    in any age, children and teens and adults know that beating someone, especially 1 vs group is not a good thing, seriously, how can they ask the fan to “understand” that he was a child back then.

    I remember the accusation of that idol member who wrote one joke about the fat girl in a group chat, which doesn’t have that girl inside that chat, and the girl only knows he said that years later after the scandal leak by the group chat member. It was a shitty comment, but he didn’t exactly bully the girl, didn’t even said it to her nor have any interaction with the said girls and this is what we called stupid teens who need a reminder, we can see that he can changes.

    jisoo accusation is beating up people, throwing food, use other people money to buy his cig, this is thugs behaviour.
    yeah the victim did an act of revenge, a petty one, but then how can you retaliate against a school bully when you have no support system at that moments?
    adult should realise that this past mistake follows people because it wasn’t properly handled when it happened. He needs to take responsibility if it’s true and take time before comeback or changed man, the idea of his changes also up to the public to give.
    I can see how what the victim did doesn’t feel like helping anything but people should use this as an example for the future, not handling bullying at the core, when it happen will just make this revenge comes more often when the victim has enough power to gain what was lost. The victims need their chances as much as the bully needs to rebuild their life, it’s due time.

  17. I am shocked. I don’t understand why the allegations did not come sooner. Now the production will suffer.

    Did the allegation started before but was just ignored? I don’t understand why all these scandals are coming out almost at the same time.

    • It is because the recent movement in SK of exposing celebrities and sport stars for being school bullies in the past. People are gaining courage to speak out about their abuse and trauma as this movement is gaining nationwide attention and some bullying victims have had some success in making their bullies took accountability. It also made more people remember their long buried trauma and share their experience with others.

      I don’t think the victims care at all whether this will affect Ji Soo’s drama. Maybe seeing his face on screen as a lead actor coupled with the ongoing bullying movement made them feel angry while giving them courage to speak out.

  18. Holy f*ck. If these allegations are true, I can no longer watch RWTMR. I apologize to the cast and crew though they’ve worked so hard on the drama… Hard time reading the allegations because they were sickening. I’m actually a fan of Ji Soo after seeing him in the drama Angry Mom which ironically is about the consequences of school bullying. To this date, it’s still one of my personal top rated dramas and I’ve been following his career since then because I liked him so much in it. So seeing these allegations are sickening.

    Hoping they investigate this matter thoroughly. If true, I hope the victims get justice and peace. If false, I hope Ji Soo’s career can recover.

    • ^my feelings exactly, sister, holy shit is all I can say because I’m still in shock if this is true, his poor victims, I feel awful for being one of the people who supported and hyped their abuser.

  19. Too many school bullying stories, poor kids, school should be a safe place for all. What have the teachers been doing in these schools? Now I kinda understand why there are some SKoreans saying that SKorea is a toxic place for kids to grow up in, and maybe that correlates to SK having one of the highest suicide rates in the world?

    • It is partially true. That is part of the reason why many Korean parents rich or middle class send their kids to study overseas in US, Canada Australia,NZ and even Malaysia where I have taught Korean students in a an English language school. In fact Seo Kang Joon spent a few years studying in Malaysia but he hated it due to being homesick. He said this in a variety show as part of the what happened to my family cast interviewed by Yoo Jae Suk. Even now in NZ, some rich Korean businessmen opened their own language schools hiring local Kiwi and foreign teachers. I went to one in my local suburb for an interview and the school was full of Korean teenagers. School bullying happens in NZ too and unfortunately our youth suicide rate is pretty high among OECD countries. However NZ has built up more support systems or avenues for victims to speak up and the be kind messaging from the government.

  20. Wow some people here disgust me. It’s a serious issue, and they’re using it to drag and hate on RWTMR and obsess over ratings. Like someone above said, it’s not the time for pettiness, for f**k’s sake. It’s like people forget their morals when hating a celebrity, damn (looking at you, EW! and Lai Pei Yee who has a hate boner for KSH)

    Anyway, I’m staying neutral for now. Look at Park Hye Soo’s case, the accusations seem real too, very detailed, and people immediately cancelled her. But today, Dispatch released some evidence proving the allegations false.

    • That Park Hye Soo case disturbed a lot of netizens on twitter and a lot of them believed and hated her instantly. Now dispatch has shown strong receipts and evidences, the accuser specifically those international kdrama fans who only knows how to point fingers and take the event as a door to hate on the actress are now nowhere to be found LOL Though If this rumor is true, hope victims will get their justice but if it is not, Let’s see what the agency will do to the people who framed him. The damage is already there though and it seems irreversible for his case.

      • @zenn Yes, that’s why with things like this, the best thing to do is stay neutral until we have all the facts, because literally anyone can say literally anything about any celebrity. Those who instantly cancelled Park Hye Soo must be feeling like clowns now lmao. This cancel culture is toxic as hell

  21. I’m amazed that these people only accuse him of bullying once he starts getting really famous. I mean it is not day 1 he was acting in drama or in entertainmentbiz. Why accuse him now when they could do it years earlier and even bring him to police station? They could have done it way before he got famous to ensure he got no work. Would they still single him out if he wasn’t a lead actor but still a struggling actor?

    Not siding him or his accusers. Just curwhy they are so silent for so many years and only now they come out to throw mud at him. Who benefits from all these media attention? Are they real or out in hope to get some $$$ from entertaining reporters?

    • There is currently a social movement in South Korea similar to #metoo for victims of bullying. This was triggered by a huge scandal in the professional sports world where 2 sisters who are star volleyball players were suspended from their club and the national team after admitting to bullying back in school. That is why a lot of bullying victims are coming forward at this time.

  22. IF all these allegations against him are proven true, then this guy has got to be one of the biggest scumbags ever. I’ve always wondered if he had connections entering the industry given that he’s not a good actor and didn’t improve much. I get it they want to give actors & actresses chances, nurturing them, but there’s also many talented actors out there that deserve the opportunity.

  23. This seems to be a serious social issue in Korea, it’s not just about celebrities.

    Bullies should not have to become celebrities AND be accused or exposed years or decades later for them to face any real consequences for their vicious actions. The type of bullying i’ve seen portrayed in kdramas/webtoons sometimes bothers on sociopathic and is genuinely disturbing to watch. I was hoping it was mostly exaggerated for entertainment but the type of reaction and responses i’m seeing from native koreans shows it’s a widespread issue and can be severe. Some of the accounts i’ve read from celebrity accusers and non-celebrity accusers have been alarming and disturbing.

    This should not end with these celebrities, there are victims out there who have bullies that are NOT celebs, what about them? There are kids RIGHT NOW living through H-E-L-L and being bullied, what needs to change to help them and for their bullies to face real consequences for their actions? Bullying is not native to Korea, it happens in schools everywhere around the world but the best way to try to solve or reduce instances of this stain on humanity will be unique for each society.

    My heart breaks for the bullying victims that have spoken out and the countless many we do not know about. Victims of bullying, especially harsh bullying can carry the scars with them for life.

  24. Those are really serious and bad accusations… I never liked him but I was going to watch this drama due to Female Lead….Now, I need to rethink.

  25. It’s heartbreaking to hear this from the victims but am not surprised at all. Due to my life experience in the international teaching world and ongoing interaction with the local Korean community, this is one of the taboo topics being blown open to the world by the metoo movement sweeping SK now. It first surfaced in the Korean volleyball sports
    as I read the Korean news daily. I was watching to see when it will reach the entertainment industry sure enough it turned into a tsunami. A Kiwi Asian pastor I know of spoke of the emotional trauma faced by a lot of young Korean Kiwis in NZ to the extent they are going into faith based organizations to seek healing and release from their pain. Even then in the religious world so many religious leaders were found guilty of sexual assault like the late Ravi Zacharias case. As a result of these recent real life revelations, I try to keep a healthy detachment from
    idolizing any public or private figure or k dramas or k artistes as we never know the full extent of the truth in the underbelly world of bullying in school, any profession and life in general. May these victims get the justice, emotional, physical, spiritual healing and strength to move forward.

  26. Ji soo ‘s topic is trending on twitter in France right now. A lot of people are disgusted . French culture don’t care about apologize just because he has been being caught . What he did is horrific . Fans who still support him are taking drugs if not they re not better than him . He was young and so what ? how about all the victims ? Je n’ose pas dire ce qu’il peut faire de ses excuses … mais vous avez compris !

    • While the accusations may be true, the alleged perpetrator should still be presumed innocent until proven guilty. At this point, he is already judged as guilty through trial by publicity.

      I hope the victim can gather enough courage to meet the perpetrator in a court of law for justice to prevail. If the allegations are proven wrong, then the accuser should also equally suffer under the law.

      Amidst all these scandals of bullying and other offences committed by students inside the classroom, I am in total shock how teachers, and school administrators can turn a blind eye to these and escape from their responsibilities. I think they should also be accorded some punishment for looking the other way and for being enablers of school violence.

  27. Dispatch went totally south with some of their stories too. Like the Yewon and Lee Tae Im saga. They victim blamed one actress and caused her to retire eventually and later their truth was distortion as the full video of the saga leaked. Star Empire obviously has a relationship with Dispatch that led to the half truth released. I am going to reserve my judgement on this one. The report card that they used as evidence is a joke and they highlighted her merits and didn’t blur out the fact that teachers wrote she does not follow the rules. Strong opinion of who she is (some sarcasm in there), fashion sense (guess she must “renovated” her uniform) – well while her agency is a nugu, she does have a father that is extremely rich and influential. Gonna sit out on this one and see what unfolds next. Not saying she’s guilty just that her background is much better than others who are also in the news at the moment and the fact that Dispatch took on her case is a curious one

  28. This is so saddening
    I only saw one of this guy’s movie and I liked him
    But this allegations…..
    My hands are crossed as I hope the truth will be revealed
    It’s too early to make a judgement
    But I do hope it’s not true
    Else his career is ruined

  29. My heart goes out to him, because some people look at your past which is already gone I don’t believe there’s anyone that I have and did something that they regret but judge him on something that happened in middle school know it wasn’t right but at that age we all do things that we’re not proud of he’s an Actor so please don’t take him out of the movie remember in this world we do forgive people for their past actions

    • HE BULLIED PEOPEL.it wasnt some mild jokes but serious BULLYING.He sexually assault kids.Go and tell the victims that he was just a kid.It scarred the victims for life and ji soo actually admitted to all of this.He is sick!!

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