Twenty More Actors/Actresses Join the KOFIC Korean Actors 200 List in Second Release

The KOFIC assembled Korean Actors 200 list (consisting of both actors and actresses) is already fodder for discussion with fans wondering why their faves may or may not have been included. This is definitely a movie (Chungmuro) driven list so straight up drama stars will likely not make it and many of the included may not be household names but have been integral in the South Korean film industry. The second batch release is here and the most well known names and faces with Hallyu popularity include Lee Min Ho, Jung Hae In, Park Bo Young, Kim Nam Gil, Su Ae, Yeo Jin Gu, Kim Dong Wook, and Gong Myung among others. Check out the second release batch here, all gorgeous black and white spare images that captures these stars unique auras.


Twenty More Actors/Actresses Join the KOFIC Korean Actors 200 List in Second Release — 21 Comments

  1. Whatever reasoning is used to justify this list it does not explain why people like Kim Tae Ri are not included in the list but Suzy, Yoona and Ahn So Hee are. Even Ji Soo was originally in this list which makes zero sense.

    • As the up mentioned this is Chungmuro list influenced and they populate majority of the list. KTR was not including she just had a breakout recently like 2 years ago. Suzy and Yoona do movies and they are gonna stick around for the forseeable future. I am talking for the next 20 years you will likely be still seeing Suzy and Yoona. They have become stable in the industry where as Yoona had movie hits recently. Example an actress whos better then both didn’t make it. Park Min-Young she is also probably more popular then them but she is strictly a Tv actress. Yoo ah in has made it into the list.

      • KTR had a break out 6 years ago with Handmaiden! This list is not influenced by chungmuroo it’s a publicity list! KTR will be around in the industry for the next 40 years easily! She should have been on this list! She’s the top most actress of her entire generation!

      • This is good for Sk as there is talent boom currently. Suzy had a big movie hit in A101 in 2012 it was pretty big back then. Yoona has appeared in several blockbusters they are stable more or less. The list considers not only the past, present but also future. They also include some youngsters whom they believe would stick around for the long term except an unfortune scandal that can’t be predicted. This two actresses have also alot of fame so they benefit the movie industry in commericial success they are integral part and key for the future. I do recognize KTR tho and hopefully she to will play a key role

      • Kim Tae Ri’s reputation is almost entirely Chungmuro based though, and she’s had multiple successful films as lead, as recently as this year+is critically acclaimed. It’s not like she lacks popularity either because her one drama – Mr Sunshine – was a domestic hit and aired on Netflix so she has some Hallyu recognition too. Excluding her for someone who’s not had a hit film as lead since 2012, or, like, Ji Soo of all people makes no sense unless Hallyu popularity is the only measure to take into account and frankly….even then it’s weird. She’s definitely more popular than Ji Soo!

      • I don’t think we will ever see Ji Soo again let alone anything else. I don’t see it happening. His term as celebrity has ended more or less. She has had a hit in Ashfall she was not the lead tho and I don’t think it is due to fame as 90% of the list is Film industry exclusive dominant the remaining are some who have presence in chungmuro but not full time active you could say part timers. I have no doubt tho that KTR will enter this list and she has good future ahead of her but I kinda understand why they preferred the two others. Their acting is acceptable and they can aid in the commericial department. So you want to invest in them for the future. They have been active in the ent far longer time and well versed with the hustle that comes with it. As for KTR I also think her addition is not far away

      • So…mediocrity (“acceptable” acting) gets recognition ahead of actual proven talent and commercial+critical success.

        And even if Ji Soo had no scandal and KTR will be on a future list like you say, putting him or Suzy on the list ahead of KTR is ridiculous if they’re looking at ‘investing’ in future talent. Ashfall was Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo’s to carry, Ji Soo has never made any box office impact to speak of, it’s like if you made a Hollywood equivalent list and put that girl from Riverdale or some Tiktok person on it ahead of someone like Saoirse Ronan or Anya Taylor-Joy.

        But at least Yoona’s recent movies feature her as lead and have been successful so I give her that,her inclusion on the list doesn’t feel undeserved.

    • Can someone lead me to a list? I’ve visited the website but names keep repeating along with pictures of those earlier introduced that I find it difficult to really know the complete list. Thanks.

      • There is no complete list. Because they will only be releasing 10 actors per week until all 200 actors wi be reveales

  2. Park Min-Young is one of the best actresses in all of SK in my honest opinion and yes she is more popular then both and is not even close. She is a true darling in the Kdrama community. But I can understand why

  3. waiting for gong myung to have lead roles.. he’s still doing supporting after extreme job and going to serve in military soon, sigh

  4. Actor Kim young kwang is such an underrated actor and I hope he’ll be part of the list, I loved him from D-Day more people soon recognize this amazing actor

  5. KTR and a few of big name in the film industry are not on this list, some people think it might be their personal choices , they leave these spots for others as there are limit spots on this list, they all already had big achievements, well stablished in film industry.

  6. If pick KTR as a standard for this list, then many of the young actors/actresses are not entitled on this list as many of them never had a hit movie as a lead, didn’t won any kind of movie award, some even just had a few of small roles in a few of so so or flop movies, at least Suzy had a huge hit movie as one of leads, won best new actress for it, even though it was many years ago, her recent performance at Ashfall is quite good though it’s just a support role, her new movie as a lead Wonderland will be released this year, people expect her potential in the future is understandable, this list is about past, present and future potentials.

  7. Don’t see Lee Dong Wook either. Very strange list to realize that even in 100 he couldn’t be there. Yoo In Ah absent.

    • Even Gong Yoo is not on the list which is ridiculous given the success of Train to Busan. I dont understand how these celebrities were selected. Other big names like Jun Jihyun, Song Hye Kyo, Jo Insung are also not included.

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