Royal Machinations Bring Ga Jin Back to Princess Life in Episode 6 of River Where the Moon Rises with Ratings of 6.6%, 9.2%

There isn’t much to unpack with episode 6 of River Where the Moon Rises, in fact there just isn’t much “there” at all. Sageuks are about stakes, ever higher stakes and a real sense of inevitable heartbreak and sacrifice. I just don’t feel it with this drama and it’s probably 80% the writing and 20% the directing. I don’t think any of the actors from the leads to the supports are doing anything less than their 100% but the drama isn’t gripping me with any single storyline. Ga Jin and Ondal are sweet and cute together but anything they discuss the whole “she’s a princess” and political danger woes they just seem like kids playing house. The adults are back in the Palace plotting pretty openly and again I don’t know why Bad Daddy Go doesn’t just Coup’d the shit out of the King and take over because who would have the fighting power or balls oppose him and its not like the poor as heck citizenry would object. Of course Ga Jin has to go back to being Princess Pyeonggang, she’s got wrongs to right and also a Kingdom to rule as the best option to succeed but it all feels so rote since I don’t feel she is invested in it and Ondal has been checked out of doing anything meaningful since his dad died. All that’s left is still Go Geun brooding in his manly corner trying to figure out a way for his dad not to murder his crush.

  • postscript – this post is just discussing the drama episode in a vacuum so if you want to discuss the real world scandal going on with male lead Ji Soo please do so in the earlier post about it.


Royal Machinations Bring Ga Jin Back to Princess Life in Episode 6 of River Where the Moon Rises with Ratings of 6.6%, 9.2% — 7 Comments

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  2. KSH and LJH chemistry is strong make them the leads and everything will be solved. The ending scene was the best part of the whole episode.

  3. Maybe this is the reason why production had a hard time securing leads (as alluded to on why Jisoo was ML despite his acting limitation, etc), the writing/script is too weak.

    • It might be. I saw in a Korean site saying Seo Kang Joon, Lee Jae Wook and Kim Min Jae all passed on this one.
      All three them would have been a better choice than him anyway.

  4. I agree she doesn’t feel invested in ruling the kingdom but it’s because I believe she no longer wants to, she doesn’t have the same drive she once did before amnesia and all of those circumstances happening. She experience the ghost village and the simple life, so it would make sense why her trajectory in life changed. And that’s why we will see her make/pave the way for her younger brother to be the next king, since that’s what happens in real life, the fact her younger brothers became king. Right now she’s all in for revenge and to help the people she cares for.

    I honestly thought episode 6 was a thrilling and fun episode. This drama isn’t deep and doesn’t have heavy machinations but there’s this quaint charm that pulls me in. The cast and the characters and their relationships with one another are all so winning although the script needs to be tightened and more room to breathe. I’m just loving how none of the misunderstandings are dragged. People complained about how misunderstandings are dragged for too long in most dramas but I hear some people on the internet complaining how it’s not dragged long enough haha I’m personally loving the pace so that I don’t have to feel frustrated and wait for certain issues to be resolved after many episodes instead of one or two episodes.

    I think what makes the drama stands out for me in comparison to other currently airing dramas is that the relationships of all the characters with one another. I love the community and foster parents love aspects. I’m not constantly annoyed at any of the characters that we are suppose to root for. And I love my girl, her acting and charisma help guide this show beautifully. She and song joong ki needs to work together ASAP. They’re both the best thing in their drama with their magnificent acting.

    This drama is like a easy, tame carnival ride at the moment.

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